Teacups Mall Taman Anggrek

The Tea craze in Jakarta is getting crazier, a new joint is now joining the neighborhood! Let me introduce you guys to Teacups!

I wonder why the growth of tea-based drinks are rapid in Indonesia. I presumed to built a strong brand, you definitely need a huge capital and hard-work in return, and when you're big, milk-teas business are monetary beneficial, just see ChaTime or Come Buy. Everytime I see their outlets in the malls, I always go: "Oh damn, such a good business, the money is walking towards them, not the opposite. *sigh*.

Teacups is located in Mal Taman Anggrek Jakarta, and the outlet is just next to Kenny Rogers Chicken on the 4th floor. A little thing to cheer about: Teacups is slightly different than the common because they're actually using each tea bag to each cup. At one point you can have a maximum tea extract from the leaves in the bag and also it feels more exclusive and in a way, hygiene.

Here are some variants that I managed to taste <3
Roasted Tea Quan Yin Oolong with Seafoam
IDR 23k
The tea is black tea Quan Yin serie, so it's less fragrant and slightly bitter. The seafoam is amazing! It tastes a little salt sour and milky, the foam's surely the bomb because it's the balancer to the blandness of the tea. Tiny cut rose were used on top to give a little beauty to the presentation as well as aroma. This is a good one, you might wanna try it.

Wintermelon Tea
IDR 18k
This might be the most plain looking but certainly has a unique flavor to it. You probably had (at least) once tried the wintermelon tea anywhere and this one is probably the stronger version of it for me.

Avocado Espresso
IDR 28k
From all the beverages served, this one was certainly my number one favorite. This might not be a tea-based drink, more like a blended, but this one was so freaking BOMB. Avocado and Coffee always works together and this one's the clear example to it. I love it that the coffee is quite strong here, but you still have that glimpse of avocado, almost awakened me. This is just awesome!

Signature Green Tea Lime
IDR 23k
Green tea and Lime makes great friendship, this drink's good and refreshing, but not fantastic crazy. I was expecting more from the Lime.

Signature Green Tea Milk
IDR 22k
This following drink came with Matcha pudding served, surprisingly, despite from how simple this drink in physique, but this came up quite good in flavor, should try this one!

Signature Black Milk Tea with Pearl
IDR 24k
Teacups' take on Pearl Milk Tea. Love the chewy bubbles but this drink was just okay for me, I don't find it really stand out from the common mainstream PMT. Still recommend you the Avocado Espresso more!

Rose Tea Lime
IDR 22k
Another purple heart from me, this one is certainly lovely starting from the presentation, the taste, to the refreshing sensation. I love the fact that it has a glimpse of sourness blended with the great measured sweetness. Another top recommendation for you. Rose & Lime = marriage.

Brown Rice Green Tea
IDR 19k
This drink's best served HOT because then you'll get the maximum Brown Rice extract and fragrance. I think the usage of Brown Rice with the Green tea was such a good idea, didn't expect that coming before.

I got a good feeling about this tea brand, I love how they're willing to use each teabags to each cup, personally as a costumer, I feel like I got an extra benefit, and away from having the thought that I got ripped off. It shows in the drinks for the flavor is slighty stronger than the common mainstream brands. Anytime you're in Taman Anggrek and feeling like you need a thrist-healer, you should really try this one! They have nice teas :).

and oh, they also have their tea package for you to brew at home, IDR 88k each, that's quite big.

Thank you for reading <3.

Mall Taman Anggrek 4th fl. Unit E21
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 21
021 - 5639 418

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