Luscious Lobsters at Nishimura Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

Cheers to all Japanese cuisine lovers because Nishimura Japanese Restaurant at Shangri-La Jakarta is now having a new promotion for seafood enthusiast! "Lobster Luscious" is the theme of September in Nishimura, anyone craving for seafood cravings (especially lobsters), must not second guessing this promotion, stick with me, I'll hook you up.

A little about Nishimura if you're not aware with it. It is a Japanese restaurant located in Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta and is one of some restaurants in the hotel beside Satoo, Shang Palace and Rosso. This restaurant has won several prestigious award such as the "2nd Runner Up Best Japanese Restaurant" by NOW! Jakarta and currently is the best restaurant by Indonesian Tatler Magazine! After having such a lovely dinner here, I don't think I'll compromise with that. For me, Nishimura is currently THE BEST JAPANESE RESTAURANT IN TOWN!

This restaurant's ambiance is just rich in its Japanese ethnic, also with the glimpse of modern touch to it. There are several private dining rooms, Sushi Bars, Yakiniku Bar and the Dining Area depending on your seating preference.

Appetizer: Zensai
Zensai (means: two kinds) from Nishimura is a slice of Gindara Fillet along with Goma Tofu. The fish is tender, it has that sweet and sour hint of flavor all around the fish, and a little saltiness from the vinegar. The Goma Tofu is treally soft and smooth! It's so very berry fluffy!

Lobster Sashimi Sugamatori
IDR 498k++
This is the first time I've tasted a Lobster Sashimi and sur-to-the-freaking-prisingly, it was so good and the meat was super fresh. The meat is very chewy, it's almost in between eating Tuna and Jellyfish for the texture. Since it's Sashimi, so this course is raw, but trust me, the freshness is just beyond awesome. I like eating it just the way it is.

Lobster Ninniku Miso SugataYaki 
IDR 498k++
Okay, I gotta admit that I was having such a hard time taking photo of this course because the scent of this lobster's just killing me, it's so good I can't wait to taste it! The cooking method of this Lobster is by grilling and it's seasoned with Miso Paste and Garlic. The cooking method might sound simple, but that simplicity leads to the rich flavor, the texture of the meat was more tender and softer. I can't have enough I even dig to the tiniest part of meat left on the shell LOL, but seriously, this one is recommended.

Lobster Sinjyou Isobe Tempura
IDR 248k++
I have always loved tempuras and this one is no exception! Lobster and tempura somehow fits really well, I noticed everytime lobster is cooked either grilled or fried, the meat collaborates with the heat resulting a softer turn in. The tempura is just crunchy as you can probably imagined just by looking at the picture and the company of the simple soy-sauce is probably the best fit.

Lobster Kamadaki Gohan
IDR 248k++
Kamadaki Rice might look like fried rice, but it wasn't. Kamadaki Rice is cooked using the broth from the Lobster head and seasoned with the other ingredients. The topping of this course as you can see is Edamame, Lobster meat, mushrooms and eggs. This one is good but I think a little glimpse of saltiness either from the salt or soy sauce will definitely be better for my liking.

Broiled Spicy Salmon Roll
IDR 120k++
Another lovely course from Nishimura. This one doesn't have a Lobster additional to it but still worth your try. The broiled Salmon is lightly seasoned and fresh and the salmon roe is really good, you might have to be careful because it might look small but it's kinda spicy and it gets stronger for a short period.

Sushi Dragon Roll
IDR 120k++
If you're a Sushi lover, then you must be familiar with this menu, it has to be in all Sushi restaurants due to its popular demand. Sushi Dragon Roll from Nishimura is really good, and I mean really good! The shrimp is perfectly cooked and tender, the thing that I love about it the most is probably the whole freshness of ingredients used. That's the most important thing about eating Japanese gourmets and Nishimura has provided them all in a very good way.

Additional: Sashimi!
FRESH FRESH FRESH! Everything is so fresh here I'm in love!!! The Salmon and Tuna are just to die for.

Assorted Sushi
Despite their Sushi specialties, Nishimura also in the game for fresh Assorted Sushis! I can't emphasize enough how fresh their ingredients are, one look at the fresh fish and you know you just want to grab them faster than anyone else! (why the heck I am being so honest here LOL), but seriously, just please look at that Salmon Roe and stop lying that you can't help not to have a bite, don't you? :)).

Ogura Pudding
IDR 72k++
Ogura always makes great flavor to the desserts and this one's also. The Ogura pudding is so good, it's so smooth and milky but not overpowering, and I love how it melts in my mouth *drooling*.

Matcha Pudding
IDR 72k++
If you're looking for an intense flavor of Matcha then this one might be great for you, personally, I think this one is a little bitter for me and therefore I prefer the wicked Ogura Pudding to this one.

Matcha Ice Cream
IDR 48k
The texture, the flavor and the consistency is just perfect. Such a premium Matcha Ice Cream to die for! One scoop is just not enough.

In a nutshell, I must give it to Nishimura for those lovely fresh seafood, especially to the highlight of the moment: THE LOBSTERS! So, along with all those courses that I've tasted, is Nishimura worth titled "The Best Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta"? Without any doubt, I would say...YES! and it's certainly not overrated. Go have 'em your own to prove it!

If you want to enjoy these special "Luscious Lobsters", please do come to Nishimura at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta and have witness yourself the indulgence fresh lobsters served on your tables <3. Your tongue will probably dancing lusciously. To remember, promotion ends until September 29th 2013!

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