The Gourmet Week event is currently running in Lotte Shopping Avenue (Ciputra World) Jakarta, and it’s an event curated by the mall to gather food lovers to come and enjoy what they’re having in store: to be exact, the good amount of interesting tenants serving their idea align with their uniqueness, quality and fun-ness along! I went to the first day of the event and it’s today, and here I am blogging it to you!
One day I happen to think about “my favorite food”, but I am not going to talk about my favorite “food genre” or “food concept” as I always find myself updating my preference by certain times, but as for the type of food, I realize that I can not resist “soupy” food. There are times when I really crave for fried kwetiau but when I actually reach the restaurant and saw the boiling hot water, my mind instantly think of something soupy and I eventually cheated on my craving and went with the kwetiau soup. Not rare that I found myself standing constantly having a food envy. Food could cause a big dilemma I guess! HAHAHA! Anyway, talking about something “soupy”, in this feature I am going to be reviewing this newly opened shabu-shabu house that just opened around one month ago called KOBE by Shabu-Shabu House.
B’Steak opened its first outlet in Greenville, 8 years and plenty of success later, they expand the business and add in two more outlets, one located in Muara Karang and another one, which I recently visited in Gading Serpong.
I have an exciting news to share you guys!

HONEY CREME IS COMING TO JEKARDAAAAAH! I heard it’s going to be in Pondok Indah Mall 2 and the opening day will be this Saturday, May 23rd 2015!

If you’ve tried this before in Singapore, I bet you’re going to be familiar with its flavor. I wouldn’t say that they serve the most amazing ice creams, but it is a good fulfilment to fight the hot Jakarta day. Short to say, their base ice creams reminded me of McDonald’s ice creams, sweet with not overpowering milky and easy.
In Singapore, they sell the original milk and milk tea flavored base, their best seller has got to be the comb honey for around S$6.5 in Singapore, not exactly cheap. They also have some other topping variants such as the honeycomb, affogato, popcorn, organic cotton candy and organic mixed grains (seeds, black sesame, rye, oats & barley).
Trust me I don’t get paid to write this.

It’s been three years since the first time Sunny Side Up  introduced themselves to the public, bringing the concept of all egg dishes , if I’m not mistaken, I think they were the first to introduce this concept to the scene. I’ve been a regular customer of theirs since the early days (since my university was very near to SMS mall) and I’ve actually done a review of them also on my early blogging days, with way less interesting pictures and lame explanations. HAHAHA sometimes I really want to delete all my rubbish old posts, but then I realize we all start somewhere right? :).
A short post of my visit earlier to the soft-opening of my favorite coffee shop: CREMATOLOGY! They’re now opening their second outlet in PX Pavilion, Puri Indah!!! If you live in the west, you won’t have to drive miles to Senopati to grab their coffee as they now have the closer alternative.
The number of growing F&B outlets can be interesting, but in the same time overwhelming. I used to think that the number of rich people in Jakarta is like A LOT (judging from the number of F&B scene), but the answer could be a yes or a maybe, but one thing I know I must judged assume a little too soon about that LOL, but anyway, if you’re familiar with PIK then you must know that the number of available clusters is decreasing as the waiting list for the cluster in PIK is hideous, hence some people think about “migrating” or starting their business is the growing area of PIK, Elang Laut, which I believe going to be the next hot spot in Jakarta!
First of all, I would love to thank Dewi Lestari for creating such a nice story about coffee and Angga Susangko for creating such a nice movie. A little story to share, I was happy to be invited by them to attend the gala premiere of the movie Filosofi Kopi back in April, and overall, it was a good movie starting from the storyline, cinematography and casts. Chicco Jericho and Rio Dewanto both played Ben & Jodi very well. If you love to watch a little story about Indonesian coffee and happen to love coffee, this is a movie worth watching.
HAPPY NEWS! One of favorite restaurants is now re-opening and I guess before everyone, I visited their newly located outlet above Colette & Lola in Senopati, which used to belong to YEYO. Basically when you enter the room, you’ll experience almost the exact same decor of the old Wilshire in Foundry 8, only this time in a smaller venue with more homey, simple yet industrial ambiance.

If you’re wondering why they moved to the more packed Senopati area, you know what, just rest your thoughts and I don’t feel like talking about it HAHAHA but I can assure you everything is totally fine.
I am still in a phase where I still can't move on from my Japan trip, and the only salvation that's possible to impose is the Japanese food in Jakarta, even though it's hard to compare with the authentic Japanese food, I still find some restaurants in Jakarta actually serve good Japanese food.
If you’re familiar with Publico and wondering where it’s going, well, you can now consider Publico taking his retirement because Ms. Choo is the one substituting him.

According to one of the owner, the F&B scene in Jakarta is being dominated with the western themed cuisine and it was exactly Publico, as one of the strategies to survive in the fun-delicious-but could be intimidating biz, one needs to be unique, and executing the evolution to Ms. Choo was their idea. While Publico’s menu was highly dominated with western cuisine, Ms. Choo came with pan-asian themed cuisines on the menu with a little modern twist.
It’s not a secret that I love exploring food, I think when you actually let yourself open to any restaurant, dining scene & concept, it could be one of the most unforgettable moment in your life. I’ve had quite a few unforgettable - some more like unbebloddylivable - culinary experience, some I haven’t got the chance to write, but truthfully, I would love to share it, please be more patient!!!
I am a BIG noodle lover and as far as I remember, I can NEVER say no to noodle, it’s my ideal comfort food, all-day breakfast, guilty pleasure and all that! I might not consistently upload local or traditional cuisine here or in my Instagram, but when I am in need of comfort food and peace, local food like meatball soup and noodle is my sweet escape.
Must admit, some of the desserts I found in Tokyo were yet the best I’ve tried in my life. I am a dessert person, and I enjoyed the long walks and train rides around Tokyo because I know I carried my fat body, including the expectations, curiosity and excitement in the heart. I WAS MENTALLY PREPARED FOR ALL THE SWEETS! In a nutshell, pastries in Tokyo were crafted beautifully, and in a way tasted - don't know if it's the proper word - premium (probably the ingredients), less sweet (since they’re VERY health conscious), but one thing for sure: PRETTY! Unfortunately, not every patisserie allow photo-taking (but suck on that bitch I am getting mine!). Pretty sure it’s not because they raise a spiritual “pet”, but it’s just the Japanese culture to appreciate the food more without the picture taking, some outlets even have the regulations for the customers to finish the pastries right on the spot! In a way, it’s crazy and nonsense, but I found it more as awesome! Okay, gonna stop yakking now and will let you guys enjoy the list.
On my recent Japan trip, I travelled with a friend who’s SO GOOD at organizing and researching and I want to thank him for the smooth awesome trip! We could visit up to 8 cafes in a day (and all that included the confusing moment in train station and looooong walk!).

One of the places that I would die to visit was that particular Starbucks in Shibuya which offered the best front-facing view of the famous Shibuya crossing, but it was packed almost EVERY SINGLE TIME that I lost hope, but luckily, another cafe that we planned to visit was the L’Occitane cafe, well, frankly it was me who got a little more excited as I really wanted to experience how L’Occitane, that famous beauty brand was doing as a cafe.
Today happened to be one of the most exciting days of my blogging adventure as I just did a photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine!!! Now you can consider that an achievement! *blow kiss*

I honestly got quite nervous today as I just knew that I would be in one frame with my idol, Dian Sastrowardoyo. Now I won’t tell you what the feature will be and who else are in this feature, nor sharing you more photos as I want to keep it very-very special. I will keep you guys updated once the issue is out! Stay tuned.

I don’t think anybody would have that second thought once they see her that she IS one of the most beautiful Indonesian women, she inheritates that classic Indonesian beauty with big beautiful eyes & sawo-matang skin, but frankly speaking, more to that she is a beautiful personality with brain, class, elegance, humbleness, and she is real. It’s such a teriffic opportunity that I could be in the anniversary issue and actually be in one frame with her today! Such a bliss <3.


As an avid fan of coffee, visiting local’s coffee shops is mandatory as a part of my travelling diary, and before actually travelling, I always ask for recommendations where to hop in, but the thing is, when I am actually somewhere, I make myself forgetting all that and just bond with locals! Usually there are two kinds: one where there’s so many people queuing, and the other one when it appears unbelievably cute and in a way... convincing!
 I first noticed their catchy pink banner and actually snap a picture of it so that I could remember. Still longing (read: can't move on) from my recent Japan trip, and anything Japanese could do, two days after and I still had my Japanese lunch, Japanese dinner and now trying this newly opened Japanese Okonomiyaki bar.
I was first introduced to Tambak Bayan on my very first trip to Surabaya two months ago. Yes, 23 years of living and three months ago was the first time I saw (and for four days living in) Surabaya, but unexpectedly, for the last two months, I have been going back and forth to Surabaya for three times for leisure and work!

OMG I am typing this post with such excitement as I just returned from LITERALLY one of THE BEST trips that I’ve ever been, and if you follow me on Instagram, it’s TOKYO!!!