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If you’re an avid fan of rumput laut (seaweed) snack raise your hands and also you’re on the right entry because I am going to share to you guys about one of my favorite seaweed snacks on the market right now, and that is Mamasuka Rumput Laut and here I'm also giving my two cents about the product!
I think it was 2017 where the cheese tea trend started to get really big (even though brands like KOI/Share Tea have started it long way back) and 2018 is just the expansion of the trend with more and more indie brands coming and major brands releasing their cheese tea menus, okay to be completely frank with you I am almost never interested in cheese tea, as personally I don't see why would you put cheese on drinks (and I am fully aware that's just me), but the visit to Ban Ban changed my perception! Keep reading.
This post is going to be a brief review of this newly opened PINK themed cafe called So Fashion in Mal Taman Anggrek that I visited earlier today with my sister! The cafe is located at the 2nd level of MTA and located at what was once McDonald's (ah good old days!), initially didn't plan to visit this cafe (to be frank even forgot that this cafe is in the mall), but we just finished our meeting in MTA and while we were taking the escalator to go down I noticed the cafe, so we paid a short visit here before rushing to another meeting at Central Park!
FINALLY writing this highly requested blog post, while it takes so long to sort out the photos and edit them, I had good fun! I have always loved editing my travel photos, experimenting with new edits and just sharing my experience visiting certain destinations. This visit marked my first ever time to Kanagawa and just as expected, everytime I visit Japanese prefectures, there's always something sweet to remember and I always left even more convinced that Japan is indeed one of my favorite countries in this world, if not, my MOST favorite. I am going to divide the Kanagawa series into several blog posts but let's start with THE ITINERARY!
This is a random blog post, one that I don't plan to do, but finally here for good fun. So I just got my new phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is currently the hottest phone on the market right now (uhyeah)! Initially didn't plan to get one, but just in time for my iPhone to act like a bitch and for the SIM card reader to be broken! After bringing it to the service center, as usual, it will take me at least 1,5 months before getting it back! I really can't deal with the time as my work requires me to be online most of the times, so long story short, got this phone and I'm planning to just bring my phone to a trusted reparation center in Ambassador... or if you have any let me know please guys!
I AM SO HAPPY TO LET YOU GUYS KNOW THAT KAM'S ROAST (GOOSE) IS FINALLY IN INDONESIA!!! For those who are not familiar, Kam's Roast Goose is a highly popular roast goose restaurant originated from Hong Kong and their Hong Kong branch has been awarded the Michelin star for years now, so you know what they say, when it's Michelin awarded, it better be good!
It was a beautiful day today, I was at Bali's freshest beach club along with the blue sky, great weather, some good companions (and my camera if it counts)! Bali is currently still in "Winter", the photos in this post were indeed taken on a sunny day, but it was not that hot & humid, Bali's weather during times like this is perfect! Just perfect!


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It was a beautiful day today, I was at Bali's freshest beach club along with the blue sky, great weather, some good companions (and m...
GREETINGS FROM BALI! I just landed earlier today and I am currently in my hotel room, watching YouTube for hours and now bored, so I thought I might do a little blog post since I have not been posting for a week, not that I am lazy, infact I have so many things that I wanna share to you but they're quite long and they take more time to finish, so don't be surprised that by the time the blog posts are finished you might see four entries in a week! STAY TUNED.
I am supposed to be in Bali until the 10th but the unexpected and unfortunate earthquake occurred a few days ago in Lombok! I was in my car with some friends and we thought we were crossing the bridge or something hence the shaky car, but people started screaming and getting out of the car and that moment I knew earthquake was happening! I swear it was one of the worst earthquakes I've ever experienced: some buildings were destroyed, a lot of flights from & to Lombok were delayed/cancelled, 82 people died and the next morning I woke up to a text from my mom where she attached a screenshot of a plane ticket and I had to go back today, so I am now back safe and sound in Jakarta but my prayers are for everyone in Bali and Lombok right now.
After the Korean BBQ fiesta on my last entry, it's time to talk about my favorite Japanese shabu-shabu in town! I think it was last week after returning from Bali (and after not meeting my sister for quite some time) we went on a lunch date at the newly opened Momo Paradise Senopati! This is their second outlet following their first outlet in Pantai Indah Kapuk.

A little background about Momo Paradise: it's an all you can eat shabu-shabu restaurant originated from Shinjuku, Japan! First opened in Japan back in 1993 then followed by the expansion all over Asia at countries like Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia! They're also in the USA and at the moment (and by the time this post is published), 69 is the amount of restaurants they have all over the world.
Can I just cut to the chase and tell you guys that this IS the blog post that I am HIGHLY excited about, as in this entry, I am going to share you guys my full experience visiting the city of Adelaide, Australia with DSP Lifestyle for an exclusive winery trip! This post is also going to be a short (if not, very short) travel guide to Adelaide, but disclaimer as the whole entry is going to be photo heavy but I'll make the flow easy to follow.
If you ask me to name one of my favorite Korean restaurants in town, give me three seconds and the name Magal BBQ is one of the ones that will cross my mind. Following the huge success of their earlier outlet (aka the Senopati outlet), this Korean origin BBQ restaurant finally decide to open another branch a little more to the north aka in Kelapa Gading and here I am sharing you experience from my lunch date with sis some time ago!


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If you ask me to name one of my favorite Korean restaurants in town, give me three seconds and the name Magal BBQ is one of the ones tha...
Earlier today I was invited to the exclusive preview of the highly anticipated Le Burger restaurant at Alila SCBD Jakarta, and as the name suggests, this restaurant will specialize in serving gourmet burgers, so burger lovers be merry!


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Earlier today I was invited to the exclusive preview of the highly anticipated Le Burger restaurant at Alila SCBD Jakarta, and as the name...
For those who wonder, yes I did take a short hiatus from blogging just because I don't feel like going to the new places or simply writing, two months ago I was in the phase where I was just bored with my blogging activity, I mean I've been blogging for almost six years, and the six years has been a rollercoaster of pretty much everything, I was once in this mood where I was insane in the most diligent way pushing at least one article every single day (sometimes even two), where I was super passionate and diligent in blogging that I would honestly felt sorry for you guys if I don't deliver something, that when the number of my daily readers grow that's the happiest thing that can happen to me, but don't get me wrong, I am not losing my passion or interest towards the business/blogging, I was just bored from working too much and needing that hiatus where I didn't feel the need to do anything blogging related (and I turned down so many job offers) and so far, 2018 has been a good travelling year for me. I have so many photos and stories to share and I'll probably start doing it now as this firey feeling is suddenly here again, I am so in the mood to write something, express my feeling and shit!
Birdman is a Japanese restaurant owned by the Immigrant group (which also heads ventures like Monolog, Immigrant, Olivier, Garcon and more), and Birdman been around for quite some time (if I'm not mistaken, almost a year now), but a couple of weeks ago I finally got the chance to visit this restaurant for the first time and sharing the experience to you here. Birdman is located at PARC 18 SCBD, at the same area where Bistecca and The Dutch are.


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Birdman is a Japanese restaurant owned by the Immigrant group (which also heads ventures like Monolog, Immigrant, Olivier, Garcon and mo...
Has it been a week after I reviewed McD's latest Apple Banana Pie? They surely not taking Ramadhan for granted and start pushing another product of theirs that I just had earlier today (and coincidentally launched today): it's the MCD AYAM KREMES SAMBAL MATAH!!! The set menu which comes with their scrambled egg (special) and Kedondong Fizz is priced at IDR 41,5k (after tax), and I am going to give you guys a very brief review of this product!
Hey guys, so I went to one of the most anticipated annual culinary event: Festival Jajanan Bango 2018 and this year they chose Park and Ride Thamrin as the main venue for the Jakarta event! I think this marks my fourth year coming to their event as I never skipped their event, and boy I just can't because there are so many things to see and try there, either you're a first timer or a regular to their event, keep reading as I will be sharing my experience to the Festival Jajanan Bango 2018!
It was a Sunday where I, my sister and my cousin went to Basque to have brunch. I personally have been to Basque several times prior to the brunch date here, I normally went with friends after heavy dinner to chill over good cocktails, bar food and music, it's very vibey at night to be frank with you. Quick tip: on weekends it turned to this semi-club where you can meet more people, so if you fancy that kind of crowd, then go on weekend night.

Basque is located in Noble House Mega Kuningan and the restaurant's pretty spacious, open yet intimate in the same time! They have a bar area where people are more than welcome to hang around if they fancy more casual ambiance. Let me take you on a visual tour!
The spacious bar area

This was very refreshing,
Pan Seared Salmon & Bagel Crumble - IDR 130k
Despite the uber simple (and boring) appearance, this was actually VERY GOOD! Salmon was so perfectly cooked and juicy, the cream cheese was spot on texture and flavor, and actually match beautifully with the fresh salmon and bagel crumble (which by the way also gave texture). Should I say it's all about fresh ingredients, simply executed but the natural performance did most of the talking.
Pork Belly and Egg Florentine - IDR 95k
Again, might not be the most tempting looking, but AGAIN this one's SO GOOD! The pork belly was actually pretty generous, thick and juicy, and the fact that they paired the pork belly with poached egg (anyway poached egg game strong I see on their Easter brunch menus) and spinach Florentine was a brilliant idea, and I really think they complement one another beautifully both flavor and texture wise, almost neutralizing the strength of each ingredient and ended harmoniously on the palate.

Prime US Rib-Eye (200 gram) - IDR 350k
Okay this I can't even! Normally I am a classic steak eater and don't fancy saucy steak to be frank with you, but this blew me away, not only for the sauce, but really for everything and how beautifully this dish is executed! The Rib Eye was spot on Medium with fresh, juicy meat, the baked bone marrow was extra but appreciated, it was mixed with mashed potato, layered with Mozarella cheese and baked together for that oozing cheesy goodness and buttery flavor. Really nothing to complain about!
As sweet closure, make sure to have some sweet bites to finish the fabulous brunch! Both dessert has this Tres Leches touch about it that I found simple and appealing, and presented beautifully! If you fancy touch of chocolate and banana then you have to grab the one below but if you want full blown milky dessert, then get the one that looks like orange!
It was a good brunch date that I had in Basque, the food was delicious (even though they look so simple), and not to mention the fresh cocktails! Surely recommended!

Noble House Building 8th fl.
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gede Agung
Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950
Opening hours: 11 AM-2 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 350k
Dresscode: sporty casual - no sandals


Map for Basque
Following the success of their Apple Pie, McDonald's Indonesia just recently launched their newest addition to the Apple Pie family: APPLE BANANA PIE! In this entry, I am going to make a short and brief review of this particular product, which I believe is going to be trending real real soon!
Excited to share you about this newly opened Korean restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) which is currently one of my top favorites in the neighborhood, and it's originated from the ginseng country itself! Ladies and gents, I give you GOOBNE! Korea's uber popular oven-roasted chicken specialist! In Korea alone, they already have more than 1000 outlets, not only can smell some freshly roasted chicken, but money as well! Just kidding HAHA! Their Jakarta outlet is their first South East Asia branch, should we feel honored? hmm...

Anyway for those who are wondering about the pronounciation, if you read "gupne", so far you're right! Big Korean celebrities like Girls Generation (SNSD) were their brand ambassador, following EXO which is their current, I found that it's such a smart move as the KPOP culture is highly influential not only in Korea alone, but most Asian countries, including me several years ago, I was a huge-huge fan of SNSD! #proudSONE

Okay, before you guys start wondering why I keep on referring to "oven-roasted" chicken it's because you'll find nothing but chickens that's cooked in oven roasting method so NONE fried! Being oven-roasted, you can believe that the meals here are a tad healthier than them being fried and lower in calorie too, but maybe not after all the cheesy goodness HAHAHA! When you dine-in you can see their TV commercial in loop, they're showing you the roasting process, seems so delightful.

Rita Shark Blood - IDR 69k
This is actually a very simple drink made from Blue Curacao syrup and berry 'blood' (but sorry I freaking missed the blood action shot since I didn't realize that the blood would come from the shark's mouth as you pick it up), but it's so refreshing and the berry puree really lifted the whole drink's flavor and freshness, sweet without being overly sweet, fresh, fruity, a nice thirst quencher for the day!
Goobne Original
Goobne Deep Cheese - IDR 179k
This was one of the highlight of the restaurant as well as one of the best sellers! The cheese is this mix of cheddar and blue cheese! Don't let the picture fool ya as it's way bigger in real life as this is their real serving portion (equal to one whole chicken), the chickens look fried don't they, but nope they're all OVEN ROASTED (I repeat!), and oh my goodness, the texture and consistency of the chicken is PERFECT! Not greasy, not oily, so freaking tender and fragrant! The cheese powder were generously given but somehow on the right amount for the serving, topping each and every chicken! You know I'm never the biggest fan of blue cheese, but somehow the amount of cheese mixture is spot on: tasty savory with a hint of sweet! If you fancy cheese then this might be what you HAVE TO order here!
Goobne Pepper Crispy - IDR 169k
Now MY FAVORITE! Another highlighted menu and another best-selling menus here, well I mean look at that damn golden crispy (yet moist) chicken, and I can tell you that they taste as beautiful as they look! The coating is crispy and altogether fragrant, the pepper seasoning is almost like this blend of mild pepper and bell pepper but if you want more kick the serving comes with their signature sauce and fresh pickled cabbage, but honestly with seasoning that good I don't need any additional seasoning, maybe I'm always the non-sauce type, because when it comes to food I found that sometimes less is more.
Half and Half - IDR 189k
Their "Half & Half" comes in this pairing that you can customize, I had the Goobne Original and Goobne Volcano, the Goobne Original is literally the original recipe, the base recipe or should I say the 'OG' version of their oven-roasted chicken while of course as most restaurants normally apply, Volcano being the spicy beast! Even though it's less on seasoning, I found that the Goobne Original pretty tasty.
Volcano Cheese Tteobokki - IDR 89k
This dish consist of noodle (curly type), odeng, cabbage, tteobokki, and generous cheese topping (I notice two kinds of cheese in this dish, one being mozarella), the sauce was this mix of sweet and spicy Gokchujang sauce which I found beautiful for this kind of dish, especially since you have the tteobokki and cheese to match! Everyone's take on spicy might differ, but I found this not too spicy, but not exactly the mildest either, the tteobokki was cooked perfectly, hence the beautiful density!
tteobokki and odeng!
Cheese Dak Galbi - IDR 179k
I understand that most of the menus here are meant to be shared due to the portion, and here's another one if you're feeling a bit extra with some cheesy actions! The dish consist of stir-fry chicken marinated with their signature sweet & spicy Gokjujang sauce with toppings like sweet potato, onion, tteobokki and cabbage!

Cheese Fondue Chicken - IDR 189k
When I look at this dish, somehow I believe that this is going to soon be their best-selling menus here not only for the flavor, but the fun of it too, I don't know just something about rolling cheese dishes that's giving me this ASMR feel, just satisfying in a way! For this dish, they're using boneless thigh chicken that's glazed in sweet and spicy sauce, topped with almond and on this three kind of cheese (unmelted when served). The cheese was such a delight to the sweet and spicy chicken, complements one another very well, altogether just as mouthwatering as it looks, scroll for more cheese porn!

None of the food was disappointing, while currently typing this, I am actually craving for their Pepper Chicken and Cheese Fondue Chicken, based on my first visit here, I feel like quality speaks here, and when it comes to quality, rest assure even if the KPOP trend died down as quality means having loyal following, and I believe I am one now. I hope they can keep up with the quality here, while their food might not be the cheapest, but keep it mind most of the food here are meant to be shared! Goobne is defo worth a visit!!!
Goobne Indonesia
Rukan Crown Golf
Kamal Muara, Penjaringan
PIK - Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 2942 4773
Opening hours: 11 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 350k
Dresscode: none


Map for Goobne