First of all, thank you Le Meridien Hotel and Dilmah Tea for inviting me to this exclusive event, which exclusively featured the showcase all about (Dilmah) tea and the impressive creations from tea, while having our luxurious afternoon tea. Who says tea can't be fun?

This is the second time Le Meridien invited me for events, the first one was the Coffee Culture Seminar with Illy Coffee. It was such a fabulous event, my knowledge about tea rose up in a few hours.

The highlight of this event was also the Dilmah Exceptional Tea Series! In a nutshell, it's a fancier, funner and more unique Dilmah tea creations which not only have the benefits of great flavored tea, but health, quality and authenticity as well! 

There are ten variants of the Dilmah Exceptional tea series: Rose with French Vanilla, Berry Sensation, Ceylon Spice Chai, Peppermint Leaves with Ceylon Cinnamon, Lively Lime and Orange Fusion, Elegant Earl Grey, Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea, Arabian Mint Tea with Honey, Peppermint and English Toffee and Perfect Ceylon Tea. I didn't try out all the flavors but eventually pretty much fond of the "Berry Sensation" and "Perfect Ceylon Tea". To be honest, I am a loyal consumer of Dilmah (and I ain't bull around telling everyone I drank Dilmah when I didn't). I love their "Chamomile", "English Breakfast" and fruit tea series, sometimes I purchased the mixed flavors package so I didn't bore on a certain flavor :).

A party without food is just a meeting, and what's an afternoon tea without delicious cakes? Let me show you around the fabulous cakes created by Executive Chef Roger Rechsteiner! Prepare your tissues before "waterfall" occurs! FYI some cakes here were made using tea infusions! Creative!

Berry Triffle with Chamomile Tea Custard

Le Meridien Mille Feulle with Ginger and Ginger Tea Fondant

Fruit Tartelets Glazed with Rose and French Vanilla

I knew it right away they were cronuts so I waste no time getting my hands all over them! I ate like three or four, couldn't recall, they were so good and fluffy, also it has a little hint of infused peppermint! Another great recommended cronuts for you all. They tastes less flaky and chewier. Just good! FYI, this is just the light bite size, the original size should be bigger. Go grab 'em at the Le Meridien Cake Shop!!!

Welcome drink: Honeyginger.
This drink's made by the talented Robert Schinkel and it's the mixture of Dilmah Chamomile Tea (I told ya I loved it!), Fresh Apple Juice, Honey Syrup, Lime Juice, Dash Grapefruit Bitters and Green Apples! On top of that, crushed ice, Chamomile flowers and Green Apple fan! This has a lot of playful flavors and surely was super refreshing, parfait for the afternoon.

I haven't introduced you guys to the master of the tea, also International Tea Mixologist from Holland, Robert Schinkel! His tea creations had won him awards, achievements and a new fan, whom is me! He seemed like he knew tea very very well from his presentation. It was such a pleasure meeting him :).

Also on the event, the Food Service Manager from Sri Lanka, Soren Atukorale giving his words and presentation on Dilmah brand.

In this event, Robert's showcasing us his gorgeous skill with tea and guess what he's making? TEA COCKTAILS! Never heard of that before right?! Here I'm going to explain you more about Robert's signature creations, such as:

Rose and Vanilla Martini
Ingredients needed:
- Absolut Vodka
- Fresh Pear juice
- Fresh Lime juice
- Simple syrup
- Eggwhite
- Rose and French Vanilla Tea (for sprinkles garnish)

To create Robert's signature drink's kinda easy, mixed the Absolut Vodka, fresh Pear juice, fresh Lime juice, simple syrup and the eggwhite together. The eggwhite has no flavor and no scent so it wouldn't affect the drink negatively, the eggwhite's used to create the foamy look and consistency of this drink. On top of it, sprinkle some Rose and French Vanilla tea for garnish.

Taste? Impressive! It started out quite sour and it got bitter at the end and loving the transition of it. Even though it's kinda bitter and not everyone's fond of alcohol drink, this one is pretty refreshing!

Jakarta Blue Blazer
Ingredients needed:
- Dilmah Italian Almond
- Bols Genever or Vodka
- Cinnamon
- Cloves
- Nutmeg
- Grated Orange peel
- Lemon juice
- White sugar
Okay, this really gave me chill because the way Robert showcased the production of this beverage was really unique and impressive and I couldn't stop getting my camera away from the process. It involves burning fire!!! The idea of it was to fire up the area with the help of the alcohol and since this drink also includes alcohol (remember: cocktail), the alcohol helped the back and forth distribution of the drink, you'd notice a "Teh Tarik" kind of production.
FYI, tea's not recommended to be with 100 degrees water, 70 or 80 would be perfect. Tea will tend to become a bad-acid when it's poured with very hot water (100 degree Celsius), the effect won't be instant, but later in the future, therefore 70-80 degree Celsius is more recommended, you can tell when the cooked water's not yet filled with bubbles, you can turn the fire off when the bubble's starts appearing.

After the lovely session, the adorable non-stop flowing Canapes were coming towards me and my stomach afterwards *stressed*. The Canapes also infused with a little tea extract :D.

Pan Fried Prawn on Sugar Snaps and Earl Grey Beurre Blanc

Peach Fruit Tea Enchanced Granita on Sumac Marinated Strawberries
Always rooms of desserts, and this one... ME LOVE! You got the sweetness, the sourness and the bitterness. Enough talking, chase!!!

A picture with Ms. Arie! Finally meeting you again, my pleasure :).

Selfcam with the Maestros: Roger Rechsteiner and Robert Schinkel!

C H E E S E!
Thank you for Le Meridien and Dilmah for a fantastic afternoon tea session, as well as valuable information about tea and its possible creations. Tea is surely fun! Applause for Le Meridien for always making not only a fun event, but an event with knowledge insertion. Love it.

Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta Club Lounge || WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
20th fl. of Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta
Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 18-20
Jakarta 10220
021 - 251 3131 

The Tea craze in Jakarta is getting crazier, a new joint is now joining the neighborhood! Let me introduce you guys to Teacups!

I wonder why the growth of tea-based drinks are rapid in Indonesia. I presumed to built a strong brand, you definitely need a huge capital and hard-work in return, and when you're big, milk-teas business are monetary beneficial, just see ChaTime or Come Buy. Everytime I see their outlets in the malls, I always go: "Oh damn, such a good business, the money is walking towards them, not the opposite. *sigh*.

Teacups is located in Mal Taman Anggrek Jakarta, and the outlet is just next to Kenny Rogers Chicken on the 4th floor. A little thing to cheer about: Teacups is slightly different than the common because they're actually using each tea bag to each cup. At one point you can have a maximum tea extract from the leaves in the bag and also it feels more exclusive and in a way, hygiene.

Here are some variants that I managed to taste <3
Roasted Tea Quan Yin Oolong with Seafoam
IDR 23k
The tea is black tea Quan Yin serie, so it's less fragrant and slightly bitter. The seafoam is amazing! It tastes a little salt sour and milky, the foam's surely the bomb because it's the balancer to the blandness of the tea. Tiny cut rose were used on top to give a little beauty to the presentation as well as aroma. This is a good one, you might wanna try it.

Wintermelon Tea
IDR 18k
This might be the most plain looking but certainly has a unique flavor to it. You probably had (at least) once tried the wintermelon tea anywhere and this one is probably the stronger version of it for me.

Avocado Espresso
IDR 28k
From all the beverages served, this one was certainly my number one favorite. This might not be a tea-based drink, more like a blended, but this one was so freaking BOMB. Avocado and Coffee always works together and this one's the clear example to it. I love it that the coffee is quite strong here, but you still have that glimpse of avocado, almost awakened me. This is just awesome!

Signature Green Tea Lime
IDR 23k
Green tea and Lime makes great friendship, this drink's good and refreshing, but not fantastic crazy. I was expecting more from the Lime.

Signature Green Tea Milk
IDR 22k
This following drink came with Matcha pudding served, surprisingly, despite from how simple this drink in physique, but this came up quite good in flavor, should try this one!

Signature Black Milk Tea with Pearl
IDR 24k
Teacups' take on Pearl Milk Tea. Love the chewy bubbles but this drink was just okay for me, I don't find it really stand out from the common mainstream PMT. Still recommend you the Avocado Espresso more!

Rose Tea Lime
IDR 22k
Another purple heart from me, this one is certainly lovely starting from the presentation, the taste, to the refreshing sensation. I love the fact that it has a glimpse of sourness blended with the great measured sweetness. Another top recommendation for you. Rose & Lime = marriage.

Brown Rice Green Tea
IDR 19k
This drink's best served HOT because then you'll get the maximum Brown Rice extract and fragrance. I think the usage of Brown Rice with the Green tea was such a good idea, didn't expect that coming before.

I got a good feeling about this tea brand, I love how they're willing to use each teabags to each cup, personally as a costumer, I feel like I got an extra benefit, and away from having the thought that I got ripped off. It shows in the drinks for the flavor is slighty stronger than the common mainstream brands. Anytime you're in Taman Anggrek and feeling like you need a thrist-healer, you should really try this one! They have nice teas :).

and oh, they also have their tea package for you to brew at home, IDR 88k each, that's quite big.

Thank you for reading <3.

Mall Taman Anggrek 4th fl. Unit E21
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 21
021 - 5639 418

Galeries Lafayette is coming to Pacific Place Mall Jakarta and the opening of the (currently) hippest department store in Jakarta doesn't only bring up the fashion scene, but the culinary section as well. The new talk about French restaurant in town is called Liberte French Brasserie, and it's ready to please Jakarta's beasts for feast!

Located at the second level of Pacific Place and inside Galeries Lafayette, Liberte features a medium spaced area with warm interior and pretty deco. Each table is set with simplicity and elegance with fresh flowers and white table clothing, the access to the outdoor view from the window makes it even better. The concept reminds me of the French cafes in the movies with a little touch of class and expensiveness.

I guess the whole area looks more alive during the day which makes it perfect for lunch. I love looking at the pretty fresh flowers, the white table decoration and all blend together creating an area that's filled such a warm and loving ambiance. It's probably one of the most simple, yet lovable restaurant's interior I've seen in Jakarta.

Since the interior's already succeed to impress me, the food better be freaking good.

French Toasts (free complimentary)
Surprisingly, the bread is quite moist, guessing it's baked along with olive oil.

Watermelon Rosemary Vitamin Water
IDR 72k (for four people)
This pretty looking drink is served inside an Aurum pitcher. It tastes like water with additional fruit extract, at certain notes, this drink tastes in between bland, sour, but fragrant as well.

Iced Lychee Tea
IDR 38k
Do I need to explain how Lychee Tea tastes like? This one is goddamn refreshing and the Lychee syrup is freaking generous.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips
IDR 72k
From the presentation, I was freaking mouthwatered, but unfortunately, to be honest this was a disappointment because the fish and the fries were extremely oily, I even use fork to press the oil out of the fries. However, the fish's coat was cooked really well, but the fish was lack of seasoning and slightly bland.

Chicken Roulade
IDR 80k
Despite the unfortunate Fish and Chips, this one brought up the mood! The Chicken Roulade was in the other hand freaking delish. The chicken's really tender, the skin's golden crispy and the stuffing was good.

Roasted Chicken
IDR 80k
Gotta give it to Liberte for their Chicken courses because they know how to cook chicken properly! This was again a nice course where the chicken's cooked perfectly leaving it tender and super juicy. I mean, just look at that glazed chicken reflecting the daylight! Looks can be deceiving but this one's good. Anyway, you can change the rice to fries or vice versa.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
IDR 90k
I've declared that Liberte's doing pretty well with the Chicken courses and this one is no exception. Another great dish, the presentation's pretty. The only problem might be the portion. For 90k (don't forget the tax), you probably expect for something slightly bigger than this :).

To sum it up, my visit to Liberte was good, in a way unique because I tend to love the interior more than the food, however, the Fish and Chips seriously needs a "makeover", I'll spare time to have another lunch here because I have this feeling that the Fish and Chips has a huge potential to be really good, and I heard they have superb Duck Confit. No other comments about the Chicken courses for they're good!

If you wanna have a slightly fancier lunch with your friends, consider Liberte as your pick.

Liberte French Brassie Jakarta || WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Galeries Lafayette 2nd Fl
Pacific Place Mall, SCBD
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190
021 - 5797 3425