If you ask me to name one of my favorite coffee shops in the North, Ottoman's Coffee Brewers surely one of the ones that comes to my mind instantly. My visit last week marks my third time to this coffee shop as well as my first time trying their all day breakfast and brunch menus which they just launched not too long ago and I am going to share my experience and review in this entry, and hey this would be my first review of Ottoman's too (I didn't take any pictures on the previous two visits).

If you're a first timer to the coffee shop, Ottoman's is hassle free to find as it's located across Bakpau A1 (which is highly popular) and Bank Danamon. The interior of the coffee shop screams minimalist industrial with a sense of homey to it, not exactly the most spacious but it's surely comfortable to chill around for a moment (or hours if you plan to work on your projects or such here), and not to mention I've always been an avid fan of lingering coffee aroma in a coffee shop (it's almost a must), I found them sort of like a therapy for me, just calming and relaxing to my sense! Oh FYI, Common Grounds supports the coffee beans here.
Gotta give it to them for the good branding! Coming from the graphic design background, design is something that I highly appreciate either in the form of overall branding or as simple as the fonts used on their menu.
Tiny outdoor space near the shop's entrance is there for smoking guests' comfort.
Major LOL on the idea! A Hario Syphon coffee machine functioned as mini fish aquarium
If you earn it hard you're allowed to show it off hard! Ottoman's very own barista, Harison Chandra won the first place at Indonesia Brewer's Cup 2017! KUDOS!
Manual brew enthusiasts can obviously get their caffeine dose fixed here
I honestly think they're pretty strong with their Espresso based coffee and to be completely frank, just by knowing that Common Grounds is backing up the coffee here I already got a good feeling that the coffee would turn out far from disappointing. La Marzocco machine is occupied (or abused) daily to make the coffee here, anyway if you're not a big coffee drinker, they also have various selections of tea, cold press juices and smoothies too.
Start a new fashion wear the heart on the coffee
Not sure what the skull's doing here but maybe it has something to do with "Bone Breaker" aka their signature coffee blend here.
They also sell bottled Granola here!
They have various black/white espresso based coffee, as well as various manual brews coffee such as Kalita Wave, V60, Syphon or Aeropress. My third visit and I got to say that they were pretty consistent with the quality of their coffee here, it's more to the medium acidity with clean and fresh aftertaste. Their cappuccino/latte might be the safest options for their espresso based coffees but I would gladly recommend the other two if you fancy something a bit different: Lemon Coffee and Almond Butter Coffee! Both are delicious in their own way, the lemon flavor seem to work very well with their coffee, pretty much blends together creating this unique harmony that works, a fragrant coffee with citrusy touch that's light yet in the same time creamy.

Their Almond Butter Coffee on the other hands was the creamier kind, it's thick, creamy, yet again with fresh aftertaste and good balance. Citrusy coffee or creamy sweet coffee, what's your call?
Lemon Coffee (left), Almond Butter Coffee (right)
Iced Cappuccino
The food selections here are mainly Australian-Western inspired breakfast and brunch menus and the range is pretty good from the appetizer, main bites to desserts with price ranging from IDR 50k-100k. Bare with me I have a lot to share!!!

Garden Tempe Salad
A perfect option if you fancy something light, fresh and healthy in the same time. The salad consists of fresh lettuce, shredded carrot, corn, baby tomatoes, beetroot, quinoa, tempe (soya bean cake), and dressed with light zesty lemon and olive oil dressing. The ingredients in this salad were really fresh and when it comes to salads like this, the key to it has got to be the ingredients! They should pretty much did most of the talking.
Healthy combo: Tempe Salad with a glass of their uber good Kale Smoothies! Calorie watchers better pay attention!
Chocolate Smoothies Bowl
I didn't try all of their smoothie bowls and only this particular, but this Chocolate Smoothies Bowl was really delicious and thickers than most smoothie bowls that I've had before. I can tell that they're using a generous amount of chocolate here as it's rich, sweet yet didn't bloat me out, and topped with raspberry, nuts, dried fruits, shredded coconut for balance and texture. I almost finished the whole bowl just for myself.
Turkish Menemen
Menemen is a well known local delicacy from Turkey which basically is a Turkish style scrambled egg with onion, tomatoes, bell peppers and chillies), this rings more like a Tunisian breakfast for me with two runny eggs sitting on top. If you like spicy food with rich herb flavor then go for this one.
Korean Fried Rice
Now to my most favorite from the bunch: Korean fried rice, I initially thought I would love their Western more and found a holy grail food here but somehow when I stumbled upon this one this sky-rocketed to my favorite list, not sure why or maybe I can relate more to this? Hmm, but anyway this was absolutely delicious, flavorful and playful to my palate. The fried rice had this familiar character with bibimbap in a good way, it's light yet tasty, but it was really the battered deep fried chicken and the kimchi that really enhanced the flavor.
Croque Madame
Super cheesy yet delicious in the same time, I might not big on cheese but I surely need to dip into this due to its super tempting look and even tho it's covered and filled with generous amount of cheese, overall I found it still pretty balance and altogether delicious, perfectly salty and savory with big slice of bacon and spinach.
Philly Steak Sandwich
Tender lightly seasoned stir-fry beef covered in cheese and wrapped in Baguette sandwich served with fries and salad on the side.
 Ottoman's Burger
This was absolutely delicious, the kind of hassle-free burger that I like to be completely frank, basically simple classic goodness of grilled ground beef (that's oh so juicy and tender) topped with caramelized onion, Cheddar cheese,  scrambled egg and served with nothing better than deep fried fries. Definitely a GO!
Dutch Baby Pancake
Now I am loving this one! I am glad because they choose to serve something different and it was my first meet up with Dutch Baby Pancake, so ashamed that I don't know such thing exists! It has this strong buttery aroma even before it's served to my table and the texture was very fluffy and eggy, almost like scrambled egg only a little more solid (and of course sweet), this was my sister and cousin's biggest crush! I thought it's going to be super buttery and bloating but it wasn't exactly overpowering my palate, yes it's buttery, yes it's creamy but still on the proper amount.
Based on my visit and how I see the food here, I think most of the food can also work for dinner and afterall I am the type of person who can drink coffee anytime (I drink coffee because I like it not necessarily the function aka I think it will help me stay awake), or if some of you are earlybirds good thing they open at 7 AM daily! The food was really above my expectation, can't help not to be skeptical about coffee shops food but lately more and more coffee shops have really level up their food game, so when you happen to be in the North or in need of a coffee shop that serves good food, Ottoman's should be the one that you consider.

Ottoman's Coffee Brewers
Jalan Pluit Karang Utara No. 119
RT. 20/02, Pluit Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14450
021 - 6678 121
Opening hours: 7 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: none


Map for Ottoman's Coffee Brewers

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