Liberte French Brasserie Jakarta at Galeries Lafayette Pacific Place

Galeries Lafayette is coming to Pacific Place Mall Jakarta and the opening of the (currently) hippest department store in Jakarta doesn't only bring up the fashion scene, but the culinary section as well. The new talk about French restaurant in town is called Liberte French Brasserie, and it's ready to please Jakarta's beasts for feast!

Located at the second level of Pacific Place and inside Galeries Lafayette, Liberte features a medium spaced area with warm interior and pretty deco. Each table is set with simplicity and elegance with fresh flowers and white table clothing, the access to the outdoor view from the window makes it even better. The concept reminds me of the French cafes in the movies with a little touch of class and expensiveness.

I guess the whole area looks more alive during the day which makes it perfect for lunch. I love looking at the pretty fresh flowers, the white table decoration and all blend together creating an area that's filled such a warm and loving ambiance. It's probably one of the most simple, yet lovable restaurant's interior I've seen in Jakarta.

Since the interior's already succeed to impress me, the food better be freaking good.

French Toasts (free complimentary)
Surprisingly, the bread is quite moist, guessing it's baked along with olive oil.

Watermelon Rosemary Vitamin Water
IDR 72k (for four people)
This pretty looking drink is served inside an Aurum pitcher. It tastes like water with additional fruit extract, at certain notes, this drink tastes in between bland, sour, but fragrant as well.

Iced Lychee Tea
IDR 38k
Do I need to explain how Lychee Tea tastes like? This one is goddamn refreshing and the Lychee syrup is freaking generous.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips
IDR 72k
From the presentation, I was freaking mouthwatered, but unfortunately, to be honest this was a disappointment because the fish and the fries were extremely oily, I even use fork to press the oil out of the fries. However, the fish's coat was cooked really well, but the fish was lack of seasoning and slightly bland.

Chicken Roulade
IDR 80k
Despite the unfortunate Fish and Chips, this one brought up the mood! The Chicken Roulade was in the other hand freaking delish. The chicken's really tender, the skin's golden crispy and the stuffing was good.

Roasted Chicken
IDR 80k
Gotta give it to Liberte for their Chicken courses because they know how to cook chicken properly! This was again a nice course where the chicken's cooked perfectly leaving it tender and super juicy. I mean, just look at that glazed chicken reflecting the daylight! Looks can be deceiving but this one's good. Anyway, you can change the rice to fries or vice versa.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
IDR 90k
I've declared that Liberte's doing pretty well with the Chicken courses and this one is no exception. Another great dish, the presentation's pretty. The only problem might be the portion. For 90k (don't forget the tax), you probably expect for something slightly bigger than this :).

To sum it up, my visit to Liberte was good, in a way unique because I tend to love the interior more than the food, however, the Fish and Chips seriously needs a "makeover", I'll spare time to have another lunch here because I have this feeling that the Fish and Chips has a huge potential to be really good, and I heard they have superb Duck Confit. No other comments about the Chicken courses for they're good!

If you wanna have a slightly fancier lunch with your friends, consider Liberte as your pick.

Liberte French Brassie Jakarta || WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Galeries Lafayette 2nd Fl
Pacific Place Mall, SCBD
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190
021 - 5797 3425

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