I think the topic about money always interests people and the reason I feel that way is because as a blogger myself and throughout the journey, the question about my earning has been one of the most frequently asked, including the question on how can I afford certain things and travels. I remember having this one reader who violently in a way asking me "who the fuck I actually am and whether I was born from a wealthy family because I constantly travel".

No, I didn't come from an ultra wealthy family, not even close to the socialite kinda wealth. I think I am fortunate enough to be born in a family whose parents know how to distribute enough love, care and supply. Little do you know that ever since 2013 my parents stopped giving me money and support my daily needs because I ask them to, instead I take care of my needs + (was) paying my sister's tuition fee and currently my brother's, long story short it has been my dream to be able to do such things.

I mean I am blessed with a job that I love and earn from it. Believe me, not much-much but it's enough to fulfil the responsible and for something extra like travels and meals. My monthly spending pretty much like these followings:
- paying my brother's tuition fee
- the home internet + monthly mobile pocket wifi
- paying salary (2 people)
- phone balance
- food (of course)
- travel (I try to travel at least once a month)
- insurance
- that's all that I can remember now

I don't really shop nor I am crazy about it, I am more to the spontaneous shopper and I shop when I feel like one and need to, lucky for me I can hold myself from shopping things that I just want but not necessarily need.

My biggest spending has got to be for food and travels, I know right, shocker even more than the employee salary and tuition fee. That's because I go out everyday and dine out every single day and of course when I am travelling the budget has to be extra.

Wrote about this piece on how bloggers make money if you're interested to know how most bloggers and social media influencers make money.

Again, because I am not Bill Gates or celebrity rich I need to manage my monthly spending budget, especially in this industry your clients don't really pay you directly once you finish the tasks, payment can be done up to 2-3 months after (and usually informed before), and if you've been following me for quite some time now, a few months ago I posted about Jenius from BTPN which is the new money management feature that I've been digging lately, most importantly for how helpful it has been to arrange my monetary matter and do the little help at times when I didn't have cash with me due to my favorite feature of the card and the app: e-pay and split bill

Recently Jenius just released this special Valentine card called Glow In The Dark Jenius x-Card, while m-Card is the main card that you get when onboarding Jenius, the x-Card is the additional card that you can request via "Card Center" menu on their app, and it comes in such pretty Valentine inspired design which would make it cute for gifts.

This card can be functioned for personal usage, but this limited edition card is actually destined for gifts too, and it should be something special for that someone special too, I mean you're basically giving that someone special your own money, bruh you need trust and you don't just hand this card to random people if you know what I mean.

So how to get this card? Easy breezy! First of all, you need to make sure that your current Jenius mobile app is on its latest update, if you don't I'll give you 5 minutes to update the app! Go update now!!!

Don't tell me you haven't downloaded the app. For real? Duh, okay click here to download the app then.

So on the latest version you should be seeing a different feature on the 'Card Center' and opt for the Glow In The Dark Jenius X-Card and choose the design, fill in the name of the card holder and continue the procedure (pretty much the same process as the regular Jenius card), after finishing the whole registration, the physical card will be delivered to you and you'll be required to activate and top-up later.

During the end of February 2017 Jenius is running this Valentine's Day Kado Jenius promotion from 20-28 February 2017, for complete details -> HERE

Short to say, Jenius will be paying half of your expenses throughout the campaign days (with maximum transaction of IDR 500k), but to be able to activate this promotion, first you have to pass this terms and conditions:
1. A registered Jenius account holder
2. Has ordered/registered and activated Valentine Glow In The Dark Jenius X-Card from 3-28 February 2017
3. Has never used the Split Bill feature from 14-19 February 2017
4. Not BTPN employees
5. Payment will be done using Jenius m-Card, e-Card and x-Card



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