I think the topic about money always interests people and the reason I feel that way is because as a blogger myself and throughout the journey, the question about my earning has been one of the most frequently asked, including the question on how can I afford certain things and travels. I remember having this one reader who violently in a way asking me "who the fuck I actually am and whether I was born from a wealthy family because I constantly travel".
The past one month has not been the best for my health and I have no one to blame but me (I guess?), two days ago when I was in Bali marked the third time me being hospitalized in one month and all for the same reason: utter exhaustion! Lucky that I managed to survive the second one just before my Japan trip otherwise I wouldn't go and experienced the beautiful white Winter in Japan! The trip was something that I highly grateful for: it was my first ever snow experience and the whole time was such a bliss, and now that I already regain a little energy to finish all the picture edits, I am going to start my latest Japan Winter travel diary, and going to kick it off with my Gifu & Shirakawago experience!
Initially wanted to blog everyday here but some bad things happened and failed my will!
Was invited to the press launching of Ichi Tan Yen Yen last week and here I am sharing my experience for you as well as sharing my review and thoughts of this new RTD Liang Teh drink brought by Ichi Tan Indonesia! The event took place at Bebek Bengil Menteng (which by the way is one of my family's favorite duck specialist restaurants in town) along with special appearances by... keep scrolling :)).
Sending hugs and kisses for all my beloved readers from Nagoya, Japan!!! First time here and loving it so far!
From Bali to Jakarta, Gaya Gelato is finally opening its first official Jakarta outlet in Pantai Indah Kapuk North Jakarta! Wow more and more Bali gelato franchises are opening in town!
Thought I wanted to do a short review of my favorite gelato shop in Yogyakarta: Tempo Gelato! Been here so many times already but always forgot to do the review on my blog.