I think it's totally undeniable that instant noodle is an important part of everyone's life, you you and you whoever is reading this right now (including who's typing this right now *ahem*), so the question is: "are you a noodle soup person or are you the fried noodle person?". I am a little bit of both!

Special for this entry, I am going to be talking about fried noodle (mie goreng) and for those who haven't heard of this before, let me introduce (and review) you guys to this new product from Mie Sedaap Instant: Mie Goreng rasa Mi Ayam Istimewa! Lately Mie Sedaap has been pushing new products to the market, and so far my response has been positive, let's just say I am a fan of their Mie Sedaap Tasty (click to read).
So what's inside each pack? Pretty common: instant noodle with various blend of ingredients, soy sauce, chilli, dried spring onion, but one that really stands out is their fried shallot! So crunchy, fragrant and considered generously for a single serving. Always yes for extra flavor and texture play.
If you ask me whether how the noodle texture is compared to its peers, well I believe from what I noticed, their noodle is slightly wider and when you cook it perfectly, it's chewy, moist, hence easier to SLUUURP! Another thing that differs Mie Sedaap Mi Goreng is their soysauce, while most instant noodle tend to include sweet soysauce, theirs is the savory-salty soy sauce! I highly recommend you to cook the noodle at least 3,5-4 minutes for the best state, but really if you like your noodle softet, that's totally up to you!

Aside from that, the amount of other ingredient (seasoning, soy sauce, chilli sauce, veges, fried shallot) is definitely proper, even some people don't eat spicy stuff so they might eliminate the chili, some don't consume fried shallot, so it really depends.
My mom helped me with the shoot and she help cooked the fried noodle for me...AND everything that comes out of her hands I most likely LOVE!!! Even when I didn't ask, she always add in the extra kindness in the form of fried egg! Fried noodle + fried egg = MAJOR YES!
Firm yet chewy, ingredient and soy sauce covers the noodle well! I really can have this at all times, and not to mention the plate licking aftermath when no one sees LOL!
Is this eatandtreats approved? For sure! What's not to love from a delicious, satisfying, tasty, packed-with-flavor instant noodle that you can double or triple if you're really hungry! LOL. Mie Sedaap has been more and more serious with their products recently, maybe something to bring with you when you travel?

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