I just came back from the media & bloggers exclusive menu preview by Attarine Jakarta and here I am writing the report for you (damn I sound like a damn reporter). You might knew about Attarine from my new cafes October post so here's the exclusive preview for my readers! Special thanks to Sari for having me here.

Attarine is located at what used to be Torino restaurant in Gunawarman Senopati and located not too far from Sofia Gunawarman, it's scheduled to open for public this SATURDAY, 15 OCTOBER 2016  and I am going to talk about the food that I had on the gathering including some of the specials that you must try. As for the space, it's not overly spacious but I love how it's designed, it had this homey vibe that I love, almost like an Italian typical home with huge open kitchen (with wood fire oven), industrial touch on the ceiling, dim lighting and almost quirky with the oldschool car placed in the center. They also have a bar at the side of the restaurant where they create their signature mocktails, cocktails and serve you liquors.

Swallow slippers shaping the cactus tree
Vintage car with mini palm plant put inside also where they keep the printed menus LOL
 Wood fire oven for the win! Where they baked their breads and grill their food
For the food here, they focus on serving Modern Western cuisine, but majority of the food that I had was a mixture of Mediterranean with a hint of French and Tapas style food. At the moment, the range of the food starts from Starters and Small Bites, Vegetables & Grains, Mains with price ranges from IDR 45k-175k, the beverage selections are also quite various ranging from mocktails, cocktails, beer, ciders, water, soda, tea and coffee. 115 Coffee - which by the way is the sister venture - will be in charge of serving the coffee for you), and there is even a mini coffee bar by the window (around the bar area) if you're only feeling coffee.
(price ranging from IDR 35k-135k)
Wood Fired Flat Bread - IDR 75k
For IDR 75k, it might be a tad pricey, but this bread was something special. It had the right thickness as well as the right flakiness (semi-crispy coating) and moist layers. You can opt to have the breads with the green lentil puree or the roasted eggplant & fried garlic, I personally like the roasted eggplant better for that extra fragrant and tasty fried garlic, the green lentil puree was not bad actually with a hint of very mild spicy flavor.
If you order more than 12 mini bowls of their small bites, your order will be presented on this wood boat shaped compartment. In frame is some of the light bites that I had:
Soft Boiled Egg with Cumin Salt
Expected the center to be slightly runny, but the cumin salt seasoning was genius.
Selection of pickles - IDR 25k
 Imported olives, tried the black one and not a big fan of it, it was bitter.
Roseberry Fizz - IDR 50k
Raspberry, rose water, lemon juice, sugar syrup, fluffy egg white foam + soda
The raspberry flavor dominated the flavor in the freshest way and to me, it didn't appear artificial! The overall sweetness of this drink was nice with a hint of sour balancing everything. Love this one!
Grilled Lemonade - IDR 50k
Grilled lemon juice, palm sugar + soda
How unique can a grilled lemon juice be? It was pretty common actually, only they put soda in it so you got something sparkling and sweet in the same. I expected the lemon flavor to be stronger actually as I think the palm sugar and soda kinda washed it off.
Jamu Royal - IDR 50k
Turmeric, tamarind, honey, lemon juice, carrot + ginger beer
Wood-fired Broccoli - IDR 45k
This was one of the best menus that I had for lunch earlier. It's creamy without tasting heavy, absolutely tasty with this cheesy character that I experienced on each bite from the cashew butter. I say the freshness of the ingredient (re: broccoli) was the main factor why this dish was super delicious, it's delicately crunchy and wrapped in beautiful flavorful sauce. YUM!
Cast-Iron Skillet Shrimp - IDR 135k
The shrimps were fresh and chunky for sure, the seasoning was a bit complex yet playful with tamarind, chili, coriander and focaccia in it. Overall, I got this feeling that I was having delicious beef goulash soup, only with shrimps.
Stuffed Onion - IDR 115k
Now this is unique: thin layer of onion wrapping the rice and beef mix filling. The rice and beef mix contributed in giving the savory flavor to the dish while the onion had this natural sweetness to it, I like the idea how the leaf on the side had this salty flavor with a hint of spicy flavor, and it was just nice and slightly unexpected.
Slowcooked Lamb Shoulder Chops - IDR 400k
Another favorite menu of mine! Thank goodness the lamb was not smelly and all fresh! The meat was perfectly cooked with such tender consistency and semi-crunchy coating. The onion zucchini and pomegranate dressing just packed the lamb shoulders with more flavors (the usage of pomegranate was genius). Overall you got the play of texture from the tender meat to the crunchy pome, the beautiful combination of savory with a tiny bit of sour. MUST TRY!
Wood Fired whole White Snapper with Zucchini & Tomatoes - IDR 325k (seasonal)
This was MY FAVORITE menu served here! The fish was very soft & smooth, but it's the rich ingredient and seasoning that really captivated me: it's spicy, packed with interesting flavors, fragrant and I honestly couldn't see anything wrong about this dish, even to the fact that it's salty but I like it! If you like to keep things simple and plain unlike what you're seeing here, you can optionally just request to add only the salt to your grilled fish. Talk about the salt they're using, it was the Himalayan salt and served with lemon (for extra juice if you fancy), sauteed tomato and zucchini on the side (even the side dish was super nice).
Is Attarine worth trying? Yes! I was a bit shocked to know that the pricing on several menus which I thought would be crazy expensive was apparently quite affordable or cheaper that what I had in mind. Food was delicious, ingredients were fresh (the main key that I notice from them), and I really-really  hope they keep up the good work, not just because this is a private media preview, but hey they're under the PTT Family so I guess they know how to roll it baby!

THEY WILL BE OPERATING FOR DINNER ONLY THIS SATURDAY (OCTOBER 15th), while lunch hour will start on October 22nd.


Jalan Gunawarman No. 11
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110
021 - 2277 1256
Opening hours:
Sunday - Wednesday: 11 AM-4 PM, 6 PM-11 PM
Thursday - Saturday: 11 AM-4 PM, 6 PM-1 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 400k
Dresscode: smart casual

Map for Attarine

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