It’s not a secret that I love exploring food, I think when you actually let yourself open to any restaurant, dining scene & concept, it could be one of the most unforgettable moment in your life. I’ve had quite a few unforgettable - some more like unbebloddylivable - culinary experience, some I haven’t got the chance to write, but truthfully, I would love to share it, please be more patient!!!

Speaking of exploring, there was this little burger joint called Five Monkeys Burger that I visited last week & I really want to share to you here. Truth be told, I haven’t even heard the name before as I am not entirely familiar with North Jakarta, and another truth, I am kind of lazy to drive all the way to Sunter/Kelapa Gading, because of the freaking traffic jam, but after all, it’s Jakarta and literally everywhere is the red zone for traffic jam.
The venue wasn’t exactly spacious, but I wondered why it got quite packed that day, you know, that feeling when a spot is crowded and you got kepo & curious about it. From the tagline, they served burgers and cold beers, their menu was actually pretty limited & they tried to keep it simple with few appetizers, burgers and hotdog, but somehow that’s good as I think it’s pretty focused hence they can try to serve the best of the simple. I also noticed from the menu that they also have another outlet in Legian.
For the menu itself, you can freely select french fries, chilli cheese fries or nachos for the appetizer, their burger creations range from the good old cheese burger, chicken burger, BBQ bacon burger, to the grand double cheeseburger and a common hot dog. LEMME TELL YOU THAT THE PRICING WAS HIDEOUSLY AFFORDABLE! IDR 45k for their Cheese Burger and IDR 55k for the double! The chilli cheese fries was a perfect simple treat for the day: tasty, yummy and easy, and I love the fact that the cheese flavor was very light hence it didn’t proceed to make me bloat. The burger menu might be common, but the not-so-common thing came from the flavor itself: the cheese burger was appealing to the eye and pleasing to my palate. I love that the patty was very fresh (you just can tell) and absolutely home-made. The size of the patty was proper for one serving, perfectly cooked, seasoned and their homemade sauce add in the flavor play and enchance the flavor in a good way. For some, the double cheeseburger could easily mean double the pleasure as you get double beef patty & double cheese!

Since I don’t drink, I didn’t try their cold beers, but I’ll surely come back and bring some friends who can enjoy ones. In a nutshell, it’s a good place to fulfill your craving for GOOD burgers, please let yourself be more open to the scene, what doesn’t seem very extravagant actually could be very promising, that’s what probably hidden gem is.

Five Monkeys Burger
Food Centrum Ground Floor Unit GD3
Jl. Griya Utama Sunter - Kompleks Puri Mutiara
021 - 2968 9886
Average spending: IDR 100k for two
Opening hours: 10 AM - 10 PM


Map for Food Centrum

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