Sunny Side Up!

Sunny Side Up is a very unique restaurant with such an incredible idea of serving what I love and probably most of you love, EGGS! Picture above is something whose words I believe really is true.

I've been coming to this restaurant a couple times and each time I go here, I always order different menus to really browse their menus of what they can offer with their experiment with eggs, and this one that I'm serving you guys to read is my recent visit, which was around 3 days ago.

I always start with a soft-boiled egg (another term for half-boiled egg), picture below as you can see is my choice of appetizer, technically, they have another common menus as the appetizer, but this is my choice to open the journey of the culinary. Picture on the right is my friend's, she ordered the hard-boiled one because she couldn't eat the egg while the yolk is not perfectly cooked.

By the way, the eggs that they're using here are arabian eggs, or what they somehow called Golden Q Eggs, it's totally yummy, it's not smelly and definitely HALAL! The eggs have passed the tests and officially registered.
So, this is what I ordered :), I come with a friend and we ordered three dishes so we're so ready for the venture.

Deluxe Breakfast Set
here you got:
- toasted bread
- beef bacon
- baked beans
- 2 choices of any kind of eggs cooking you desired. Here is the famous sunny side up and scrambled.
- 2 sausages to make you smile

I personally adore this dish, well for the breakfast set, personally I think this is a big portion, I think you can even share this dish. The eggs are perfectly cooked, the seasoning is great and the sausages also good :).

Seafood Omelette
Out of the three dishes we ordered, this one is probably one that we're very passionate about, because we always loved the classic omelette and somehow wondering what if it's mixed with seafood.

Overall I pretty much feel ok the presentation, for the taste? emm, I would love to give compliments for the experiment for I think this time, the ingredients that they're presentating was probably not the best, I can definitely feel a huge hit of anchovy fish, little ones, and too bad it's a little smelly and salty, but thank God for the gorgeous mashed potato and seared veges, because the saltiness and all the negatives can be reduce everytime I eat the omelette with the mashed potato, it's sort of the balancer.

Egg and Sausage
Well, this one is basically not much different comparing to the first dish, but here you got two sausages and scrambled egg, I think this one is written on the menu, so when you're ordering this, you'll get the scrambled eggs. I love the french fries because it add the texture and making the dish more variant and experimental. Lovely one :).

If you love eggs like I do, this restaurant is worth the visit and try.

Sunny Side Up
Downtown Walk Summarecon Mall Serpong II,
Ground Fl.
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong

Ruko Alexandrite Blok ALX 3 No 7 Gading Serpong

I was writing this post in Starbucks right now and it's been raining a little, sort of drizzling, and I have always loved moments like this, how you sit inside a coffee shop in slightly cool temperature, they start playing lounge musics or I somehow prefer my headsets on and suddenly playing artists, like: Feist's musics, you can look outside and see how the road looks when it's raining, you can sometimes smell the rain by the wind, everything feels so calm, quiet and mellow. Not sad, just adorable :)

So, here's a picture for you, my company today, a hot Green Tea Latte!

- Lately I always come with such announcements, this Tuesday and Thursday, I'll be having another food testing, I'll give you a hint, it's one very famous Indonesian food and it tastes like AWESOME!
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