Bistro Baron Luncheon

I have always wanted to try eating at Bistro Baron. I thought it's an amazing place for you to dine, I absolutely love the design of the restaurant! From outside, you might think of it as a restaurant which pretty much looks like an alley, because it's relatively narrow, but when you step inside, it's a good warming place, majorly french like interior, and since I'm obsessed with France, especially Paris, it's a total plus point. I intend to have a seat near the window so I can feel like a tourist who happened to visit Paris and eating at their signature restaurant, kinda force it a bit but it's quite working LOL.

Picture above is the exact lunch that I had there, I had a portion of Fish and Chips as the main course and a glass of "Nutella Ice Chocolate with Shaved Chocolate" as my beverage. The baguette is a complimentary from the restaurant.

I love this baguette! like I mean it, I love the crisp of the baguette and its texture, it's not very hard and it's not very soft either, you know sometimes you find baguette that is so hard and almost uneatable for us who are not used to it, but this one is a yum. Another plus point is obviously the butter, the butter is UH-MA-ZING! I'm going to open the card on the table, I'm not a very butter fan, but the butter just melts into the bread by the time I put in on the surface, I gave a try and it's infact awesome.

look as the butter melts...

Fish and Chips
I had a huge crush on the fish and chips, for the fact that they're experimenting the presentation. Innovation is always a nice thing to do. It's nice to try something different. The typical common fish is the classic fried fish, but this one is more like an interpretation of a more relaxed way of eating, almost a finger food like.

Technically, you mostly got the same fish and chips taste you can have in other restaurants, but what makes it different is maybe how the texture has the main role here in giving you the flavor, it's just with this kind of presentation, I think the bread flour is a little more dominant, so you have less taste of fish, more the bread flour. I zoomed in so that I can explain my point, I mean the layer that covers the fish is more dominant, especially with the amount of bread flour used, you got the crisp, but it tastes very breadlike, I wish the fish would have tasted more, but overall I think it's still a dish very worth to be tasted for.

Ice Chocolate with Nutella and Shaved Dark Chocolate
Call this MVP because it deserves so, I am in love with this beverage! I love how the presence of the chocolate and the nutella can manage to mix together. It's not an extremely sweet drink (good point), I truly love the idea of the presentation. Look at the picture below as I photographed it intentionally to show you the swirl. I once thought this drink has like two different layers, the lighter one and the darker one, but when I tasted it, my mind directly noticed that the swirl is created with Nutella.
Zoomed in to show you the shaved dark chocolate.

I'm sharing you guys photos of the interior. LOVE it!

It was a good lunch that I got, I spend a quite beautiful time here, for the lunch, my bill was IDR 121.000, I still say it's relatively affordable for a lunch with such qualifications. Recommended.

Bistro Baron
Plaza Indonesia Extention, Level 1, unit E 20-21, Central Jakarta

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