This was a rather accidental finding, so whoever ran the socmed account of Let's Go Gelato commented on my 180 Coffee and Music Instagram post, and when me and my friend from Yummy Traveler peek the account, we noticed that their gelato looks promising. Ice cream is not the first thing that I look for in Bandung, but theirs were promising enough to make us gave it a try.
Let's Go Gelato is a small gelato and sorbet shop located at Jalan Bengawan No. 29 and located precisely beside Papyrus photography service. The first story is where they showcase the 23 of their pretty, colorful & tempting looking gelato and sorbet selections, FYI they even have this Singapore Chili Crab flavor that I was dying to try but was not available that day. Ordering your ice cream here was quite common and simple, you choose what size and how many scoops you want, proceed to payment and they will give you the receipt.

The retail price for 2 scoops of regular flavors is IDR 25k and 4 scoops for IDR 45k. One scoop of premium gelato costs IDR 20k

While the first floor is where you purchase your gelato, the second floor is where customers are more than welcome to sit down, relax and enjoy their gelato in this space inside the container space. There wasn't a big seating capacity space (probably for 15 people only).
Raspberry + Coffee Baileys = IDR 30k // wasn't my order so I couldn't comment.
Coffee Baileys + Thai Tea = IDR 30k
Before deciding, you're more than welcome to sample all the ice cream flavors if you want to, at the end, my pick went for this beautiful combination of coffee baileys and thai tea! I found the texture of their gelato to be really good with the right amount of thickness, creamy texture and it did not melt quick. The coffee and baileys flavor were rich and intense but tasty and even though both my picks were more to the creamier side, but matching it with the thai tea gelato was such a good idea as it balanced everything and refreshed my palate with different flavor. Their thai tea gelato might be one of the best I've tried.
I accidentally skipped on tasting their Kratingdaeng and Apple Strudel gelato. Their Apple Strudel gelato is everything! It's just so so good I can't even emphasize.
Generally, I found their gelato really good, the only thing that I really did not like about them is the promotional photo they're displaying on their outlet and I hope they would change it real soon, it's seriously weakening their charming gelato. If you're a sweet tooth looking for great gelato in Bandung, look no further than Let's Go Gelato!


Let's Go Gelato
Jalan Bengawan No. 29
Cihapit - Bandung
Jawa Barat 40114
Opening hours: 12 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 70k
Dresscode: none


Map for Let's Go Gelato