Starbucks Menu Testing (SPONSORED)


I am so happy that within one week of the release, the statistic is very good, but this is just the beginning and I still have a long way to go and a lot of works to do to make this blog your addiction LOL.

This is my very first sponsored post, and I am so happy that Starbucks SMS become the first sponsor for this entry of the blog. Initially, they want me to try two of their brand new menus: "Starbucks Sea Salt Caramel Mocha Frappuccino" and "Purple Yam Cake".

Purple Yam Cake
I was very surprised with the result just the moment I cut the cake and taste the lowest structure of the cake. There are layers of the yam cake, and the very bottom, there's a layer of nut + grated coconut. The texture of the cake itself is a soft and moist sponge cake, and to distance every sponge cake layer is whipped cream.

Incase you're wondering what is the toppest surface of the cake, it's actually a garnish of what the barista said 'yam powder', it doess't have any taste, I think it's just as the sweet garnish to add the point of the texture and the presentation. And if you see that tiny layer of what you might think as purple-colored-white-chocolate, well it's close, but again it's a yam layer, I couldn't feel any chocolate.

Back to my surprise, the moment the first cut of the cake was tasted, I totally LOVE it, why? because it tastes very indonesian, the nut and the grated coconut is also mixed with brown sugar, so when you taste it, you know it tastes so Indonesian thanks to the brown sugar, I like the fact that the cake is not very sweet, so the taste is very balanced, you get the sweetness somehow from the cake, the whipped cream and the nut, grated coconut and also the brown sugar.

So to make it even more convincing to myself, during the tasting, there's actually my friend who was sitting not far from me, I asked her to have a bite and her reaction was like: "this cake tastes Indonesian", she even said it (the lowest surface) tasted like kelepon cake syrup.

I love the presentation, and I don't mean to be subjective, but I am a fan or purple, it's a match tho :).


Sea Salt Caramel Mocha Frappuccino
This is the newest variant of Starbucks Frappuccino family and what makes this drink very special? it's the fact that sea salt is now used not only as a garnish, but also to make sure the flavor is unique.

...and how's the sea salt turns out? salt used in a drink? maybe most of you are wondering about this, but yes, I LOVE THE SEA SALT! It's not the common salt like ones used in the kitchen into your food, this salt is unique, it gives you 50% saltiness, 50% sweetness and the blending of the taste somehow works with the drink.

I'd like to give my POV of this beverage right when the whipped cream and the drink were not stirred. I thought it was a great combination for the whipped cream to be with the sea salt, I kinda crave for it again right by the moment I am writing this post now :9.

There's a zoomed image so you can see how the sea salt looks like, it looks like common sugar: transparent, glass like texture we're using at home, only the structure is various.

I started to drink my first sip and I was trying it without any stirring done to find the original taste of the drink, okay, it's a little too sweet and I definitely can smell and taste a huge ammount of hazelnut syrup used in this drink, then I decided to mix everything and I end up having a quite stable drink, but it's more likely a caramel hazelnut mocha drink, because even after mixing everything, the hazelnut still is the main flavour of the drink.

I asked the barista whether they put the sea salt in the drink and they say 'none', only as the garnish on the whipped cream. I honestly kinda expected that the sea salt would be used in the drink, it will be a fun experiment, but somehow maybe Starbucks made this decision more likely after experiments, and maybe it's the best, rite :).

I recommend you the cake and the drink, guys :). WORTH TRYING.

Thank you so much Starbucks Indonesia for the chance. I've always been a fan of yours for years and I think it will stay forever. Thank you Starbucks SMS as the venue of the testing.

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