One day I happen to think about “my favorite food”, but I am not going to talk about my favorite “food genre” or “food concept” as I always find myself updating my preference by certain times, but as for the type of food, I realize that I can not resist “soupy” food. There are times when I really crave for fried kwetiau but when I actually reach the restaurant and saw the boiling hot water, my mind instantly think of something soupy and I eventually cheated on my craving and went with the kwetiau soup. Not rare that I found myself standing constantly having a food envy. Food could cause a big dilemma I guess! HAHAHA! Anyway, talking about something “soupy”, in this feature I am going to be reviewing this newly opened shabu-shabu house that just opened around one month ago called KOBE by Shabu-Shabu House.

 I guess the naming itself has given you clear information that this was another venture by Shabu-Shabu House. Truthfully speaking, I am a loyal customer to Shabu-Shabu House and constantly going back to their outlet in Plaza Indonesia, but now knowing that they have another outlet with more variant of food to choose, more “youthful” and in a way, pocket friendly, there it goes, shabu-shabu me away. Kobe by Shabu-Shabu House is located on the second floor of Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall with quite spacious area, lately the queue has been pretty long and it was full house when I went there, hence I couldn’t find myself extra comfortable while taking pictures of the ambiance, but on the other hand, business wise, that’s good! I guess they’re owning the vibe now.
The main concept of Kobe is actually an “All You Can Eat (AYCE)” restaurant and they are offering various kinds of buffet meals (mostly Japanese) ranging from sushi, curry rice, ramen, hamburg, chicken katsu, sukiyaki, gyudon, karaage, tempura, sashimi and many more. Align with the AYCE concept, the food was served in large quantities for comfort, but the good thing is that I still found the flavor of the food to be pretty good. More on that later, let’s focus on the shabu-shabu.

They have two types of buffet packages to be offered to be customers: the regular and the deluxe package, and both already consist of the complimentary access to the shabu-shabu, salad, steak, sukiyaki, dimsum, ramen, beverages (bottomless soft drink, ocha, tea, water) and dessert (sweets, ice cream, mini cakes and chocolate fondue) for 120 minutes on weekdays, and 90 minutes on weekends. The only difference is the beef, the regular package comes with striploin beef imports, while the deluxe package comes with the US beef imports! In terms of pricing, I would say it’s VERY affordable for the amount of food they’re offering you and what you had (at least I experienced good) in return, on weekdays, it’s: IDR 149k++ for regular/person, IDR 249k++ for deluxe/person, and on weekends, it’s: IDR 177k++ for regular/person, IDR 299k++ for deluxe/person.

The only thing I can remember about the ambiance was how packed it was, just full of people, but everything was pretty organized at that moment. Speaking of their seating, they have the indoor and outdoor seating areas, the indoor consist of the seating for two or groups and VIP room for more private dining experience. Each customer will be given their own boiling pot and induction stove (except for some tables I noticed, mostly the table for two since it’s pretty small to hold both pots), and for some reasons I LOVE THIS IDEA, sometimes when I ate shabu-shabu with friends and the fact that each person has their own preference of stuff they like or don’t like (for example “a” can’t eat seafood, “b” can’t eat beef or red meat), that could really cause a little confusion and could just be slightly annoying, and there I was boiling whatever I want! YES! For the soup, they offer LARGE options for you to choose: original, curry, miso, spicy miso, sukiyaki, kimchi, collagen, corn and tounyu (came from soy milk). I chose the spicy miso and boy it was lovely! Not exactly crazy spicy but the level of saltiness combined with the savory flavor was beautiful. I really enjoyed it.

The beef is recommended to be served with dipping sauces, and my favorite has got to be their peanut dipping sauce. It doesn’t matter how you prefer your beef to be, but if you want to listen to me, then make sure you dip your beef on the boiling soup and count from 1-10, trust me it’s just going to be beautiful tender, juicy red medium beef you’ll be having!
My idea of perfect shabu-shabu is very simple: lots of meats, with vegetables and mushrooms and I could go again and again, but when you actually in a situation where they offer you more, come and get it!

 Chicken katsu

The steak was actually very good and pretty much above my initial expectation, it was cooked beautifully (guessing charred) with tender texture, and served with tasty sauce. Just yum!
I was super fond of their green tea ice cream! It was light with tasty green tea flavor, altogether sweet and perfectly balanced <3.
My lunch was beautiful at that time, don’t compromise and just upgrade your meal to the deluxe package! Upgrading IDR 100k more will you a better dining experience, and trust me you won’t regret the juicy beef you’re about to have! Keep up the good performance and the quality, and I believe they’re going to last long, just like Shabu-Shabu House :).

KOBE by Shabu-Shabu House
Street Gallery 2nd floor - Pondok Indah Mall
Jalan Metro Pondok Indah
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12310
021 - 2952 9777
Opening Hours:
11 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 500k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Street Gallery

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