How are you guys! So I just came back from attending the opening ceremony of Japan Food Festival in Kota Kasablanka which is brought by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) - thank you for having me! - and I am sharing my experience to you and hopefully if you have spare time or happen to be around, you can come, visit and actually dine there.
Post-holiday withdrawal is the hardest, but I am more than excited to finally loose my fingers' muscle and share you stories from my latest trip to Bali. It was one of those days where I just wanted to be completely lazy in my villas and do nothing, but I can say that those 4 days were one of the most relaxing and stress-free days I've had almost the entire year. So many of you from Snapchat ask me to do the review of the resort, well I will but give me more time because after the stress-free days now the busy days are here to remind me that I am still alive :) #truthhurts
The North is certainly the home for up and growing coffee shops in Jakarta and quality wise, more and more new ones start to debut very-very well.


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The North is certainly the home for up and growing coffee shops in Jakarta and quality wise, more and more new ones start to debut very-...
Officially back to the blogosphere after  a few weeks of hiatus! The past two weeks has been extremely busy for travels and I was barely in Jakarta during the period. Two weeks of non-stop flying to Singapore, Jogjakarta and Bali, all for the sake of pleasure and a bit of work, but now I am sitting at my desk looking at my laptop, typing this post and realizing I am a bit stressed out with the list of works that I have to finish before flying back to another destination in a few weeks, so short to say, these two weeks will be the busiest time of the month, literally.
A few weeks ago, I was invited by Maxx Coffee to be one of the speakers for their Awesome Autumn drinks launch and talked a bit about my passion in blogging. I have always loved sharing positive things for people and hoping they would get inspired by what I do, and believe it or not back when I was in highschool, I have always wanted to inspire people, I thought it was cool in the kindest way, but back then I had no clue what I was going to become, so long story short (and I've shared this a million times) I started this blog and sort of like drowned in my own passion and here I am running this blog for more than 4 years already (I know right I still can't even believe it). I believe in the power of passion and your self-power, your future is in your hands.
Hello from Bali! Just this week alone I have been travelling to three different destinations but as usual, Bali will always be my resort to release all the stress and find inner peace while eating good food, sleeping around being lazy in my villa and occasional cafe hopping. I am currently typing this post in my gorgeous private villa at Four Seasons (not showing off well a bit :P). I have always been a huge-huge fan of Four Seasons properties and I am so excited to share my experience staying here for you guys so stay tuned!
Precisely a week ago, together some friends of mine we travelled to Singapore to attend this year's Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal Studio Singapore. The annual event that's usually running for 1 month starts at 7:30 PM and end at 2 AM during this period and my experience was a gracious one! It was FUN even when it rained and we got to wear USS poncho that cost us freaking S$4, and above all, the companions were the main reason!
Delicious food makes me happy, to actually dine at your long-kept bucket list is something insane. After a long 2,5 hours wait around the small & in the humid, I finally got the chance to have a glimpse of the highly raved & talked about cheapest Michelin eats in the world: HONG KONG SOYA SAUCE CHICKEN RICE AND NOODLE in Singapore!
Monday, October 17th 2016

Hello from Singapore and I am blogging through my iPhone. I just got in touch with the team from Starbucks Indonesia and they are CONFIRMING that this fabulous drink that you're looking at: Starbucks Teavana Matcha Espresso will be available in Starbucks Indonesia (mainly Jakarta) TOMORROW Tuesday, October 18th 2016! It will be released officially on the November 1st 2016 and won't be displayed on the menu until then, but if you're reading this right now you can definitely order this drink from the barista, and if you have any difficulties, you have the Starbucks Indonesia's social media accounts to complain to.

This has been one of my most favorite Starbucks' seasonal drink, not only because I fucking love matcha, but the matcha and coffee flavor blend well together with the milk balancing the best of both worlds. Calorie watchers should be happy as this drink is one of Starbucks' low calorie drinks, even more you can definitely customize the milk to "non-fat".

I am super excited about it and couldn't wait to try the Jakarta's version, somehow based on my previous experience tasting Starbucks' seasonal drinks made foreign, it tasted slightly different to one another. The Jakarta's version better be GOOD!


Friday, October 14th 2016

It's happening: it's here and it's BACK! One of my favorite childhood snacks: McDonald's apple pie is finally back for sale! It might be smaller than how it used to be (or those retailed outside Indonesia) but it's still packed with generous sweet apple filling with warm cinnamon and nutmeg goodness and coated in flaky and fragrant baked pastry. It's a simple and delicious snack to munch anytime.

Can't wait for the return of their pineapple or the delicious Taro and Ogura that I had back in Japan!

Each retailed for IDR 10k and I could have 10 of them on a single visit. Not kidding.


Initially did not want to blog about this because I don't think it's something that's blog worthy, but A LOT of you from Snapchat continuously ask me to blog about it so I think this is going to be a short and HONEST review of the newly launched KFC Hot & Cheesy Chicken, which is currently the biggest talk of the town.
You can purchase the chicken individually ala carte (IDR 17k) but they actually sell this seasonal menu in a package they called "Hot and Cheesy Chicken" set which consist of one cheese sauce coated fried chicken + one rice and one cheesy float retailed for IDR 33k. I don't even want to talk about the float because it's a freaking epic fail, the thought of adding cheese sauce to your drink already grossed the hell out of me.

I uploaded the float pic on my Snapchat and 99.9% (or let's make it 100%) of the people leaving the comments seemed to agree with me. My lovely KFC can do better!

Hot and Cheesy Chicken Set + 1 ala carte chicken = IDR 53k (after tax)
No issue with the meat, it's still well seasoned and tender.
So is KFC's newest product a success or an epic fail? Well that's relative and everyone's entitled to their opinion, but to me, it ain't working because first, I am not a big fan of cheese (but I did finish half of the chicken breast), the cheese was generous and it was overall VERY cheesy, but it really washed all the prime characteristic that should not be erased from KFC, it's the aromatic and crispiness of it. Unfortunately to me, the cheese sauce overshadowed everything and it kinda bloated me after finishing half of it.

It's such an eye candy when you see them flooding your Instagram feed, but flavor wise they can do better. I love you and you still make the best fried chickens for me, but sorry KFC I'm not a big fan of this one.
Short to say, for this kind of product, I think I am team Richeese! Who's with me?

I honestly think fried salted egg sauce will do better, I already had the picture in mind and I believe it's going to be damn good. They should really consider and release it one day? :)


I just came back from the media & bloggers exclusive menu preview by Attarine Jakarta and here I am writing the report for you (damn I sound like a damn reporter). You might knew about Attarine from my new cafes October post so here's the exclusive preview for my readers! Special thanks to Sari for having me here.


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I just came back from the media & bloggers exclusive menu preview by Attarine Jakarta and here I am writing the report for you (damn I...
Welcoming the newest & latest cafe and hangout spot in Kelapa Gading: MONKS! I knew this place from you guys who continuously sent me snaps on Snapchat, you know who you are, thank you.
Shabu-shabu is one of the many food genres that is rapidly growing in Jakarta (and even some main cities in Indonesia), and just a couple of days ago, a new shabu-shabu restaurant is opening in the happening (but still pretty empty) PIK Avenue: Shabu-Shabu On-Yasai, this marks their second outlet in Jakarta after previously opening in Lippo Mall Puri and Aeon Shopping Mall BSD City.
Earlier today, I went to the launching of Kakolait cafe at Gading Serpong, it's a chocolate specialist cafe serving mainly chocolate drinks and desserts, it's strategically located at Ki Hajar Dewantara road at Gading Serpong around Turning Point coffee and precisely beside the freshly opened Cotive. Do note that they will start operating on October 17th 2016! So there's still around one week to do diet!
We just passed the first week of October and so far my radar caught some new places that are opening and actually opening soon this month. Starting this month, I am going to add publish worthy promotion or new venture from a restaurant that is worth sharing, there will be plenty but I will really-really sort the valuable ones.
One time on my early blogging days, an online shop approached me on email wanting to send me their products, I agreed, the goodies got delivered and they were one of the best molten chocolate cakes I've ever had, and soon enough I grew my love for DCL Cake, or currently better known as Moivel Cakes.
No celebration and no cakes but there are hopes.

Seriously? I have been blogging for four years, I look back and I have written 618 articles and taken countless pictures, man that's a lot of arm and hand work out I should be losing weight, instead I've gained 24 pounds in total *food bloggers first world problems*, but seriously, what matters most is being happy and I can say that even though I have been busy all these times, but I am a state where I am happy, I am highly grateful for everything that I have achieved, and I couldn't have done it without you and I mean it from the very bottom of my heart.
More and more coffee shops! Keep them coming!

Recently, I went to this newly opened coffee shop and cafe in Kelapa Gading which I believe is going to be the talk of the town anytime soon: Portafilter Coffee Artisan. The coffee shop is strategically located near Rumah Sakit Gading Pluit (Gading Pluit hospital).
I find it hard to believe that Talita Setyadi launched BEAU two years ago, I literally went to check their Instagram and the brand was first established back in late 2014 around this time and followed by the first BEAU store in Plaza Indonesia a couple of months after. Time is scarily flying faster that it probably should hmm.