Hello guys! First of all, happy Saturday to you and I hope that you're having a great weekend! I decided to write and publish this blog post soon so that you know where to go this weekend if you're feeling like stuck with options.

Earlier today I went to (yet another) cool bazaar created by We The Future crew and this time they come up with the "Future Picnic" theme with major monochromatic concept. A little flashback, I think it was around two years ago that I first collaborated with them on their very first bazaar in Grand Indonesia and it's just awesome to see how far and big they've grown all this time. The currently running bazaar is just grander with more food and fashion tenants at this huge space around the Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 Marketing Office. Kudos to the team, especially siblings Cindy and Richard. I came to the bazaar opening to support them and I must say that for a first day (and technically a week day) the amount of people visiting the bazaar was quite impressive. I heard good praises from the tenant owners whom I personally known and I predict that Saturday and Sunday will be more insane!

The WTF Market Future Picnic host 100% local food and fashion tenants, and since my specialties are more to the food zone, I am going to be talking a lot about the delicious food I had here. Comparing to a few years ago, I visit less and less bazaar and if you've been following me for quite some time now or happen to read this post, I have been declining all seminar and talk show requests because I think it's getting boring and old for me, and I am as well very selective in choosing which bazaars I want to attend, and WTF Market is just like an old friend to me so yes!
I was quite surprised to see this snake long queue at the main entrance of the bazaar and it was all because of La Maison! The Medan originated patisserie and Macaron shop exclusively come and open a big booth here. According to my friends who happened to be at the event, the queue has been coming NON STOP since the minute they opened and people actually queued even before it opened! Can't imagine the kaching they're earning I need to take gold shower.
 There are so many flavors you can choose but my personal favorite has got to be the PB&J.
 Hokkaido Baby is in the house too! If you're looking for scrumptious cheese tart, go grab theirs!
 Sour Sally also opened a booth promoting their latest Black Punch cold pressed juice. I found the "Energy" one quite pleasant actually with apple dominated flavor and overall sweet!
 Water++ with their sweet and refreshing infused water + chia seeds
 PS: the followings were the ones that I tried and should I say my favorites? There are a lot more tenants but after realizing how my stomach is not a bottomless pit and I had eating capacity limit, these are the ones that are highlighted by me. I am pretty sure the other ones that I did not manage to try are nice too!
I initially wanted to try their original donuts but there were only two flavors available so instead I went to try their mini donuts and tried both sweet and savory versions of it! The sweet one had this salted egg yolk filling to it and the savory one was the chicken + their homemade sauce. I found myself liking the savory one better because it was just more unique and the concept was refreshing. I expected more kick to the salted egg filling.
They also had a nice spot to chill, but I functioned this to take the food photos as it provided better lighting. You can even snap an OOTD pic here and posed around the white maple tree!
The tree made a good backdrop and emphasized the color of the thai tea better. I don't think I need to comment much on Dum Dum as I honestly think they serve the best thai tea drinks in town at the moment (and cheap af only IDR 20k).
This was more to the cute side while the milky drink being just ok. Not everyday that you found this cute gas tank shaped drink with flashing lights underneath! Idea definitely on point.
Pretty packaging and wide range of flavors, treat these cuties for yourself or just make it as a gift.
Master Squid is definitely larger and chunkier than this, but in terms of seasoning, I found myself liking Yaya's version better. It was just saltier with a hint of peppery flavor.
Bago is just something that I never miss whenever I know they're opening a booth in a bazaar I attended. It's owned by my good friend @catherinesumitri but that doesn't mean that I am getting biased, a bowl of Bago is just like having a nice simple little treat of rice with tasty & juicy pork belly , sambal matah, daun singkong, and green chili. Bago is overall tasty, spicy and addicting.
If I may become very honest, I was a bit skeptical about Hog Hock, there's just something about the design of the logo that rings serious to me, maybe because I go from a graphic design background so I understand, but this skeptical bitch quickly converted RIGHT AFTER THAT VERY FIRST SCOOP! Hog Hock is a must try, I had their Combo which consist of cooked and torched pork knuckle that was incredibly juicy, tender and well seasoned, along with the pork crackling and one large chunky pork skewer. Don't forget their sambal matah for that extra kick.
The pork (yet again) was tender but since I love having salty and savory type of pork. I prefer Bago's or Hog Hock's version better, but trust me this is not bad at all.
Another fucking stunner is this poke bowl from UMEKE'IA. The guy who was standing in front of the booth shouted "we have poke balls here", I was honestly first referring to the pokemon balls and I thought they sell pokemon balls cake, but when I quickly turn around oh it's actually "poke bowls". Anyway why is this a freaking stunner? Because to me it's THAT good and healthy! You can choose on whether having the poke bowls with rice or salad base then proceed with the healthy and fresh toppings such as raw salmon, carrot, grated corns, seaweed. It's the freshness of the ingredients and that simple dressing sauce that makes this really nice! This is just highly recommended.
Pantomime artists
Besides food tenants, they also have a lot of fashion and gadget related tenants as well, so glad that they have Lady H here!
Dum Dum queue just won't stop!
Spent quite a few hours here waiting for the traffic, luckily it was not too hot and humid earlier today and the breeze was actually pretty nice here in PIK neighborhood that we did not mind sitting outside for prolly 2 hours.
That's it from me and my short review of WTF Market ID! The event will be running until Sunday so you betta go here and eat mad! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

WTF Market ID - Future Picnic
Marketing Gallery PIK 2 (across Marketing Office PIK)
Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara 14470


Map for Marketing Gallery PIK 2

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