Delicious food makes me happy, to actually dine at your long-kept bucket list is something insane. After a long 2,5 hours wait around the small & in the humid, I finally got the chance to have a glimpse of the highly raved & talked about cheapest Michelin eats in the world: HONG KONG SOYA SAUCE CHICKEN RICE AND NOODLE in Singapore!

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle (damn that's long - I'll shorten it to Hong Kong Soya Singapore) is technically not a restaurant as it's more like a small corner hakwer stall located at the second floor of Chinatown Food Complex. I heard from my Singaporean friends that they are actually used to long queues, but after they got awarded the Michelin star, the queue was unbelievably long-er and I have this one Jakarta foodie friend of mine who even queued for 4 freaking hours! I waited for 2,5 hours which I consider tolerable for a first-timer (well still terrible) but 4 hours is just silly, and by the time it was our turn to order, we ordered so much that when we brought back the meals to our table I could feel the stare of the queueing customers as pure hate. It was lunch time and the place was pretty packed so we had no choice (and no more seats for 6) but to sit around the queueing customers and ate in front of them. We were pure evil bitches, but after 2,5 hours we need that to make the sacrifice more worth it *major LOL*

Some people even point their phone cameras to our food and secretly took snaps of our food.

I almost wanted to act how I ate like I was in a commercial where I would look at them and eat the chicken with pure lust and joy, acting I was eating fingerlicking-ly good food and do "hmm-hmm" while licking my fingers and my tongue out, just to really piss them off, don't visualize that!
They limited the chickens to 180 everyday and carefully cooked it on the spot to perfection so it would take some time to actually being served to you. Afterall there were only 3 people behind the stall to serve hundreds of people queueing everyday!
They did not have various range of menu and limited to Soya Sauce Chicken, Chasiu, Pork Ribs and Pork Belly served as a whole, with rice or with springy noodle. We tried everything except the veges and chasiu (running out so sad).
Whole Chicken - S$14.5 (they separated the serving for two plates)
I did not even bother about taking good shots because I just didn't want to make the food cold and lose its Michelin charm, when I transferred the pictures from my MMC, I literally only took 20 food shots (which in a way, charming to myself). One bite of the chicken and I sorta knew why it's Michelin worthy! It was definitely better than the other soya chickens that I've had so far: the perfect sweet-savory marination and seasoning, thin char golden brown fatty skin, altogether tender and smooth chicken and to me, best served with rice. For sure. Period.
 It was so good I don't even know if the owner understands (or care about) how big Michelin is.
Soya Sauce Chicken with Rice - S$ 2
At S$2, this is currently the world's cheapest Michelin eats! For sure beating the record held by Tim Ho Wan and their overrated dim sum. The generous soya sauce dressing on the rice was certainly a very beautiful thing. Imagine your childhood meal where your mom would just made you a simple rice and sunny side up with salty soysauce dressing and you thought it was the best food ever, this one was on a completely different level.
So simple yet so delicious
Soya Sauce Chicken with Noodle - S$2.5
The noodle reminded me a lot about Mak's Noodle with this strong eggy flavor and firm springy texture. The soya sauce seemed a bit sweet for the noodle, but the sweet (and mild spicy) peanut chili sauce balanced it a bit, along with the chicken itself. I still pretty much like it.
Forgot to take the pic of the pork belly, but to me their pork belly was just OK. I've had better one. Spent S$31 for all the goodness you just saw.

I am very happy that Michelin would actually take time to do the research, investigate and awarded deserving eating destination like this. It's time for the world to know more about amazing and affordable eats and what good food really is! I hope that Indonesia can enter the list very soon, but it would take longer as our country is soooo huge but I believe they could do that.

Is this Michelin worthy? Yes! The place and service is out of the topic, but it's the quality of the food and how consistent they are with it that is really Michelin worthy as quality always WINS! But will I queue another 2,5 hours? Maybe, but most likely not. I would crave (and actually craving for it as I am writing this post), but the thought of having to wait that long might be pretty tiring.

First timers should definitely sacrifice a bit or come earlier. 11 AM should be good for weekdays as they open at 10:30 AM, but if you want to queue even earlier than the opening hours, there's a big chance you'll be the first to be served.

The pictures of the stall and ambiance are on my point and shoot MMC which is currently unreadable by my laptop so I wish to update this post with more pictures. Please be patient kay :)


Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle
Chinatown Food Complex
335 Smith st - Chinatown
Singapore 050335
Opening hours:
Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri: 10:30 AM-7 PM
Sat-Sun: 8:30 AM-7 PM
Average spending for two: S$6-S$10
Dresscode: none!