The North is certainly the home for up and growing coffee shops in Jakarta and quality wise, more and more new ones start to debut very-very well.

While most new coffee shops are lately more to the minimalist, unfinished and industrial design, Oetara is a newcomer with rich sweet, dreamy and homey vibe to it with major white and a bit of pastel (mainly tosca) chrome surrounding the interior deco. First of all, at the very moment you can't really trust the help of the freaking Google Maps and Waze as both were totally giving me the wrong direction to the coffee shops! On the map it's said to be located across the SMAK 6 Penabur where it's actually located align and beside the Yu-i restaurant, so if you're confused you better type in the word "Yu-i" instead of "Oetara Coffee".
From the pictures that I saw from their Instagram account, I was deeply pre-in love with their bright presence and appearance, but when I was actually there this afternoon and maybe because it was gloomy outside, it was unlike what I expected. The lighting was mainly warm and slightly dimmed, but it doesn't mean that it's bad (well not at all), but I was hoping to see what I saw on the Instagram. I need a next visit!
Ok enough yakking, still on my post-holiday withdrawal syndrome and I didn't feel like chatting too much *so sad*.
For those who come in groups or have this huge "passion" for the social, there's a huge communal table in the center of the shop.
A mini corner souvenir shop. They sell books, magazines and coffee related products.
Expect to find common range of coffee creations such as white, black, and manual brews. Price range for coffee starts at IDR 30k-45k

Coffee Taster Sampler - Hot Cappuccino - IDR 35k
Nylon coffee beans and cold hands of the barista to curate such a warm-loving, milky and buttery coffee that was perfect for the day. Their cappuccino reminded me of the Australian style coffee where it's milky, medium-body, soft finish and algother creamy. It was indeed a good one.

Their chocolate brownie has been a top selling menu here and it was quite gooey, but I would love if they actually offer to heat the brownie as I believe it would taste much better right after.
Iced White - IDR 35k
As for the iced white, they're using Single Origin Toraja beans. I would defo root for the hot cap much better as I was hooked on that interesting buttery note it teased. The iced white was light without much body note, but with such delicate finish.
Affogato - complimentary
This was a nice complimentary from the barista who was very friendly and attentive on my visit! Anyway I heard from my friend that the barista used to be the head barista at Chye Seng Huat which by the way is my favorite coffee shop in Singapore! This was surely a different kind of affogato as they added shredded coconut topping on the large scoop of vanilla ice cream and mini pretzel to make it pretty!
Right after that first scoop, I was aware that theirs was defo one of the best affogato creations you can find in town. The espresso and vanilla ice cream combo really gave that nice caramelly flavor and that shredded coconut sprinkle gave not only texture, but a hint of flavor as well! Altogether very nice and something that I'd be more than happy to recommend.
A serious one in the North, I have good hopes for them! Long live the love for coffee and best of luck!


Oetara Coffee
Jalan Pluit Karang Barat Blok G6 #25A
Pluit, Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14450
O813 1485 5500
Opening hours: 7:30 AM-10:30 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: none


Map for Oetara