Welcoming the newest & latest cafe and hangout spot in Kelapa Gading: MONKS! I knew this place from you guys who continuously sent me snaps on Snapchat, you know who you are, thank you.

I went here earlier today around lunch time, and fell instantly for the design of the space even though I honestly pictured the cafe to be slightly more spacious from the pictures that I saw on Instagram. Monks is located strategically at this new cluster area in Kelapa Gading precisely across Al Azhar Kelapa Gading. On the time of my visit, it was pretty packed and I was honestly on my lazy mode (just like I've told you on Snapchat) so I honestly didn't snap a lot of pictures on my visit, let's do that when I revisit this cafe, which I potentially will in the future.

Japanese calligraphy on their 360 door.
Outdoor seats Bali style, but no one is about to sit outside trust me it's Jakarta #sohotbrother
Monks occupies three stories for their cafe with different vibe and design on each one. The first level was also where their spacious coffee bar and kitchen were located and the second & third floor as dining areas. The first level had this modern industrial design to it with the access to see the second level's balcony. I could tell that they put good effort in designing everything and all thanks to the genius Pri Harseno from AEDI Interior! (I act like I know him when I don't but maybe we'll cross in the future HAHA), the vibe on the second and third floor was a bit more humble and homey with mainly simple design and setting arrangement.
Mirage espresso machine graciously standing around the coffee bar. For their coffee here, they use the Panama Geisha beans which is considered one of the world's best, and I think they're trying to bring the Australian coffee character to the coffee served here as I found their iced cappuccino to be slightly milkier but still maintain a decent portion of body to the palate.
Ok tour!
Toilet signage so cute!
The third floor occupied a smoking area for smoking guests!
Came alone so there couldn't be a lot of food just for myself but I went with the recommended ones. For the food here, they serve breakfast menus from 7 AM-11 AM daily with lunch starting right after. The menus were different so if you fancy their signature Namaste (breakfast egg menu) you HAVE TO come before 11, but the lunch menus had more variety and obviously more fulfilling. Short to say, you'll see Western, Japanese or the fusion of both (such as sushi, tacos, steak, ramens, tapas, salads, soups) on their food menu with price ranging from IDR 30k-100k, pretty friendly for the pocket I say.

...and oh, on special request they do serve OMAKASE here.
Gyo-cos / Gyoza Tacos - IDR 50k
Their modified taco consist of ingredients like chosen proteins (beef or pork, I chose pork), diced tomatoes, red cabbages, avocado, carrot and sour cream. Not sure if they added lime juice but each bite was so juicy and packed with flavors bursting on your palate! You got the sweet, salty, savory and mainly fresh flavors. As for the texture of their gyoza taco, I might like the crunchier coating better considering the ingredients on this dish, but it's just my preference.
Shiotama Ramen - IDR 85k
This is one of the highlight lunch-menus of Monks, basically the dryer but creamy type of ramen tossed in salted egg sauce with cheese, egg and topped with seaweed and chicken katsu. The chicken katsu was tender & salty (in a good way), and I was glad that it's there to give a bit of crunchy texture to the creamy pasta. The spaghetti was cooked perfectly al-dente to a right amount of firmness, it might sound weird but I highly suggest that you had this pasta continuously after that very first scoop as the flavor gradually got more exciting when you continuously ate it like I did, it might taste just a bit bland on the start but dig deeper and had more to find that umami and eggy flavor.
Glad that I didn't find this overly cheesy
Space wise, a gorgeous and pretty new hangout spot in town with a touch of class & humbleness in the same time, food wise, I gotta explore more to really give my full thought about it but the two that I had were pretty good. Coffee wise? Six Ounces is still the best yet in Kelapa Gading.

Best of luck!

Komplek Graha Boulevard Timur
Summarecon Kelapa Gading Blok nd1/51
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 14550
021 - 2245 2487
Opening hours: 7 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: none

Map for Monks

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