Shabu-shabu is one of the many food genres that is rapidly growing in Jakarta (and even some main cities in Indonesia), and just a couple of days ago, a new shabu-shabu restaurant is opening in the happening (but still pretty empty) PIK Avenue: Shabu-Shabu On-Yasai, this marks their second outlet in Jakarta after previously opening in Lippo Mall Puri and Aeon Shopping Mall BSD City.
Claiming themselves as the largest shabu-shabu restaurant chain in Japan meaning they must have something special to offer. Their PIK Avenue branch was pretty spacious with simple Japanese homey design, buffet, soft-drink & ice cream bar in the center. When you dine here, the method is pretty much the same as the common shabu-shabu restaurants in town: you choose the meat/package you want, you got your own induction stove + personal pot and you'll be given the time limit to enjoy your meal (normally 90 minutes).
The buffet area consist of all you can eat-refillable vegetables, mushrooms, meatballs, seafood, rice, fried dishes, udon and many more. As for the packages, they have some interesting packages to choose and the good point about On-Yasai is that they don't only serve beef as their main protein here, turns out non-beef eaters can also enjoy Chicken Buffet Package (IDR 98k - adult, IDR 68k - children/seniors) which consist of chicken thigh + chicken breast + buffet counter + refillable drink + ice cream). The other packages are:
- Australian Beef and Chicken Buffet (IDR 158k - adult, IDR 98k - children/seniors)
Australian beef + chicken thigh + chicken breast + buffet counter + refillable drink + ice cream
- US Beef and Chicken Buffet (IDR 248k - adult, IDR 188k - children/seniors)
US beef + chicken thigh + chicken breast + buffet counter + refillable drink + ice cream
- Premium Buffet (IDR 348k - adult, IDR 248k - children/seniors)
Wagyu beef + Australian beef + US beef + chicken thigh + chicken breast + buffet counter + refillable drink + ice cream

Ala carte for Australian beef (IDR 38k), US beef (IDR 58k), Wagyu beef (IDR 78k)
The good thing about personal hot-pot is that you can always mix in everything you want without having to argue with people who don't like certain items that you like. Enough said.
Chicken karaage
They call this Agedashi tofu, which by the way looks more like Tahu Sumedang
Beef croquette
Vegetable station (on my visit there were ginseng leaves + corns + spinach + caisim + cabbages), I also love the fact that they have collagen cubes that you can put in your soup *talk about anti-aging*
Chili station
there offer four soup selections for everyone: Truffle (yes fucking truffle), chicken collagen, spicy miso, sukiyaki. The advantage of going together with your friends is how you can each choose different soup and probably share? :p. I was feeling something spicy but deeply curious with the truffle soup as well, but all solved as each of us opted for each soup except for the sukiyaki.
Chicken collagen soup
Spicy miso soup 
I had the Premium Package (IDR 348k) which consist of refillable Wagyu, Australian and US beef + chicken thigh + chicken breast + burger bar + drinks and ice cream! Ok let's talk about the soup! I like Shaburi's spicy miso soup better, not that this one is bad but I don't know, I just like Shaburi's better, I found it creamier + tastier, however their truffle soup was something delicious! Even though it didn't really have that strong truffle character to it (and more to the beef broth kind) it's such a perfect match to the beef, and that moment after you continuously cooked the beef with the soup and the beef juice extracted to the soup, that was the pure BOMB! I felt like taking the soup home and probably cook it with Indonesia and some beef meatballs (so unglam but so good). The chicken collagen soup was also decent but I have never been a huge fan of chicken broth when it comes to shabu-shabu.
Don't forget my all time tip for the perfect beef: as you dip your beef to the soup, count from 1 to 7 and have it fresh! They also provide dipping sauce but I NEVER use dipping sauce for my beef!
On-Yasai offers pretty much the same shabu-shabu experience as the common ones that I've tried in town and that truffle soup was something delicious, even though overall I still like Shaburi better, but this one is nowhere near bad :).

Shabu Shabu On-Yasai
1st fl - PIK Avenue
Pantai Indah Kapuk - Kamal Muara
Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara
Dresscode: none

Map for PIK Avenue

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