Initially wanted to blog everyday here but some bad things happened and failed my will!

I didn't rent any WiFi and depended my whole life here on my tour guide's Pocket WiFi, but at night I could access the internet through the hotel WiFi, the first night was splendid, the hotel WiFi was working perfectly and very fast (blog post here), but the second night around 1 AM Japan time when I was just about to write the blog post the internet deactivated, it worked perfectly fine before so I passed and went straight to bed.

The third and fourth day was the pain in my heart! Literally ALL OF MY CAMERAS were having problems! My Nikon DSLR stopped working and continuously showing this blinking "Err" message on the screen, my Sony camera's screen was 1/4 dead, there was this rectangle dead-pixel spot on the right side of the screen but found no problem when I shoot from the viewfinder, and my Fuji camera completely died, I couldn't turned it on!!!

Short to say I believe this happened due to the extremely cold weather, it was seriously very-very cold that even after wearing my snow gloves I still couldn't manage to shoot very long outdoor, most of the pictures here were either taken using my compact camera and mobile phone cameras. My ear was in constant pain, hands were cramped and my face turned red, mostly my nose I feel like my mucus's freezing too!

I wasn't in my best mood knowing that the trip wasn't about to finish yet I will be having trouble shooting, but quick suggestion: make sure your future camera has weather shield around it otherwise possibly won't survive!

Ending this post with this view from my room on the second night in Takayama, took it using my mobile phone with flash. Wanted to touch the snow but the window couldn't be opened widely, barely enough for one arm to go out that's why only the upper part of my phone (camera and flash) peeked out. Imagine waking up to a 1,5 meter of thick snow in the morning, it was the coldest morning throughout the trip, -5 degree celcius brrrrrrrrrr!


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