What's up internet? Welcome the fuck back to my blog and I just came back from my short Bandung trip with my great foodie friends! Well it might be short but a much needed respite and we did what we did best: EAT EAT AND EAT! We did some cafe hoppings but we were not being ambitious and went crazy with visiting tons of them, it was actually quite chill. I will post some of the new cafes here in my blog for reference and hopefully I can finish everything by the end of the week. Everytime I see these travel folders in my desktop I feel like they're haunting me & shout "homework homework homework" *sigh*.
Our very first stop was this very highly recommended new coffee shop by A LOT OF YOU on Snapchat, I looked at the chats and literally 80% of you mentioned about this so I think this should be in. It's the highly buzzed 180 Coffee and Music in Jalan Ganesha just across Warung Pasta and around the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) complex. From outside, the cafe looks like a regular spacious home with garden in front of it, but everything will drastically turn to a whole new something as soon as you step inside.

The interior of the cafe rings minimalist, industrial and homey in the same time with coffee, salad and sandwich bar in the center of the cafe. I honestly pictured the cafe to be more spacious (because I googled the cafe before actually coming here), nevertheless loving the design very much! The thing that makes this cafe stands out from the crowd is their one of a kind dining concept where guests are more than welcome to sit and enjoy their food at the pool area literally ON THE FREAKING POOL as far as there are available seats.
I can honestly see the good amount of effort they spend on building this cafe, the attention to details were quite impressive.
Coffee might be their specialty here, but they also have good range of Western comfort food such as soups, healthy salads, light bites, pastas, pizzas, Asian delights, brunch menus, sandwiches, baked and grilled cuisine and desserts! For the drinks, besides coffee they also have selections of tea, tropical mojito, soda drinks, healthy juice and chocolate drinks. You can indulge on common coffee selections ranging from espresso to Butterscotch coffee, Vietnamese coffee and Avocado coffee. Price range for food ranges from IDR 20k-60k and coffee around IDR 25k.

I was not overly hungry that morning so I didn't have breakfast and grabbed a quick coffee instead (the iced cappuccino was not bad at all but not out of the world good). However, my friends did eat from their all day breakfast menu -> HERE and HERE and according to them the food wasn't bad.

I was quite surprised to find out that they're actually using the Slayer espresso machine for their coffee here just like the one %ARABICA Hong Kong used. It's one of the most expensive espresso machines to date!
They also have the second floor that host more seating capacity, live stage for performers and open rooftop area. Again, another simple yet good design that's pleasing to the eye.
I looked at some pictures online and I saw that they actually seemed quite romantic and posh at night too (like totally different ambiance). It was around 9 AM when we arrived, luckily there wasn't a lot people around so I could still freely take pictures, but the place quickly got full house in around 30 minutes and packed with people dining and taking pictures around. If you want that empty interior shots do come as early as 8 AM (their opening hour). I am not sure about bookings because a cafe that packed might not take reservations at all times at the moment, but you may try tho phone number's below.

Thank you for reading!

180 Coffee and Music
Jalan Ganesha No. 3
Siliwangi - Bandung
Jawa Barat 40132
0822 - 1800 - 0155
Opening hours: 8 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: casual


Map for 180 Coffee and Music