Scoop Bar Kota Kasablanka

I and some bloggers were exclusively invited for a lovely ice cream sandwich tasting held by Scoop Bar Kota Kasablanka. Scoop Bar is now joining the Jakarta culinary scene with their homemade ice cream sandwich hoping to excite everyone, especially Jakarta's sweet tooth(s) like me.

The venue is located at the LG level of Kota Kasablanka, the venue may not be spacial but it's pretty eye catching, especially their signature black and white zebra like stripes, must have caught your eyes properly. Loving the illustration graphics they're applying to the brand and the interior!

It's super weird when people call me "Stanislaus" instead of "Hans".

Cutesy takeaway boxes <3.

Spread some love cookies! 10 pretty fresh baked cookies ready for you to choose. The cookies here are guaranteed to be fresh baked and no freaking preservative used on the production! "The Daily Cookies" consists of flavors like Candy, Chocolate Chip, Matcha, S'mores, Peanut Butter and Nutella, if you want something more special and fun, you can have their waffle cookies or find flavors like Funfetti, Oreo and Almost Red Velvet at Scoop Bar's "Special Cookies". My favorite ones were Funfetti (the one with color sprinkles), Almost Red Velvet, S'mores and to the godly Nutella! The chocolate is decent, however I wish there were more hint of Nutella, I believe I don't need to explain how Nutella tastes like, it's just dreamy!!! Please don't tell me you haven't tried Nutella :P.
Left to right: Waffles, Oreo, S'mores. The waffles were crunchy, and the S'mores have marshmallows on top.

Free flow of cookies!

They also have 10 ice cream flavor selections such as Banana, Frambozen, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha, Matcha, Rhum Raisin, Java Chip, Cookies and Cream and good old Strawberry. My favorites were Rhum Raisin, Java Chip and Cookies and Cream!!!

To ease your choosing process, Scoop Bar already packed them to their "Recommended Selection" menu, which consists of:
- The Classic: Chocolate chip cookies with vanilla scoop
- Very Fun Stuff: Funfetti cookies with strawberry scoop
- The Green Experiment: Matcha cookies with banana scoop
- Peanut Buttery Chocolaty Goodness: Peanut Butter cookies with chocolate scoop

and the other two that I got the chance to try like...
It's a Dalmantian!
Oreo cookies with Cookies and Cream scoop!
IDR 30k

The cookies and cream ice cream is decent, I love how it's not overpoweringly sweet for my liking and the Oreo cookies are good but not fantastic good for me like the Red Velvet <3.

The Gentlemen's Breakfast
Waffle Cookies with mocha scoop
Initially I thought the waffle was going to be extremely dry and boring but surprisingly when it's in your mouth, it gets softer and chewier. The mocha ice cream was okay :).

Or maybe build your own? If you think the recommended selections are in a way not "challenging" enough for you, how about build your own? You can choose your sandwich top and bottom cookies and the ice cream scoop how you wanted it, no matter how strange it is as long as you love it! That's what matters :).
(IDR 30k for the Build-Your-Own package)

S'mores cookie and Oreo cookie featuring Mocha scoop.

Left: S'more cookie and Almost Red Velvet cookie featuring Java Chip ice cream.
Right: Chocolate Chip cookie and Almost Red Velvet cookie featuring Vanilla ice cream.
I think the Red Velvet cookie gave something extra to the course, it has that lovely Vanilla essence to it that is sort of lovely for me. The Java Chip scoop was also another hit, probably my favorite flavor of ice cream overall.
To accompany you while having your ice cream sandwiches, Scoop Bar also provides you with three floats selections such as:
- Brown Spider: Sarsapilla with chocolate Scoop
- 7th Heaven: Sprite with Frambozen scoop
- Royal Blush: Fanta with vanilla scoop.

However, since they're the common soft drinks with scoops of ice cream, so I guess most of you have had this kind of drink before. I need to be W-O-W-ed and boozed!

May I introduce you to Ronald, the owner of Scoop Bar Indonesia along with his three other friends :).

Picture of me with the unfocused S'nore cookie!

Thank you Scoop Bar for inviting me over to try out your creations. I shall forgot how many calories I consumed that day! They were stressful yet happy ones. Overall, the creations were unique, some of them were decent and some were just okay, but I guess it's always nice to try, because people will have different impressions to things. If you want to try out those ice cream sandwiches or have tried them before, feel free to leave your comments on this post!

Cheers! Shoo for now, I am sleepy as hell, typing this blog post in the middle of the night with one eye closed.

Mall Kota Kasablanka LG fl. No. 28
021 - 2948 8758

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