Maxx Coffee apparently has become a brand that's well accepted by the public, especially to those who thinks Starbucks is way too expensive these days and they come to the scene as the more affordable dupe, in a good way of course, and after countless outlets and series of success, yesterday (August 16th 2017) they officially opened the first Maxx Corner at Plaza Semanggi Jakarta! I was invited to come to the opening ceremony (thank you!).

It was crazy packed on the time of my visit, and when I say crazy packed I literally mean people everywhere, unfortunately I was only equipped with one fix tele lens and when I looked at the photos I had no decent interior shots as the shots were very zoomed and a lot of heads are in the frame, so I might skip on that (sorry guys!), but what I can tell you is that Maxx Corner is located at ex-Dunkin Donuts... ah memories, flashback to my uni days when I used to hang around there quite often while waiting for the travel to take me to Bandung.
So what makes Maxx Corner different from Maxx Coffee? First, the outlet. Maxx Corner is dedicated to future customers who are seeking for a space that's more comfortable to work on their chores or simply hang around with more cafe-ish like feature and deco, and to support that: their coffee and comforting simple sweet and savory bites like freshly baked pastries, toasts, hot dogs and JAJANAN PASAR like lontong, kue lapis, pastel, risoles that should be perfect for quick breakfast bites! Here in Maxx Coffee they also have Kopi Tubruk and offers outdoor seatings for smoking guests.
Because it was not a private tasting event, I couldn't say that I tried most of their menu, just some drinks and quick dips on their toasts. I didn't touch the hot dog so I couldn't really comment on that one. Just want to quickly highlight on their Iced Malaka Latte, I didn't expect to be impressed that much by that particular drink but me (and my sister) did. It was this delicious blend of rich coffee with milk and liquid palm sugar, I know it sounds very simple, but something about the amount of each element that worked well with one another, almost well measured, hence the love for this one. As for the toasts, they were good and enjoyable, but not the most unique thing, I mean chocolate toast...yeah.
I guess one of the most impressive things about Maxx Corner/Maxx Coffee really is how good they are with the pricing and I am glad they are keeping things affordable, like way affordable for most coffee shop standards at the moment! Drinks can easily be purchased around IDR 20k-30k for regular size and food starts around IDR 10k. I can see Maxx Corner as the go-to spot for morning people who need a quick caffeine treat and light bites, but not exactly a straight competitor to its brother Maxx Coffee. By the way Maxx Coffee is also located at Plaza Semanggi and I did quickly visit it after Maxx Corner as I was craving for their Avocado Coffee but too lazy to queue at the Maxx Corner.

Maxx Corner
Plaza Semanggi lobby level
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No. 50 RT. 01/04
Sudirman, Jakarta Selatan 12930
Opening hours: 7 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 50k
Dresscode: none


Map for Maxx Corner

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