I find it hard to believe that Talita Setyadi launched BEAU two years ago, I literally went to check their Instagram and the brand was first established back in late 2014 around this time and followed by the first BEAU store in Plaza Indonesia a couple of months after. Time is scarily flying faster that it probably should hmm.
Fast forward two years later, she might never expected to have three outlets for BEAU and countless collaboration she has done with well-known coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. I see Talita as a very talented pastry chef and she deserves every single bit of her success (FYI she was THE BEST graduate of her class year in Le Cordon Bleu) and it's totally reflected at the well crafted BEAU cakes and pastries which perfectly reflects their principles: "taste, texture and form".

I have visited the first two outlets before (in LG Plaza Indonesia and 1st fl Grand Indonesia) but never really have the chance to actually write to review BEAU, and just a couple of days ago, Talita finally opened BEAU's third and latest outlet in Cikajang, Senopati. Let me tell you this: this outlet is different and a special one.
Talita kindly invited me to come to the grand opening but again just like this post, I was still in Bangkok to attend the World Tourism Day celebration so I couldn't make it, and earlier today I went here with my brother to check out the hottest patisserie in town, and for some reasons, I LOVE the fact that Talita chose to open in Cikajang, Senopati plus something about the location that was so perfect. Getting here was super easy, it's literally located across Mister Sunday (which I give my purple heart too they have amazing brownies and all day brunch).
If you've been following me I think you know how much I love minimalist space and it's refreshing to finally have more cafes with this rich homey and minimalist vibe in the same time with major earthy elements application to the design. The outdoor design reminds me of a bit of Mimiti in Bandung for the concrete rectangle tables and Ruci's Joint in Senopati. This is the type of cafe that you normally see in Bandung and definitely not how most patisseries look like. I don't know if this is their attempt to be a little anti-mainstream but it fucking works.

Anyway, none of the BEAU outlets look the same in my opinion, and I mean that in a good way.
BEAU received so many flowers that the whole room smell so fresh <3
The indoor area was very simple with white communal table in the center, couch area by the wall and window glass surrounding it promise to give you good lighting on the day!
They don't call it BEAU HQ not for nothing, the HQ features live kitchen and production space not only for this particular store, but for the places where BEAU supplies their beautiful pastries at. The live kitchen is definitely one of the highlight of this store and makes this particular outlet different with the previous two, another thing is the special menu that you won't find at the other BEAU stores: Smorrebrod (more about that below) and how the HQ is going to feature various all-day brunch menus, they're currently still developing their menu.

Live kitchen and fresh pastries every single day!
While cakes and pastries have always been their main focus (and will always be), Beau HQ is having this special Smorrebrod creations inspired from the Nordic cuisine. Smorrebrod is highly popular among Nordic countries (particularly Denmark) and locals normally pair it with wine or champagne. At the moment, you can only find this at this particular outlet! Expect to find options from their Appetite Whetter such as bread basket, granola, brioche to various Soups, Sandwiches, Flatbreads and Baguettes creations!
Almond Croissant and Chocolate Croissant - IDR 35k/each
Beau's croissants are among the best ones you can find in town, that's the first thing that I have to say. Their croissants and danishes are baked to perfections that when you have them on their super "fresh from the oven" state, you'll experience the beautiful fragrant pastries along with their crunchy and flaky texture with buttery flavor. Both their almond and chocolate have been the all-time best sellers, and if you're planning to have the chocolate one, make sure you ask to reheat as they have this chocolate custard filling that's rich and perfectly sweet!
Mont Violet - IDR 50k
This cake is their newest addition to the already impressive range of cakes sitting gracefully on the cake display. The Mont Violet consist of Sable Breton, milk chocolate ganache, purple sweet potato mousse, mascarpone chantily and purple sweet potato cream. Smooth and tasty cream filling with altogether well-balanced sweetness.
Smorrebrod - IDR 40k/each, IDR 100k/3 pieces
Danish open-faced sandwich, served on Rugbrod (dark rye bread) or brioche.
Top to bottom: Gravad Laks (smoked salmon, yogurt, beeet, radish, microgreens), Beef Pastrami (remoulade, cornichons, caramelized onion, poached egg and crispy shallots), Chicken Liver (caramelized onion, mushroom, pickled carrots, microgreens)
Their Smorrebrod or Danish open-faced sandwich was totally THE MAIN HIGHLIGHT of my visit! They were seriously very good and highly recommended by me. They have 7 options of Smorrebrod to choose with retail price from IDR 40k per piece to IDR 100k for three. I chose three cheese-less menus like Beef Pastrami, Chicken Liver and Gravad Laks and boy did not I regret choosing them! My brother likes the chicken liver best but I had my heart fell for the Beef Pastrami and Gravad Laks. The beef on Beef Pastrami was very fresh with a hint of salty flavor, and the Remoulade sauce and caramelized onion gave such interesting additional flavor to the dish, and as for the Gravad Laks, the smoked salmon was fresh and the yogurt sauce was nicely executed without tasting overly milky. Good job Talita your Smorrebrod won me over on each bites!
Beef Pastrami
Beau made me feel happy and definitely made my palate a little more cocky as right after you had their delicious pastries and bread here, you won't see the cheap ass pastries the same again. Now you call this "artisan patisserie and boulangerie". Pleasure knowing you and your talent, Talita! Cheers to many more success to come!

Beau HQ
Jalan Cikajang No. 29 (across Mister Sunday)
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190
Opening hours: 7 AM-9 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Hello Mister Sunday (BEAU is across)

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