Sending hugs and kisses for all my beloved readers from Nagoya, Japan!!! First time here and loving it so far!

I feel like disconnecting from you guys a little bit on this blog because I have been travelling a lot and fell sick (and hospitalized twice) for the past two weeks that I sometimes barely have time to login to my blog as everytime I go back home I'll constantly be physically and mentally "abused" by the projects and events that I have to work on, and everytime there's a chance to escape from Jakarta for a couple of days I would just jump in to either Jogjakarta or Bali and I take that as healing moment for the body and soul, wow I am deep but that's the truth.

Going to be in Nagoya for a couple of days and I am not taking this chance for granted! The past two days have been really-really fun and I actually, for the first time in my life, experienced snow today, and my first encounter was pretty extreme as I went to Shirakawa-go today and greeted by heavy snow rain and 1,5 m of snow anywhere my head turn there!!! I have received so many requests from you guys to do the Shirakawa-go post, can't promise that I'll finish that ASAP but I will try ok :)

I am going to do a short blogging every day during my days here just like this post, not exactly a full covered story on what I did here, just quick little updates that I want to share with you and hopefully you'll enjoy.

Flew Cathay Pacific with 4-hour layover in Hong Kong, gracefully spent the hours in The Pier which is their most exclusive first class lounge, one word: GORGEOUS!
 The Pier - Cathay Pacific's First Class Lounge
Nagoya at night, took this photo when looking for dindin, 2 freaking degree celcius and I accidentally left my gloves and scarf in the room and regretted it a lot, do not play with the extreme Winter weather here freeeeeeeeeeezing!!!
Had dinner at Kasen, a quite famous Sushi and Sashimi restaurant in Nagoya located at JR Central Towers and took the shortcut (and escape from the cold weather) via Nagoya Station!
 Baby eel, a rare finding, so fresh and chewy!
Dinner with a view, the restaurant's located on the 12th floor
Ah, never want my Japan days to over!!! Don't even want to think about going home!!! Thank you for reading more daily stories to come!

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  1. Loving the experience! I, myself, haven't touched and felt the snow! :D