The new coffee shops in Bandung has been personally special when it comes to their design, I see that some of the new ones that I went were designed with good effort, and from the eyes of a customer like myself, I am liking them because they're just my kind of design for a coffee shop: simple, homey, neat with a bit of Western vibe and altogether beautiful. I previously talked about the hype 180 Coffee and Music, and here's another good one: MIMITI COFFEE AND SPACE.
Mimiti (which by the way means "start" or "beginning") is located at Karangsari area (next to Gigglebox cafe) and technically not a spacious coffee shop, but the highlight of this coffee shop/concept store is definitely the how well it is designed that when you see it as an overall, it stands out beautifully. Most of the seatings are located at the al-fresco area but they do have a small indoor seating (like 6 people capacity only) inside their concept store. 
I seriously love the earthy concept they're trying to pull off here with majority wood and concrete furniture and a space that's being covered with the green beauties.
Lads <3
At the moment, there's no heavy food available in Mimiti and they concentrate on serving coffees with small pastry selections, most of the coffees are available only "hot" and the only menu that's chilled is the Iced Latte (IDR 35k) which I had and it was decent. I am never the manual brew guy so I couldn't really comment on that, but my friend said it was just ok as well. Average price of coffee drinks here is around IDR 30k.
I don't know how to make this post longer because there really is not so much to say about Mimiti and I have described everything out for you. I think that the place is so on point and simple without much umimportant and rather annoying details, service was good and friendly, I like the coffee better than 180 (based on my visit) but not the best one (better go to Jack Runner for better coffee). I think people would go here to enjoy the ambiance and take tons of shameless OOTD pictures (this would make a perfect spot and backdrop by the way).

Thank you for reading.


Mimiti Coffee and Space
Jalan Karangsari No. 1
Opening hours: 8 AM-9 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: casual

Map for Mimiti Coffee & Space

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