More and more new places are opening, well that's just how the business goes, but can't deny at the same time I am getting more aware and the F&B competition in town is a crazy battlefield, especially when it comes to Japanese restaurants (and yes I hope everyone's doing good). Anyway, welcoming the new kid at Kelapa Gading Boulevard of feast: a new Japanese restaurant that's ready to fulfil your craving of fresh sushi and sashimi: SUSHI NARA!
It was an impromptu visit with friends to this newly opened (and highly talked about) restaurant when I didn't pack my guns with me, so shoutout to my dear friend for allowing me to use his camera.
Maxx Coffee apparently has become a brand that's well accepted by the public, especially to those who thinks Starbucks is way too expensive these days and they come to the scene as the more affordable dupe, in a good way of course, and after countless outlets and series of success, yesterday (August 16th 2017) they officially opened the first Maxx Corner at Plaza Semanggi Jakarta! I was invited to come to the opening ceremony (thank you!).
Makna Coffee is a new venture by Makna Creative, which is a creative studio owned by Ernanda Putra and Keenan Pearce. Just earlier today I managed to visit this coffee shop which just opened yesterday (August 9th 2017) in Kuningan City and today they're having a IDR 20k flat for all coffee. I got the Iced Cappuccino for me and not sure whether it was pretty packed the time of my visit that they made the coffee with such pace but the coffee had this burnt taste to it leaving a rough aftertaste on my palate, but was it horrible? Not at all. I believe they can do better and I need more future visits too.

Anyway they have limited seating capacity outside the coffee shop, and I think the coffee shop's meant more for take away (aka Grab and Go), the coffee shop also shares the same space with the Makna Creative office which guests can't freely go in and out, but can definitely peek inside through the glass wall and the connecting door. I didn't take any pictures of the space I honestly tend to get lazy when a restaurant/cafe/coffee shop is crowded.
Makna Coffee
Kuningan City GF
Jalan Prof. DR. Satrio No. Kav. 18 RT.14/04
Karet, Jakarta Selatan 12940
Opening hours: 7 AM-10 PM


Map for Kuningan City
If you ask me to name one of my favorite coffee shops in the North, Ottoman's Coffee Brewers surely one of the ones that comes to my mind instantly. My visit last week marks my third time to this coffee shop as well as my first time trying their all day breakfast and brunch menus which they just launched not too long ago and I am going to share my experience and review in this entry, and hey this would be my first review of Ottoman's too (I didn't take any pictures on the previous two visits).
Boy time flies and I really can't believe that it's been a week since I went to Bangkok (if you saw my Instagram posts and Stories) like seriously 7 days have gone just like that? I just finished editing all the pictures and can't wait to share the story with you soon, the Instagram posts have not only been the live reports but also published teasers to the blog post that I am writing soon, but these are some of the unpublished photos that I want you guys to enjoy!
Residing across Mall of Indonesia (MOI) is HOURS: Coffee and More, a new cafe/coffee shop that's a newcomer in Kelapa Gading area and good news today marks their first day of opening, I got the exclusive invitation to check out what they have in store prior 'the day' (special thanks to Ruby from Wanderbites) and simply go with the scroll and enjoy this entry.
I have been noticing how lately hot pot/shabu-shabu has been one of the most rapidly growth (savory) food trend in Indonesia, more and more hot pot and shabu-shabu specialist restaurants are opening or existing restaurants start adding in the option into their menu line-up which is good for me because I am such a fan. A couple of weeks ago I paid a visit to this freshly opened restaurant in Jalan Samanhudi Pasar Baru called Lac Mei Che! It's very easy to find as it's located precisely beside Classic Hotel. This is the sister restaurant to its previous and existing venture Lac Mei Che Restaurant, which of course owned and managed by the same owner.