Cacaote Senopati Jakarta

Late night food hunting in Senopati led to this new restaurant opened just last week. Who can resist going in when you notice such a beautiful castle-like exterior and even more beautiful on the inside. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Cacaote Pattiserie Brasserie Bar!

Cacaote is located in Senopati Rd, not far from its neighbors Colette and Lola and Publico. The moment I entered this restaurant, I fell in love! It was so freaking beautiful, well I bet most girls would love to stay for quite some time inside this restaurant because it's pretty and feminine. As you can see from the exterior, it already rings 'castle' and 'elegance', but in the same time 'cute'.

The owners were really nice, they were noticing me sneakily taking pictures of the restaurant, and then they approached me and actually gave me a tour of the restaurant! This restaurant is divided into two areas: smoking and non-smoking areas. The first level's the non-smoking area, where the cuteness and the prettiness overload, and the second level is the smoking area, it rings 'elegance' and 'glamour' more. I bet the second floor must have looked very pretty during the day, they dimmed the light during the night to create that glamour atmosphere.

Chandeliers everywhere!

More and more chandeliers!

Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake
IDR 40k (before tax)
I was already impressed by how smooth the cake was when I sliced it to let you guys know its inner texture. I barely used my energy to slice it. Okay, when I scoop it in my mouth, I literally smiled! It was soooo delicious, the chocolate's rich (both the cream and the chocolate sponge cake), and the chocolate's composition with the Hazelnut almost brings me to tears!!! Melts in your mouth and chocolate explosion afterwards! It's so good I can't emphasize that enough! This one is my recommendation for you to (must) try out.

FYI, the sparkling dust is called the "Luster Dust" *bling bling*

IDR 40k
Same like the above, the texture's just lovely and super smooth. It has a coconut filling on the inside, shoulda slice it and took photographs but I forgot, still blown away by how lovely the cake on the above was! *dreamy*. The coconut cream was good, guessing there's a white chocolate sponge cake inside. In a nutshell, this cake's light in flavor. Good for me tho.

Berry Eclairs
IDR 35k (before tax)
This one is another Cacaote's signature creation, the eclair is slightly different from the common eclair you probably tried elsewhere, it's more puff like texture and me loving the berry cream. It's a great balance between sour and sweet and in the same time: perfume. The cream's such a mate with the eclair itself, the thickness and the consistency of the cream's also lovely. OMG I better cut my crap, it's good!

Oh, the square thingy on top is marshmallow and the red-pinkish ones were bread crumbs or sables that's infused with berry extract. Texture texture!

Assorted Macarons
IDR 12k/each (before tax)
Top: Matcha Macaron
Bottom: Salted Caramel Macaron
Thumbs up for the Matcha Macaron! This one is simply good because I can feel the Matcha flavor and the texture is nice for me, I love it when macarons are crunchy and chewy on the inside! Don't you hate it when you order macarons and they tend to just have one flavor: sweet! What's even the point looking pretty?! BLAH! However, I was hoping the Salted Caramel Macaron to have a glimpse of character because it tasted in between Vanilla or plain Caramel for me.

Peach Iced Tea
IDR 38k
I tend to look for something with a little touch of sourness everytime I'm having a dessert time, and this one is a great choice. It's refreshing!

My visit to Cacaote was very delightful, I love the ambiance during the night but this ain't over yet! My story with Cacaote will continue and it only counts when I'm finally having their delicious described-on-the-menu courses! I'll probably spare some time for lunch here.

Come here guys and let yourself blend in to the fabulous desserts. Sweet tooth(s) are blessed!

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Jalan Senopati Raya No. 80
Jakarta Selatan
Opening Hrs:
11.00 - 23.00 (weekdays)
11.00 - 01.00 (weekends)
021 - 2930 6127