Woah I have been writing so many of my Bandung stories that it's almost finished! You can check out the previous posts on the archive and the travel page I am building soon. Anyway, this restaurant was our last stop to have lunch before heading back to Jakarta and recommended by so many of you on Snapchat (if I am not mistaken the top 2 was this and 180 Coffee and Music): WILDGRASS!


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Woah I have been writing so many of my Bandung stories that it's almost finished! You can check out the previous posts on the ar...
This was a rather accidental finding, so whoever ran the socmed account of Let's Go Gelato commented on my 180 Coffee and Music Instagram post, and when me and my friend from Yummy Traveler peek the account, we noticed that their gelato looks promising. Ice cream is not the first thing that I look for in Bandung, but theirs were promising enough to make us gave it a try.
Let's Go Gelato is a small gelato and sorbet shop located at Jalan Bengawan No. 29 and located precisely beside Papyrus photography service. The first story is where they showcase the 23 of their pretty, colorful & tempting looking gelato and sorbet selections, FYI they even have this Singapore Chili Crab flavor that I was dying to try but was not available that day. Ordering your ice cream here was quite common and simple, you choose what size and how many scoops you want, proceed to payment and they will give you the receipt.

The retail price for 2 scoops of regular flavors is IDR 25k and 4 scoops for IDR 45k. One scoop of premium gelato costs IDR 20k
So happy to let you guys know about this: THE RACLETTE STEAK INVASION IS COMING TO JAKARTA!!! The highly hyped New York steak trend is brought to Jakarta by the fabulous steakhouse in Puri Pesanggrahan: Willie Brothers Steakhouse, and it's going to be available TODAY: September 1st 2016!
Not too long ago, one of my favorite Bandung coffee shops chain, Two Hands Full, opened their a new branch of their Two Hands Full brand at Ciumbuleuit following their highly successful branch in Jalan Sukajadi, they call this outlet Two Hands Full Garage for it is located at the 107 Garage Room, a cross brand social space that host some of the coolest local food & fashion establishments under one roof.
THF Garage is way smaller than their Sukajadi outlet, but it's totally brighter with strong minimalist design character, and being a sucker for those, overall I might like the look of this outlet better than their Sukajadi outlet which is always overly packed, luckily on my last visit to Bandung, it rains almost all the time so the weather was a bit cool and I enjoyed chilling at the communal semi-outdoor area where everyone can sit around the wood stairs almost like a mini park.
It has been a very hectic day for me and the rain has been pouring crazy hard since the morning and has not stopped even as I am typing this post. It was from Raisa's Snapchat that I found out about this very newly opened coffee shop (guess it's her brother's), and realizing I just finished my meeting at Citos and since it's not too far from Cipete, guess I am giving this one a try!

The new coffee shops in Bandung has been personally special when it comes to their design, I see that some of the new ones that I went were designed with good effort, and from the eyes of a customer like myself, I am liking them because they're just my kind of design for a coffee shop: simple, homey, neat with a bit of Western vibe and altogether beautiful. I previously talked about the hype 180 Coffee and Music, and here's another good one: MIMITI COFFEE AND SPACE.
Mimiti (which by the way means "start" or "beginning") is located at Karangsari area (next to Gigglebox cafe) and technically not a spacious coffee shop, but the highlight of this coffee shop/concept store is definitely the how well it is designed that when you see it as an overall, it stands out beautifully. Most of the seatings are located at the al-fresco area but they do have a small indoor seating (like 6 people capacity only) inside their concept store. 
I seriously love the earthy concept they're trying to pull off here with majority wood and concrete furniture and a space that's being covered with the green beauties.
Lads <3
At the moment, there's no heavy food available in Mimiti and they concentrate on serving coffees with small pastry selections, most of the coffees are available only "hot" and the only menu that's chilled is the Iced Latte (IDR 35k) which I had and it was decent. I am never the manual brew guy so I couldn't really comment on that, but my friend said it was just ok as well. Average price of coffee drinks here is around IDR 30k.
I don't know how to make this post longer because there really is not so much to say about Mimiti and I have described everything out for you. I think that the place is so on point and simple without much umimportant and rather annoying details, service was good and friendly, I like the coffee better than 180 (based on my visit) but not the best one (better go to Jack Runner for better coffee). I think people would go here to enjoy the ambiance and take tons of shameless OOTD pictures (this would make a perfect spot and backdrop by the way).

Thank you for reading.


Mimiti Coffee and Space
Jalan Karangsari No. 1
Opening hours: 8 AM-9 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: casual

Map for Mimiti Coffee & Space
What's up internet? Welcome the fuck back to my blog and I just came back from my short Bandung trip with my great foodie friends! Well it might be short but a much needed respite and we did what we did best: EAT EAT AND EAT! We did some cafe hoppings but we were not being ambitious and went crazy with visiting tons of them, it was actually quite chill. I will post some of the new cafes here in my blog for reference and hopefully I can finish everything by the end of the week. Everytime I see these travel folders in my desktop I feel like they're haunting me & shout "homework homework homework" *sigh*.
Jogjakarta has always been my top local travel destinations in Indonesia, when I am writing these travel guide stories, I find it hard for me to start with them, not only because each place is different, they are also charming in their own way, if you ask me what I truly love the most about Jogjakarta, then it's most likely the humbleness of the overall, and the people. As an Indonesian myself, I must say that I find Indonesians to generally be friendly (and it's normal to sometimes meet the insane-rude jerks), but Jogjakarta people are what you call "friendly times 100".

This post is going to be your guide to travelling in Jogjakarta, and if this is your first time planning a trip here, I hope this post can help you plan a good one. This is certainly not a complete list because I'm here on a limited time and I do need more to surf Jogjakarta and around, I have been to Jogjakarta five times in my life and there is just something so mysterious about Jogjakarta that I find each visit to be quite different.


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Jogjakarta has always been my top local travel destinations in Indonesia, when I am writing these travel guide stories, I find it hard ...
It's time for me to start with my Jogjakarta travel diaries, but before I give you my Jogjakarta travel guide, I wanna kickstart the Jogja trip series with a story worth sharing. "Kind" and "humble" are two of the most perfect words to describe Jogjakarta and on the third day of Jogjakarta trip, together with the new friends I made: Surya and Herlin, we went to have a relaxing quality time over good coffee and good food at the highly talked about Warung Kopi Klotok at Pakem, Jogjakarta. It's totally a humble and good one!

Spent my last night in Jogjakarta at the gorgeous Cangkringan Villa and Spa at Jalan Merapi, Sleman, my Arum Dalu villa was super gorgeous but I am going to talk about it more in an individual post.
This will be a short review of the newly opened Flip Burger in Senopati.

Kudos to Chef Afit and the "holy" family for finally opening their very own "Flip Burger", after the huge success of HolyCow followed by the other holy molies like HolyGyu, HolyRibs, and Loobie Lobster (and while burger is more my kind of thing) I honestly expects a lot from the highly buzzed Flip Burger.


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This will be a short review of the newly opened Flip Burger in Senopati. Kudos to Chef Afit and the "holy" family for finally...
Hello guys! First of all, happy Saturday to you and I hope that you're having a great weekend! I decided to write and publish this blog post soon so that you know where to go this weekend if you're feeling like stuck with options.
Do you know what I love about Hong Kong coffee shops besides their awesome coffee? The fact that most of them have bonsoy! Ever since coming back from my latest Australia trip, I prefer to consume either either soy or almond based milk with my coffee, and trust me I am this guy who brings his own soy or almond milk to the coffee shop in Jakarta and have them infused for me LOL, too bad it's hard for Jakarta coffee shops to accomodate this because the cost can be too high and Indonesians are mostly cheap (sorry not sorry but that's the fact I heard from coffee shop owners too), not all of them want to spend extra IDR 15k for soy or almond milk.
Precisely a month ago, Papparich opened its second branch in Indonesia at Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta. This is such a great news for those of you who are familiar with this Malaysian delight Kopitiam, or maybe to those of you who used to spent a few years of your life studying or living in Malaysia. Indonesia becomes the 11th country along with the 130 registered outlets within the growing milestone, which includes Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei, Australia, USA, Singapore, China, South Korea and New Zealand.