Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto is a food blogger and author of eatandtreats, and among the journey of eatandtreats he has been collaborating with numerous restaurants, various high end brands and airlines such as Samsung, Olympus, SONY, Lenovo, Panasonic, XL, Telkomsel, Cebu Pacific Airways, Singapore Airlines and many more, appeared in national television such as NET TV, Global TV, Trans 7, Trans TV, Da Ai TV and appeared on numerous talkshows sharing his blogging experience to aspiring bloggers and personalities with dreams.

Eatandtreats is open for collaborations and projects, for inquiry or a simple hello, send us your email to:
business contact - Vania:
0858 - 9006 - 9053


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  1. I follow you at Instagram and I love all the food pictures. You are making me want to visit Jakarta!

  2. Hi there! I was trying to search for a post on food in Sumatra but I couldn't find any! Have you had any? I was recently there and I was surprised at how delicious it was. I posted it on my blog here, Nasi Padang was truly amazing -- let me know if you've ever written about it, thanks!

  3. keren banget blog nya banget deh

  4. hi Hans, i just came across your blog, it's really awesome! i'll religiously follow you from now on hehe..

  5. Nice blog you have there, and unique review on the food also. Makes me hungry :)

  6. I wish you could uploads the locations of your reviewed restaurant in google maps, much like It is heap easier to search the restaurants when im in the area. If you could do this in phone apps, consider your blog career to be sky-rocketed.