I just came back from a packed but relaxing trip from Jogjakarta and I brought back a lot of stories that I can't wait to blog, and I promise you will see that in a few days. I am sorry for you guys and ultimately for myself that for the past two weeks I haven't been blogging actively, that's because I have so many projects that I need to take care and I've been travelling constantly, but hey that means I am saving tons of stories to share to you.

I won't be talking much in this post because this will be one of those picture gallery post, so I am SUPER thrilled for the launch of the new Terminal 3 Ultimate which by the way just started opening for public a few days ago! The new airport owned by Angkasa Pura is HUGE & GORGEOUS with majorly minimalist-industrial design and a lot of glass, for some reasons kinda remind me of Kuala Namu Airport Medan and Kuala Lumpur International Airport! Since it's still on the soft-launch phase, it's clearly not perfect yet (nor will it ever be) as construction is still happening and it will definitely take some time to finish everything.
Garuda Indonesia flights will be operating in this terminal.

Photos from here (until marked below) were taken on August 11th 2016 (the day of departure to Jogjakarta).
They have a little batik gallery inside the terminal
Taken Sunday (August 14th 2016) after arriving back from Jogjakarta.
I personally don't have negative things to say so far, I've only been here twice (depart and arrive) and my experience was quite splendid, maybe I am still at this new airport syndrome where everything just feels right at the moment, it's a good first impression that probably for the first time MY LUGGAGE ACTUALLY ARRIVES PRETTY QUICKLY! I have high hopes for this new airport.

FOR MORE DETAILS AND UPDATES OF SOEKARNO-HATTA AIRPORT CLICK HERE - Telkomsel users will be very happy as the latest update informs that the airport now supports 4G coverage for Telkomsel users.

UPDATE: at the very time of this post being published, the airport is currently troubling from the leaking water causing flood. They are working to finish this matter and has released an apology

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Map for Terminal 3 Ultimate

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