HELLO GUYS! Guess what? I miss you!
Patio Venue is a part of Plataran group, the well-known company who owns various properties and high end Indonesian restaurants all named Plataran, and this restaurant is one that's slightly different to the rest of the siblings from its concep and food highlights. If Plataran restaurants normally focuses on local Indonesian cuisine, Patio also serves that, but with various Italian-Western cuisines on the menu too!


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Patio Venue is a part of Plataran group, the well-known company who owns various properties and high end Indonesian restaurants all named...
My kind of Saturday chill is basically meeting my best friends, talk shit and have some good food in between, when my best friend uploaded a picture of this newly opened establishment in her Instagram Stories I was just around Senayan so I proceed to 'check in', well not check in-check in since I was not having a staycation but I spent some time at their dining and rooftop bar outlets.
Last week I attended the exclusive launch of Greenfields' first yogurt line: Greenfields Yogurt at Almond Zucchini Jakarta. Being wildly used for tons of coffee shops in town, Greenfields has got to be everyone's favorite milk brand (at least me), there must a reason for that and only one word to describe that: QUALITY.
Last night I came to the opening of this highly anticipated restaurant (for me) in Plaza Indonesia: Mother Monster, which is the brainchild of two big players in the Jakarta F&B industry: The Common Grounds and Biko group! Common Grounds is very popular for their brunch cafes and gorgeous coffees and Biko for its chic nightlife scene (and good drinks too!). When I know that my dear friend, Gloria Susindra is the head chef (aka mother/monster of the kitchen) I kinda had this good feeling (or should I say expectation) because I've always loved her food ever since the St. Ali days and I know she's very talented, but of course even though they're my friends that doesn't mean that I am not going to be an honest review.
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2017 has been the year of ups and downs, mostly for my inner peace. It will take me to write a long ass post to tell you guys about what I've been dealing with this year, but anyway I am doing much much better now compared to me in March/April, just constantly having a quarter life crisis and searching for what happiness really is for me, and seriously my wish for 2018 is for my soul to be happier (and of course to travel more and to be able to bless others too), my tacky wishes are genuinely what I want.
The pioneer of the legit one-priced sushi in town, Sushi Go, just recently opened their latest outlet in Grand Indonesia and guess who's freaking excited? ME (and I'm sure a lot of you too!), this is officially their second outlet after the well-accepted first outlet at Dotonburi PIK Avenue!
If you visit Bali regularly and happens to be a fan of ribs, I believe this should be no stranger to you, and I am glad that they decided to take a leap of faith and open in (I really wanna say Jakarta) somewhere near Jakarta, yes, the famous Hog Wild with Chef Bruno is now opening in Gading Serpong! Of course I believe you guys probably wonder whether it will be as good as their Bali outlet? Keep scrolling to read the review, I am going to keep it simple yet straight to the point.
I went to Nutrive Benecol's event a while ago at The Hall - Senayan City, and as you guys probably know, Nutrive Benecol is one of the leading products by Kalbe that's targeted to people who has cholesterol and to those who want to maintain the level of cholesterol in their system! The older I am now the more I realize how cholestrol is not something to underestimate, it's the prime trigger of the heart disease and cancer, which last year alone caused the death of 2,6 million people! 29% of the 2,6 million comes from southeast Asia, with Europe being the largest victims.
Even tho Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim citizens in the world, but I just love how festive we are with Christmas celebration (even though not as extra as Singapore) and lately I've seen how malls are now almost 'competing' to decorate their venue with sparkling Christmas ornaments and such, and of course restaurants are making special dining sets for Christmas, and you know me, I love giving you guys recommendations on where to go to celebrate Christmas dinner with your couple, your family, your bitch, your sugar-daddy I really don't care, it's the food and the good love-making that counts really.
Life has been keeping me busy and I am grateful yet exhausted from it, to the point where I didn't realize that we are already in December. I was having my dinner, then looked at the phone's lock screen and it was December 1st 2017 I was like WTF I thought it was November 31st (when there isn't even any). I know right, I know.