OMG I am typing this post with such excitement as I just returned from LITERALLY one of THE BEST trips that I’ve ever been, and if you follow me on Instagram, it’s TOKYO!!!

I don’t know the mightier word to describe Tokyo, for me, it’s just so close to perfection! It’s just like a damn beautiful mix of beauty, sophistication, modern, traditional and ethnic. Japan is known as the country with the most old citizens populations, that I can’t argue because I would agree! The most simple example would be the environment: the city was far from being polluted, don’t know the best way to explain this but I just love how “clear” and “glowing” Tokyo was, it’s almost that your sight is at the best state, the air was fresh, chilly and each breath you take felt like another source of energy and peaceful mind. Tokyo was indeed one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been and align with Singapore, and the water was very clear, cold and even the drinkable tap water felt very pure. I am officially a fucking convert!

As usual, a short intro before I start writing on my Japan travel posts and restaurant reviews: POSTCARDS FROM JAPAN. I must admit I LOVE my Tokyo photos that I can’t stop spamming on my Instagram, but who cares, Tokyo pictures must be shared! Frankly speaking, I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually did when I travel around, it’s just that the more I travel and experience new places, the more I realize that the best things are felt and experienced, for certain moment, I just want myself carried away by all those dreamy but real experience.

Haven’t finished sorting out all the photos, it will take some time, but hopefully I won’t be tardy with this one. In the meantime, please enjoy J.


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  1. Waw :D ini makanannya yang enak atau hasil fotonya yang bikin kelihatan enak :3