It has been a very hectic day for me and the rain has been pouring crazy hard since the morning and has not stopped even as I am typing this post. It was from Raisa's Snapchat that I found out about this very newly opened coffee shop (guess it's her brother's), and realizing I just finished my meeting at Citos and since it's not too far from Cipete, guess I am giving this one a try!

Dua is a small coffee shop located in Cipete Dalam No. 2 (align with Lycee Francais de Jakarta almost at the end of the alley-street) sharing the same venue with House of Relax. It's a petite coffee shop with capacity for 12-15 people, but here's the thing: sometimes when the perfect air-conditing meets the lingering smell of coffee + the pouring rain is just the best feeling in the world, and I am typing this post while listening to Raisa's track to get me a bit more inspired. Dua is small, but there's something incredibly homey about it, and not to mention, the barista was very friendly.
I didn't have much time so after checking out their Instagram, they featured the Affogato (IDR 40k) there so I gave it a try, plus a glass of iced cappuccino. I think their default serving consist of a single shot of espresso because it was light, but I like how it's not overly milky with soft finish, I might go back here and ask for a double espresso shot to experience the more bodi-ed flavor. FYI THEY CURRENTLY HAVE THE PAY AS YOU LIKE PROMOTION UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1ST!!!
Dua Affogato - IDR 40k
Affogato = espresso + one scoop of vanilla ice cream 
 They're using Amame Ice Cream Therapy for the affogato here. There are currently six flavors available here: thai tea, maple & cream, apple & cinnamon, strawberry cheesecake, matcha latte and milk chocolate.
I did not have anything to complain about the Affogato here, I was a bit skeptical because they gave me less amount of espresso than I normally encountered on other coffee shops, but when you actually mix the espresso with the ice cream, it was perfectly sweet with delicate amount of coffee. It was simple but delicious, dayum!
 Sweet and creamy with good balance of everything.
Do you know what I love about Cipete? That area is the home of little good coffee shops like Tuku, Srsly, and I do have high hopes for Dua too! Welcome to the club and lots of luck :).


Dua Cipete
Jalan Cipete Dalam No. 2
Cipete Selatan, Cilandak
Jakarta Selatan 12410
Opening hours: 9 AM-9 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 80k
Dresscode: none


Map for Dua Coffee