Pipiltin Cocoa: Chocolate from Scratch!

Finally! a visit to Pipiltin Cocoa!!!

I have been craving both going and eating in this so-called Chocolate factory and just yesterday I went here and I couldn't wait to share my experience with you my beloved readers. Pipiltin Cocoa is located at Barito Rd, South Jakarta, it's really-really close to Mama Goose (which also in my must-go list) so it's around Panglima Polim if you're more familiar with that.

The store is located on the second floor so we have to go upstairs. They have adorable stair side design as you can see!

The venue is not really big and it's divided into two areas which I respect for! The smoking and the non-smoking area are separated so it's a good thing and positive point for this place. I hate it when I have to deal with the smokers so I better off from them. The area is majorly decorated with woods and cements and I believe it's a good choice because it adds up the ambiance of the outlet. There's something between wood, coffee and chocolate that I find very attractive together.

Loving the texture and the color of that chair! I wanna make my own to take photos on.

This is the non-smoking area, it has the access to the view of the road outside.

Before we get to the menu and the chocolate porn, let's take a brief look of the factory/kitchen area! It does look factory like and good thing is that they allow us to have access to see the whole process starting from the grinding to the garnish. I gotta tell you guys upfront that I am so impressed with the presentation of the food. They're so pretty looking and tempting in the same time.

The garnish of this menu called "Banana Tart Pin". The vanilla ice cream is also homemade.

Tadaah! It's the final presentation!
See?!?! It's like watching the most ultimate foodporn at the moment. OMG I'm hungry.

Fresh baked macarons!

Dark and White Chocolate
IDR 36k
I love the intensity of the chocolate as well as the dreamy feeling having this drink. You can tell that it's from a pure chocolate, none of that cheap chocolate sachet crap (I believe). The taste of the dark chocolate overpowers the white chocolate but it still is really good.

Mango Italian Soda
IDR 28k
It should be a fresher beverage if the flavor of the Mango syrup is stronger.

Iced Lychee Tea
IDR 29k
Another fresh beverage! I have always loved Lychee Ice Tea! Appreciate the additional of "selasih" seeds to the drink :).

Fruit Paradise and Iced Dark Cherry Tea
IDR 30k/29k
Both drinks are fresh but doesn't really ring fantastic for me. I'd recommend you guys to have the Iced Lychee Tea or the Dark and White Chocolate based on my experience and liking.

Egg No
IDR 47k
This is one of my favorites! White Chocolate Pannacota with mango sauce inside was genius. Presentation is also beautiful thanks to the lovely Cotton Candy! I'd say this dish is balanced both on the flavor and the texture, you got the crunchy textures from the Chocolate Chili Soil and play it with the super soft Pannacotta. When it gets a little sweet for you, have that with a little glimpse of the Passion Fluid, that little tasted kinda strong.

Ebony Ivory
IDR 47k
Have to "award" this my least favorite because the taste somehow more smoke-ish than chocolaty. Okay, gotta give it to the unique presentation, but the flavor of a course should impress me more. The concept of this food is like black and white or Yin and Yang, have it together in the same time to create a lovely balance. Somehow, the smoky flavor overpowered everything, it even tasted more absorbed into the tiny chocolate brownies.

Chocolate Forever
IDR 39k
Now this is great! I love the smoothness of the cake since it's mostly mousse (which is my favorite form) and it's rich of Chocolate but in the same time balanced in flavor. Recommend this one for you.

Tabanan Chocolate
IDR 50k
Gotta admit, the best presentation goes to this Tabanan Chocolate, but does it taste as sweet as it looks?! Frankly speaking, it's not my favorite one. You can't feel any flavor or scent from the foam, so it's just there looking pretty. The chocolate balls were still acceptable, but I need more sensation from that. I am fond of the chocolate paste (the border line) and the Chocolate caviar! This dish hasn't wow-ed me as I expected just from looking at the presentation </3.

Devil Chocolate Brownie
IDR 45k
Now this is awesome! One scoop and I fell in love!!! The brownie, the chocolate and the vanilla ice cream are such a play of texture in the mouth. The best thing is, with that huge loads of chocolate, it's not overpoweringly sweet. I don't have any negative to say about this one. Bravo!

IDR 45k
From all the chocolate dish served, say hi to my favorite one! "Frozen" by Pipiltin Cocoa is certainly a must try. First, judging from the presentation, it's sooooo pretty! The picture from the menu said that the dish will include frozen macarons which in fact the macarons are ice creams decorated to look like ones! Clever. The three "frozen macarons" are different flavors: you'll have banana (which is uber good), strawberry and Tonka chocolate. I love love love this dish! Now this one is a WOW for me!

Overall, I think you guys should really go to this chocolate house! It's either you wanna to experience looking at pretty chocolate dish, eating the pretty chocolate dish, but for serious chocolate lovers, this place is also nice. I'll might come back for the hot chocolate drinks. I'd still recommend you guys going here for a slightly different experience and ambiance of the chocolate feast. It was still a splendid visit for me and I am pretty satisfied despite some of the dish.

Leaving you with this photo of sunset which I thought looked pretty. Nothing related to the chocolate LOL.

Shoo for now! THXBYE!

Jalan Barito No. 2
Jakarta Selatan 12160
021 - 728 00011
Price Range: 8k - 150k

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