Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012 and a little diary

I went to Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012 yesterday with my sister and one friend, in case you're wondering, the event is located in Grand Indonesia, 5th floor, west mall. I went to this event last year and I always wonder if there's something new to look after: new products, new competiting brands, excited for the cooking class, especially the barista class :).

Honestly, the event is not much different with last year's, I was excepting that there will be more booths of traditional and ethnical food, but since this is 'culinary', it's not about the food itself right, it's everything connected to food, you'll find a lot of cooking class, products exhibition, booths of wine and coffee beverages and I think if you really love culinary and everything connected with food (just like me), this is an event worth to visit,

One thing that really caught my eye is this turkey ice cream, I've been hearing a lot about this and I can't wait to taste it myself. This one costs IDR 25.000.

Not far from the turkey ice cream booth, I found an area with such crowd, and when I looked at the stage, Oh My God! Those two lovely girls are my idols from the first Junior Masterchef, They are Isabella & Sofia Bliss. I love them both, they are very communicative with the audience and they are super duper humble, they smiled and joke a lot with the audience, you know you can feel the humbleness.

<3 <3 <3

I spent around 30 minutes there, all that I bought was a cocoa drink from Delfi (new revolution of low fat chocolate drink LOL) and a pack of Tao Kae Noi for my daily snack at home. Along my way out, I found a very good quote, this is so true for everyone in the whole universe.

The event itself will be held during October 4th 2012 - October 31st 2012 or by the end of the month, so you still have plenty of time to visit the event. For each person or a single ticket is IDR 20.000 and you can also buy one with IDR 50.000, this already includes one glass of cocktail.

Since we can't find anything to eat inside, well there are a few, but we need more to fill these empty stomach, we cross to Plaza Indonesia to find something to eat, and we end up eating some delicious treats at Pancious, and of course, I'm on a mission to make you guys hungry, so here are the pictures :).

The good old Mushroom Penne!
I don't have a lot to say, this is just my signature dish choice everytime I go eating here.

Beef Carbonara Penne. My sister is such a lover of this dish, it's creamy, it's cooked beautifully and the cream sauce is not very cheesy tasting and it's just a lovable one.

Caramelized Banana Single Pancake.
You get the saltiness from the caramelized sauce and the sweetness from the vanilla ice cream, I kinda wish the sauce can be a little thicker, but it's such a blend already.

Both the event and the restaurant are absolutely worth to visit :).

Pancious Pancake House
Plaza Indonesia, 5th level