B’Steak opened its first outlet in Greenville, 8 years and plenty of success later, they expand the business and add in two more outlets, one located in Muara Karang and another one, which I recently visited in Gading Serpong.

Their Gading Serpong outlet is the biggest and most spacious of three, the design of the building was also the beautiful mix of modern, futuristic and industrial with glass material covering the building, hence freely allowing direct access to the sunlight! When you actually step inside the restaurant, it was indeed spacious with several dining areas, their VIP room was located near the entrance and around that, the main dining area and the outdoor dining area (which is also the smoking area). They also have a function hall on the second level of the building dedicated for those who wanted to hold a special private event. By the time I visited the restaurant, it was quite packed (considering it was Thursday afternoon) and I could tell that their business is doing good. Amen to that.

The range menu of this restaurant is HUGE! They have so many options of food and beverages, it’s almost like you want everything but you just can’t. The food is mostly dominated with Western cuisine, so you’re going to notice steaks, pastas, grills, well that’s what they’re famous for, and not to mention, delicate options of pancakes and all that with VERY affordable price! Keep reading.

Creamy Spinach Nachos
IDR 29,5k
I kicked off by having their Creamy Spinach Nachos. It was a simple dish but guaranteed won’t make you stop munching! The crispy (and less oily) nachos was seasoned lightly with salt and paired with beautifully creamy spinach dip. The cream had just the right amount of creaminess and quite tasty as well.
Cheese Potato Skin
IDR 28,5k
Good combination of potato and cheese, and if you love those two, bet this appetizer would be perfect for you.
Swedish Meatballs
IDR 34,5k
Meaty and tender meatballs with tasty-peppery gravy and paired with that purple cabbage with beautiful crispiness, it added in a little sour flavor which I was quite fond of.
Beef Tacos
IDR 38,5k
Damnit I love this one, and oh this is their new menu that they’re currently promoting right now and if you happen to visit their outlet, well you gotta try this. The beef taco consist of nicely seasoned minced beef, veggies (greens and cabbage), topped with grated cheese and all that served in crispy tacos! I personally love crispy tacos comparing to the softer-bread like one because I just adore when good taco with nice flavor mixed with a little crunch play. The portion came with crunchy chips, guacamole and tomato salsa sauce and both sauce were equally decent and fresh. The tomato salsa was actually slightly more unique with intense sweetness, sourness with a little hint of spice.
Prawn Gamberoni
IDR 42,5k
This was one amazing pasta! It was tad spicy but that for me was the quality of this dish, if this wasn’t served spicy then it might not be as good as I tasted. The seasoning was perfect, the pasta was cooked beautifull al-dente, and the prawn was fresh. The only thing I hate about this was the fact that I had to share the dish that day, I could easily finish one for myself, but then I know one is not enough. MUST TRY.
Pesto with Grilled Chicken
IDR 42,5k
Whenever I had pesto pasta, the first thing that I have to notice is the pesto itself as it’s the main key of the dish, and not rare that I got turned off by bad pesto dish, but this happened to be on the good side, the pesto was simply “quite there yet”. The pasta was chewy and silky (I expected it to be a little more firm), and the chicken was tender.
Louisiana Prime Ribs (1 KG!!!)
IDR 158,5k

Don’t get too shock, it was indeed one freaking kilogram of prime ribs marinated and cooked beautifully! The meat was still tender and the marinating seemed legit as the sauce absorb to the meat. I couldn’t believe when I actually read that this one kilogram of guilty pleasure was priced ONLY at IDR 158,5k. What a damn good deal.
Blue Cheese Tenderloin
Prime Steer Beef (IDR 114,5k)/Wagyu Victorian Tenderloin (IDR 178,5k)
This is also their new menu that they just added in to the list, well you know me, I am not a cheese person and I always got horrified whenever I see cheese (for me just the smell would kill), but lemme tell you this, something smart about them and the could turn the freaking blue cheese (which normally smell like...Gosh knows what) to be very light in smell and flavor as well, which I TOTALLY APPRECIATE AND ADORE, some of you might love the flavor of the cheese to be more intense, but for me, it was perfect on that moment. The beef was also perfectly char-grilled cooked on medium state with uber tender & juicy meat and pink center! Even the meat itself was actually delicious enough for me, you’re just too silly to skip this one.
Anyway, the steak came with creamy spinach, garlic bread, potato sides (straight cut fries, cajun potato wedges, creamy mashed potato, baby potato, garlic herbs) and signature sauce that you can choose (traditional gravy, smoky Teas BBQ, Sumatra blackpepper, wild mushroom, sweet butter gravy & buttercream mushroom).
Nutella Oreo Cheesecake
IDR 39,5k
I HATE THIS FOR BEING SO DELICIOUS! If you’re a first timer to my blog and if you see me emphasizing stuff with caps lock, that means that I mean it more (because I don’t know how else to emphasize my statement). To me, it was just perfect in every way: fluffy soft chocolate pancake wrapping the generous filling of Nutella, oreo, cheesecake, and all that topped with light chocolate ice cream. Ironically, the cheese flavor really boost the overall flavor to another level, it gave that hint of saltiness to the portion and balanced out the rich and bold chocolaty flavor of the Nutella, chocolate pancake and ice cream!
Blueberry Cheese Pancake
IDR 38,5k
This was very light in general with fluffy thin pancake, salty creamcheese, blueberry sauce, crumbs and vanilla ice cream.
Spicy Ice Chocolate
IDR 27,5k
I’ve tried chocolate and chili in bars and surprisingly, I found the combination to be pretty yum, just like this one. This drink was indeed spicy, but luckily the bold chocolate flavor was good at balancing everything and the aftertaste.
Overall, my visit was very splendid. I honestly was very satisfied with what they had in store (food and service), it’s the kind of restaurant that you don’t mind going back again, again and again, and short to say, it was indeed a good place with good food and good price! GOOD LUCK!

B'Steak Grill and Pancake
Ruko Golden 8 Blok F No. 3 (around Pahoa school and near Turning Point)
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Gading Serpong
Tangerang 11151
021 - 2941 9075
Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 10 AM - 10 PM
Friday - Saturday: 10 AM - 12 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes


Map for B'Steak Grill & Pancake

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