Photo Diary: Jakarta Culinary Passport 2013

Jakarta Culinary Passport was such a successful event! Over 10.000 people, (yes that's a 5 zero) visited the event that was held on September 12-15th 2013. This entry will be a photo diary of the event. The team gave me five complimentary tickets for the show but since this week has been sick-busy for me, I could only make it on the last day.

In a nutshell, I am very happy for the success of this event! I loved the concept ever since I start noticing the pre-opening. I love the fact that they're mixing local and international culinary scene into a festival of fun. On top of that, cooking demos to make everyone educated and informed.

Let's start the photo roll! Let's start with the local cuisine <3.

Cotton Candy a.k.a Permen Kapas

Gulali or whatever you named it, used to be my favorite candy!!!

Purchased one box of Kue Cubit for IDR 15k only and it's one of the moistest Kue Cubit I've had so far, I even left it out for 3 hours and they still tasted fluffy.

Lollyland must be my favorite area since I am such a freaking sweet tooth. I did most of my shopping here!

Gingerman to greet you!

Milky Way was one of the most crowded queue I've seen so far. They're selling Caramel Pudding in a bottle which by the way looked absolutely pretty.

Dairy Tale sold gorgeous tiny cakes. I purchased the Green Tea tart and it was soooo freaking good. Loving the rather strong green tea essence and the fluffy side dough. I wanted to try the Nutella but I was so full and I already purchased a lot so maybe I can purchased it somewhere online LOL.

The Turkish ice cream seller who look more like an eastern looking actor. My friend, Aline, was drooling over him LOL.

What I purchased from the event?
Milky Way Pudding's Choco Caramel
IDR 18k
I think 18k is still a reasonable price for this bottle of joy, not to mention you'll get another deal if you buy more. If you love the milk-ish pudding flavor, then this one might be perfect for you. I kinda wished that the chocolate flavor would be stronger because the caramel syrup is more dominant, but no worries, when you mix everything, you start to get the more balanced touch of flavor.

PUYO Silky Dessert!
IDR 9k/each, 80k for ten.
Loving the light flavor of this dessert, it's totally a light bite that comes in a handy size. Gotta love 'em, I think I am pretty much fond of most of the flavors, but my favorite one must be either Peach or Taro. If you love a stronger milk flavor, then you'll probably go with Milky Way, but both has the plus and minus and I simply fond of both of them!

FYI, Puyo's probably the most crowded booth I've seen so far from the event, it was such a good business damn it. Congrats! :)).

Danbii's Nutella Cake
IDR 40k
If you're looking for a moist cake, then this might not be the one for you. I thought the cake would be sort of mousse like instead of sponge, but that doesn't completely let me down because the fact is, the usage of Nutella on this cake is just freaking insane! You can hint a very strong Nutella flavor and that's simply heaven! It's very chocolate-rich and I still find the sweetness fine for me.

I also purchased this thing called "Rendang Tabur" and a piece of Green Tea tart from Dairy Tale but when I carried it around, the cake broke and it turned very ugly looking, but the flavor remains very good. Recommended.

I hope this kind of event will be held each and every year. My suggestion is simply the merrier decoration to each section to live up the ambiance of the event and please, more local cuisine booth, let's preserve the local culinary scene! Overall, for its first year, this event was a success and I'm surely going back next year. Bravo! Much love!!!