Gong Cha Grand Opening!

Got invited to the grand opening of Gong Cha bubble drink! For those of you who haven't heard about this (frankly speaking) famous bubble drink brand from Taiwan, then say HALLO! Because they're opening their branch here in Indonesia, especially our beloved city Jakarta and to be more specific, it's in Central Park Mall.

The invitation is sent over email by their outlet manager, Eddy :)
Thank you for the invitation...

I'm going to review the drinks that I happened to experience there, FYI before I start, I want to give a little information that the reviews of the drink is based on my personal experience, not because I got invited then I give positive reviews, all of the reviews in this blog is based on honesty 8), anyway, back to the topic, each invitation equals to one drink, but I don't think it's fair enough to give you guys review based on one drinks, therefore, because I love you guys so much, I ordered another one based on my own order and gave my own objective review about the drinks.

Eddy asked me what drink I'd love to try but since I want to be surprised, I asked him to give me the most special drink, the signature drink from Gong Cha and he suggested the "Winter Melon Tea" completed with bubbles, Gong Cha signature milk foam and matcha powder.

I can't say anything except MESMERIZED! The creativity of turning winter melon into a very nice drink, I love the milk foam I think it's the cherry on top! you have and I mean, HAVE to try ordering milk foam as the topping, it's totally yummy, it's not your ordinary milk foam like ones you have from your cappucinno, this one is seasoned, I personally think it's sea-salted and the matcha powder gives you a little taste but mostly for the pleasure of the eye :).

The Winter Melon Tea is not part of the milk tea, but when you tasted it you can definitely hit a glimpse of milk in the drink where honestly gives another point to this drink. You get the milk, you get the sweetness and you get the original winter melon tea from Gong Cha! I LOVE THIS DRINK!

The second drink that I give a hit on is the caramel milk tea, I intentionally don't give my POV on the original milk tea because it's common and from most brands that I have tried before, it's close or even almost the same taste, so I decided to give a try, who knows the caramel they're using gives a different touch and indeed IT IS! When you tried this drink you'll forget that you have caramel, you'll get this crispy chocolate cookies taste. Gong Cha is officially my new love <3. This drink is absolutely recommended, but I'd like you to experience the winter melon tea because it's the signature drink and the most surprising one.

I'd like to have my drink to be less sweet and Gong Cha seems to have this great measurements of the sugar scale.

By the end of my visit, Eddy gave me a goodie bag and thank you for this, to be honest, I just love the Gong Cha logo, I think you have the class, you have the ethnic and the color... the branding is good somehow.

Gong Cha Bubble Drink
Central Park 1st floor

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