Feast Sunday Market Brunch at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

This part is the continuation of the first part, also the second part of the whole Media Familirization Trip by Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort *clap hands*. This post will be about the main event of the trip, it's the launching of Feast's Sunday Market Brunch!!!

Just in case if you skip the first part, you can read it HERE!

First of all, gratitude! I feel so honored and fortunate to join the launching, because it's the debut and it's always exciting to be a part of something new and celebrating it. A lot of expectations run along the improvement of this event! I smell success even miles away from Jakarta.

With the concept of Sip, Savor and Shop, Feast's Sunday Market Brunch will transform traditional brunch with an open-air market of delicious fare, handmade crafts and services from local farmers, artisans and vendors. Located alongside Kuta’s famed Beachwalk, Market Brunch at Feast is the ideal occasion for families and community to gather before enjoying a day in Kuta. Feast Market Brunch will feature endless array of culinary journey and serving and an option of Duval Leroy Brut Champagne, fine wines or home crafted fruit and tea inspired beverages.

Loving the fact that they have special area for kids <3.

The Market Brunch will offer close to 20 live stations and buffets featuring fresh fare that will appeal to even the pickiest of palates.  Guests will enjoy familiar tastes while also discovering new favorites.  Typical offerings will include fresh artisanal cheeses and sliced meats; hand-picked fruits and vegetables; fresh-made sushi made with local fish; Japanese Teppanyaki; Middle Eastern treats and delicacies; seafood barbeque with the day’s catch; as well as more traditional brunch fare like eggs made-to-order and fresh pastries. Sweet treats include Illy’s fresh coffee and gelato, freshly made breads and pies, and Bali’s own fantastic Pod chocolate.  Kids will especially enjoy the nugget station, that will serve varieties of choice.

Obviously, I ate like a crazy baboon on the event, because they were so mouthwatering, especially the seafood station! Let's explore the food!

Going to start with the seafood station located outdoor, just when I looked at the gianormous lobsters, I am hooked! One of the best things about joining this Sunday Market Brunch is the privilege of eating as much seafood as you freaking want! I had myself two river prawns and Barramundi fish, have it with the super Dabu Dabu Chili, you'll fall in love! To be honest, it was one of the best Dabu Dabu chili I've had period.

Not the most photogenic dish overall but tasted superb!
Barramundi cooked and seasoned lovely! Don't forget to have it with Dabu Dabu Chili! Don't forget!!!

River prawn <3.

Not to miss, the fabulous buffet selection inside! SLURP!

I have been to a lot of buffet restaurants and to be honest I am tired of the unstable taste of most buffets! but I am brave enough to declare that the food served in Feast restaurant is mostly fresh, controlled flavor stability. Surprisingly, the Asian station is my favorite station! I love the Thai courses! They seemed like they mastered in it.

Note to remember: the food that I am showing you guys here is not their regular served menu, each and every week, Market Brunch is trying to serve you different touch of creativity and selections of culinary from around the world. That's why you should come to this lovely event and have yourself a lovely treat <3.

Fresh fish to start, when I eat in a buffet restaurant, I always fill myself with the raw food first, I think they're just the proper appetizer for me.

Suckling pig with super juicy meat!

Chocolate Brownies is another favorite of mine, loving the smooth texture and rich chocolate flavor.

Chocolates with various flavors. My favorite was the rose and sea salt caramel :).

Strawberry Shortcake

Spinach noodle. The noodle is so fluffy and rubbery in a good way, the soup was decent but you can address the seasoning the way you wanted it.

CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN for me to swim in (if I can).

Make sure you try their lovely Oxtail Soup (Sop Buntut), the meat was super juicy!

Iced Coffee from Illy. This might be small but this one received a big purple heart from me! So freakin tasty!
Another privelege, free flow of champagne! Now this is fancy.
Open each Sunday from 12 noon to 3 pm, Market Brunch will feature a variety of live stations and buffets emphasizing tapas and small bites so guests can sample and savor a wide variety of Asian favorites including those from Bali and beyond. The dynamic menu will change each week based on the seasonal availability of local ingredients.  In addition, Market Brunch will feature retail stalls selling fresh produce, groceries and pre-made items to go – perfect for guests who want to explore Kuta Beach and Bali for the afternoon – as well as live entertainment from local bands and DJ’s, not only that, on the grand opening, there's a showcase on wine creation! Everyone's allowed to jump on the freaking grapes!!!

This deliciously rich experience is priced at just IDR 270.000 per adult and IDR 175.000 for children ages 4 – 12.  The price includes Illy iced coffees, Dilmah teas, fresh-squeezed juices and more.  A selection of locally-crafted beers, fine wines and signature cocktails are available for an additional IDR 200.000 and free-flow Duval Leroy Brut Champagne and wines from Starwood Wines of the World selection is available for an additional IDR 450.000 only. All prices are quoted in Indonesia Rupiah and are subject to 21% local government tax and service charge.

Just like its concept, when eating is too mainstream for you, here comes the shopping part! You can bring the lovely ingredients you're having home, just like a real market, only here, everything is fresh guaranteed and premium. Some of the items sold here are imported cheese and sausages, fruits and veges and fresh seafood! Now you can have the glimpse of the fabulous Sunday Brunch back at home.

I embed a video for you guys to watch, it's from the first Feast Sunday Market Brunch which I joined. FYI, I am in the video even though for like seconds only (LOL). Love the capturing of this video, the documentary crews must did an awesome job!

Thank you Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort for letting me and some friends to be a part of the grand launching of Feast's Sunday Market Brunch! It was freaking splendid!!!

Stay tuned for another part of my trip to Bali, this ain't over yet ;).

I traveled to Bali as a guest of Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. No monetary benefits were received. Ticket airfares and accommodations were sponsored.

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