No celebration and no cakes but there are hopes.

Seriously? I have been blogging for four years, I look back and I have written 618 articles and taken countless pictures, man that's a lot of arm and hand work out I should be losing weight, instead I've gained 24 pounds in total *food bloggers first world problems*, but seriously, what matters most is being happy and I can say that even though I have been busy all these times, but I am a state where I am happy, I am highly grateful for everything that I have achieved, and I couldn't have done it without you and I mean it from the very bottom of my heart.

Thank you for always reading this blog and growing with me, from the days where my writing & blog pictures were technically rubbish, from the days when I only commented "delicious" and "not delicious" to the food on my reviews, and from the days where I barely had readers and just Facebook friends reading it. I still have tons of things that I want to achieve, I wanna be better and better by time.

Happy birthday my platform of ideas, creativity and myself. I love you and I love growing with you. We have done and earned much more than we initially ever expected, and I am looking forward to ride this rollercoaster with you! Let's do this!!!

- - -
So because you guys have been really nice to me and have been supporting me so far, I want to give you guys free tutorials on how to achieve the VSCO NIKE and SPOTIFY (you know their split toning cover arts) tone on Photoshop, also a free Photoshop curve at the end of this post (if you're only interested in getting the free curve you can skip and scroll down to the blue FREE CURVE sign). The tutorial is going to be very simple and I love keeping things easy, so I want to show you quickly on how to transform your picture with THREE SIMPLE STEPS from this:
 to these:
Without further ado, let's start! First, the VSCO NIKE tutorial!
You can choose any picture that you want, but I am choosing this one without any reason.
Go to the "Layer" menu -> New Adjustment Layer -> Black & White to convert the picture to B&W
 After converting the picture to B&W, we're going to add a layer of solid red color, choose from the "Adjustment Layer" menu -> Solid Color
 Then choose the reddest color on the palette, or you can just type in "FF0000" on the number (#) tab and set the blending mode to "Multiply"
 Time to add in more highlight and shadow using the "Levels" adjustment. The value might differ on each picture depending on how you want your pictures to be. The point on the left with is the shadow adjustment, when you move it more to the right (I set at "10") that means more contrast you're getting and the point on the right is the highlight adjustment, the more you move it to the left (I set at "220" the brighter highlight you're getting or whiter on the negative area)
Last but not least, GROUP everything to make the overall adjustment easier. Click on the folder icon beside "Adjustment Layer" option and drag all the layers to the "Group 1" folder.
...and you're done. ABC easy!
Now the SPOTIFY Split Toning tutorial!
 The exact same first steps with the VSCO NIKE tutorial, convert your picture to B&W by going to the "Layer" menu -> New Adjustment Layer -> Black & White
 After converting the picture to B&W, we're going to add a layer of solid green color, choose from the "Adjustment Layer" menu -> Solid Color
Pick the greenest color or simply type in "1EFE00" to the number (#) bar, set the blending mode to "Multiply"
Add another layer of "Solid Color" and type in "2A2D8A" on the number bar to get the blue color that I aimed for.
Then set the blending mode to "Lighten" and set the opacity to "50%" - last but not least, don't forget to group everything!
Another picture edited with the Spotify tone with the exact same adjustment.
Showing you more pictures edited using the VSCO NIKE and Spotify adjustment (did not change the adjustment at all)
 After Spotify
 After Spotify
 After Spotify
Giving you guys this free Photoshop curve to add faded blu-ish mood to your picture while still appearing very natural. I call this curve "DRIZZLE", below are some of the sample pictures edited using the Drizzle photoshop curve!
 The curve also works well on B&W pictures! Here's the before...'s the after!

Hereby, I am also showing you the tutorial on how to install the downloaded curves to Photoshop and trust me they're easy.

First, you're going to have to close the Photoshop application because eventually you're going to restart the app.

1. After you download the curves, go to your assigned "Downloads" folder, mine is the default one and then "copy" the files.

If you're having the difficulties finding where it is, right after you download the file, there will be a new bar on top of the taskbar, click on the arrow and "Open File Location" and after you find the files, "copy" them.

2. Now we're going to paste the files, but make sure you know where you locate the "Adobe Photoshop" file, but mostly it's going to be on the Drive C:, and please make sure if your computer is either 32 or 64 bit.

The path should be like this -> Local Disk (C:) -> Program Files (or Program Files (X86) for 32 bits) -> Adobe -> Adobe Photoshop CS(your number series) -> Presets -> Curves and copy the curves to this.

3. Start the Adobe Photoshop app and the curves should be stored!

ENJOY!!! Tweet me, tag me on your IG or send the pics via emails, I might feature them!


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