HAPPY NEWS! One of favorite restaurants is now re-opening and I guess before everyone, I visited their newly located outlet above Colette & Lola in Senopati, which used to belong to YEYO. Basically when you enter the room, you’ll experience almost the exact same decor of the old Wilshire in Foundry 8, only this time in a smaller venue with more homey, simple yet industrial ambiance.

If you’re wondering why they moved to the more packed Senopati area, you know what, just rest your thoughts and I don’t feel like talking about it HAHAHA but I can assure you everything is totally fine.

 My favorite seating must be the one next to the window, I love how the window was designed to add in that more minimalist feel to the room.
 Just like the old Wilshire, the lighting’s still dimmed, yellow and quite challenging to take (even) decent pictures here.

They’re currently building the larger bar area on the third level, but currently still on progress.
Had a pretty big lunch yesterday and let’s just stop the yakking and get to the F&B!

As you guys (probably) know, I don’t drink, but since I came with a friend who drinks like a muthafucka and since Wilshire’s highly famous for their signature cocktails, here are their recommended drinks, well I tried a bit and found them quite pleasant, even though I still don’t exactly know how to explain as I only understand “bold” and “lighter”.

Orange Is The New Black (for me the stronger one in terms of flavor)
IDR 99k
Orange, vodka, Amarertto

Lavender Field (the lighter one, more like female drink)
IDR 99k
Gin, lemon, lavender

Crispy BBQ Pulled Pork Open Faced Tacos
IDR 99k
One recommended appetizer. The tender pulled pork works well with the rich and rather bold BBQ sauce and all that served on top of crispy tacos. Flavor, texture, interesting factor...checked!
Slow Cooked 55 Degree Wagyu Bowl in Hot Stone
IDR 195k
This is the modification of their original “Slow Cooked 55 Degree Wagyu” (which originally being served with mashed potato & sauteed butter corn) and this was delish! Even though I expected more sauce or that extra kick of seasoning (in forms of sauce or butter or anything), but for some reasons, after I think about it, I choose to love the fact that the wagyu was very lightly seasoned, hence that natural & good quality of the beef speaks for itself. I was pretty satisfied with this one.

Garlic Udon with Prawn
IDR 125k
I am not a big udon guy and to be completely honest, I’ve always found udon to be extremely boring, almost like fat noodle with no appealing factor (well literally), but guess what? I must give it to this one because it was executed nicely. It’s actually pretty simple, just udon served in hot stone with basic seasoning and bold garlic flavor, but it’s just so tasty! The udon was cooked until it’s very soft & gooey, and that I think supported the concept of the dish, comparing with the firmer, harder type of udon. Another personal favorite of mine!

Urban Eggs Burrito
IDR 75k
Short to say, it was Nasi Gila in the form of burrito! I didn’t notice that (barely looked at the menu because my friend ordered everything) until I asked why the flavor really reminded me of Nasi Gila. It got that sweet, salty, savory flavor that balanced quite well altogether and wrapped in soft burrito (the burrito was not that firm solid type).

Portobello Cheese Bomb Burger
IDR 119k
This one was one of my favorite meals of the day! I don’t know how to say it but I guess I am going to say it loud and clear: THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST BURGERS I’VE TRIED IN TOWN! Imagine this, you got that perfectly cooked beef patty (with juicy fatty fat), and finally a beautifully fried portobello mushroom with melted cheese (Monterey Jack) inside. The beef patty was very tasty, it was just altogether DA YUM and beautiful, and the melted cheese just live up that extra creamy texture and the flavor! MUST ORDER!

Crispy Pork Belly with Rice
IDR 125k
First of all, this dish was pretty spicy, but I just the bold and rich sauce that works well with the juicy pork belly. I just expected the pork belly to be a little crispier than what I had.

Grilled Beef Tongue with Sous Vide Egg
IDR 155k
Personally, I found the portion a little small for the price, but to be completely honest, in terms of flavor, this was one of my most favorite of the night. I just love how the simplicity is the key when it comes to Wilshire, simple comforting meal like this one with perfect execution of the seasoning made such a beautiful (yet addicting) meal. By the way, the grilled-sauteed corn was totally yum!

Carrot Cake Pot
The carrot cake was a tad firm to my liking but still quite moist. The flavor had this beautiful balance, when most carrot cakes are pretty intense on the cinnamon, this one was a little more well balanced.
I had this chat another day with my friend, Ivy as we were wondering why despite the very rapid growth, the quality of the new F&B ventures is either so so or draw the line at good. I have always loved Wilshire, and finally...yes finally, there’s another candidate for the best meals of 2015! Just so you know, eating in Wilshire is not cheap, but I just feel like the price seems worth it with the quality that I expected. I don’t know if the menus we had were accidentally ordered that way but I think the menu tasted a little more “Asian” with all the seasoning and stuff, and also BIG on egg as almost every dish contained egg, but since their food concept is modern Californian cuisine, that would make sense, and I have zero complaint about it! May the new venue brings a whole lotta new luck. Let’s cheer for Wilshire!

Jalan Senopati Raya No. 64
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12120
021 - 722 8129
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM
Average spending: IDR 500k for two
Dresscode: sporty casual
WiFi: yes!


Map for Colette & Lola (Wilshire's located on the same building)

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