GODIVA Chocolixir Experience at GODIVA Plaza Indonesia

YES YES YES! GODIVA Chocolatier is now in Indonesia!!! More specifically, it's now located in Plaza Indonesia 1st floor!

Got the awesome chance to try out GODIVA's Chocolixir beverages and some of their lovely chocolates, but this entry will be more focused on the Chocolixir beverages and this entry is dedicated to all chocolate lovers!

GODIVA Chocolatier has become one of the most prestigious chocolate brands in the world. No wonder! Just notice how they still manage to spread their wings of existence through outlets all over the world and promoting premium chocolate as a lifestyle. Originally, this brand was created in 1926 in Belgium, where is known as the producer of the tastiest chocolates in the world. I worship Belgium chocolates as in the flavor is my ideal liking.

87 years later and as in summer 2013, GODIVA is proud to present the "Chocolixir collection" to send your taste buds on a refreshing cool journey! Come and serve your craving for cool chocolate beverages, four flavors ready for you to pick! Iced Dark Chocolate, Iced Dark Chocolate Mint, Iced Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Iced Milk Chocolate.

I got to chance to taste two of the lovely beverages since I was the only one trying the beverages so I guessed two is enough. GODIVA Chocolixir is retailed at IDR 55K each!

Iced Dark Chocolate Raspberry
This one was potentially my favorite one just if the raspberry sauce is a little more generous. I can totally feel the awesome chocolate flavor and the raspberry, but a little more would make me fall in love deeper with this one <3.

Iced Dark Chocolate Mint
Purple heart, badge of love, this one is my favorite one! I could sense a more balanced drinking experience along with this beverage, I got the flavor of the mint and dark chocolate, it wasn't really sweet and I have always loved mint and chocolate, I guess they're making perfect love out of one another, so from me, this one is my recommendation :).

I also got to taste some of their famous chocolates and I was super impressed with the "Lingot Noisette" because it contains "Hazelnut", which is the element that I love in a chocolate and it literally melts in your mouth! Such a burst of flavor. The left one on the picture below is their luxurious chocolate package valued at IDR 1.6 million. You get what you pay and plus the packaging is so pretty and covered in velvet clothing.

From their legendary chocolates, truffles, chocolate covered biscuits, coffee and chocolate creations, GODIVA Chocolatier is still on the top range of chocolate producers in the world. Go visit their outlet and try their lovely chocolate creations and experience yourself the indulgence of royal chocolates!

Plaza Indonesia 1st Fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
021 - 299 23972