I must have had smacked my little head on the pavement when I received the invitation to join "Media Familirization Trip" in Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. I was really happy when I received the invitation, it's like my spirit's already somewhere in Bali right after I finished reading the email until the day I was in Bali.

This trip was definitely one of the fabulous highlight in my blogging venture! Especially for the chance to visit Bali and spend a couple of days with new friends from the Indonesia and Singapore medias and bloggers. They were really nice people.

I am going to separate the whole trip to some parts and there will be tons of photos because it's almost unfair to the other photos not shown in the blog, also, lots of pictures won't hurt ;).

They flew me with Garuda Indonesia, it was a good short flight. Anyway, I cannot help not sharing the meal I ate that day because it was really delicious. I chose "Lontong Ayam" for the in-flight meal. The chicken was very moist and juicy! The opor sauce, which tasted more like a nut sauce was decent. The lontong itself was very fluffy, kinda expect the consistency to be thicker. If you're lucky then you'd probably getting this for your in-flight meal.

I couldn't just sit inside and not documenting the enormous clear blue sky with simpson clouds everywhere around. The view was the best entertainment during the flight.

Perfect gradation of blue.

I had an amazing service right from the moment I landed at Ngurah Rai International Airport to the end of my trip. The team from Sheraton has arranged everything smoothly: from the events, the transportation arrangement, they literally made "working" just a word. It was a real vacay!

Bali is undoubtedly one of the most favorite's tourist destination, both local and international, and Kuta beach is the top notch paradise for surfers along with the 5km sandy beach. Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort is definitely in the perfect spot. Super easy access to the beach! It probably took me less than two minutes from my room to the beach.

The lovely dancers greeted us with the dance and flowers to the ears <3.

I barely even check myself in, everything's organized and I didn't even need to bring my heavy-ass luggage to my room, so we were ushered to FEAST to have lunch. FEAST is Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort's buffet restaurant (they also provide Ala Cartes). I am going to tell you more about FEAST on a separate post, but here's a picture as a teaser.

After lunch, I was ushered to my room and holy smooch I was super fortunate to be put in the front facing deluxe ocean room! My room located right at the very center of the hotel and I got the privilege of the view worth getting jealous of!

The bed is so large (king size ehm) it can fit up to three people! The bed was very comfortable and the blanket was just my ideal blanket and I happened to own one at home. It made me feel a little like home a bit despite my own room's a little unorganized! I love the touch of white to the room, it adds up the vibrance to a whole new level. Somehow white neutralize the soul of the room.

The room is completed with a comfy chair and a LCD TV with access to your favorite local and international channels. I watched E! my whole stay and didn't change the channel even once, and only if you care.

A large bathtub for a relax and soothing bath experience. My whole body can fit in and I'm around 1.75m so you do the math.

The view of the room from the bathroom. Don't worry if you're not comfortable having an open bathroom because the room's prepared with a curtain for a more private bath experience. Since I stayed alone in the room I didn't need to cover anything, especially when you can dip yourself in the bathtub and watch the TV. It sometimes doesn't get lovelier than that.

The hotel gave me free complimentary of their signature breads with four of their lovely "Color Your Plate" purees. Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort is promoting this campaign entitled "Color Your Plate", so basically they're encouraging us to put more food with colors, by meaning natural vegetables and fruits because they are keeping the bodies healthier, more balanced and as the prime source of vitamins. Applause for that.

I counted and the hotel also provided the room with 6 bottles of mineral water so in no way you'll be dehydrated. Even at a certain hour, the service staff will visit your room to ask if you have enough water drink supply. Service is awesome!!! Told ya.

We were given 40 minutes free time before moving on to the next schedule: RESORT TOUR! So I just took photos, cleaned myself and changed the outfit to a more relaxing set.

The meeting point was always here in the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort lounge. This area is the more traditional are of the hotel from the ceilings and the sculpted crafts, still mixed with a little modern touch.

Gorgeous view of Kuta Beach from the lounge. The blue sea never turns me off!

The view of the pool area taken from the lounge too. Infinite pool facing the ocean. What's seriously better than that?

We toured the whole resort starting from the restaurants, the spa, the ballrooms and others. The restaurants and the spa are going to be on a different post so stay tuned for that. Anyway, I can show you some other parts of the hotel tho.

Ballrooms living room.
The Sahid Grand Ballroom is large enough to accomodate up to 500 guests, so you might consider having your wedding receptions or general meeting here.

After touring the resort, we were gathered at the BENE rooftop for a sunset gathering! BENE is an Italian restaurant from Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort, the look of the restaurant rang classy and fancy.

Let me introduce you to some of the fabulous people I got to meet during the trip:
Emma from Detik Food

Ayu from Esquire Magazine and Ajeng from Dewi Magazine

Flowing canapes all the way. This one is real good.

We were given complimentaries of flowing Sangrias, mocktails and cocktails. This sunset gathering is a semi-party.

Loving this Sangria, they put cherry tomatoes inside the drink and it worked!

First day of stay, first sunset to enjoy! The sunset was really breathtaking I snaped like 50+ photos on the same object.

Right after the Sunset Gathering, we were ushered for a dinner that's already being served by the lovely Chef Rossano. He's such a fun chef and I can totally see his passion for cooking from the way he directed us and explained us with all the course.

Say hi to Chef Rossano :)

Just like what I've mentioned before, BENE is a such a classy restaurant, every little detail of the restaurant looked awesome and the ambience was really fancy. Just look at those fabulous plates, they're all custom made for BENE. Love love!

We were given cold towels with relaxing fragrance from the leaf inside.

I can't show you all the food from the dinner because everything is on a sharing portion (that's the concept of the restaurant: sharing is loving!) so the physical look was honestly not really tempting to be photographed and the room's also really dark, but however, the taste was F A B U L O U S! I recommend you guys going here for a dining session with your family. A nice intimate dinner would be lovely <3.

Barramundi di Pomodoro con Patate Arrosto e Mista
Barramundi in tomato sauce served with roasted potatoes and salad.

Loving this one. Purple heart! Barramundi cooked perfectly with crunchy skin and it didn't have the stink left. Tomato sauce is a decent company to the fish.

Cioccolato Broadway con Coulis di Mango
Chocolate Broadway Mousse with Mango Sauce

Super lovely dessert lah! The mousse literally melts in your mouth the moment you put it in. One scoop from the middle all the way to the bottom and you'll find a surprise of a mango sauce inside. Awfully in love with this.

After a lovely dinner, we're given free time for whatever we wanted to do, so I got back to my room, took a bath and went for a little walk at Beachwalk Shopping Centre, which was located right beside Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort!!! They even have an access straight to the mall! Another advantage of staying here...check!

With that, that's the end of the first part of my fabulous trip to Bali with Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. See you guys on the next posts because the more fun parts are about to start! You haven't seen anything yet.

Leaving you with a photo of the fabulous Kuta Beach!

I traveled to Bali as a guest of Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. No monetary benefits were received. Ticket airfares and accommodations were sponsored.

Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort || WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Jalan Pantai Kuta
Kuta, Bali, 80361
0361 - 864 5555

I bet this empire needs no introduction. Nanny's Pavillon has been one of the most successful culinary franchises in this country, we can definitely see it from the growing outlets, thumbs up for their unique concepts on each branch, giving a fresher and slightly different ambience.

One of the newest branches is this one in Central Park, with the concept of "Le Jardin Des Fleurs" or simply a flower garden, this one is their prettiest branches yet. You can see a lot of domination of while colors, bird cages, wooden chairs and definitely...flowers!

My visits to Nanny's Pavillon always leave me with different impressions: there are times when the food is really good, sometimes it is really bland and different from the very first time I go to their City Walk outlet, but I don't know why, there are things about this restaurant that keeps me coming back for more.

Dad's Favorite Fries
IDR 35k
I remember exactly the very first time I had this as my dish back around 2010 at the City Walk outlet. I literally fell in love at the very first bite, sadly I see that this dish has been downgrading (based on my eating experience) such as less and less beef fillings. Unfortunately, I got mine served cold and I need to ask the staff to reheat this dish. Please keep up this dish's quality, this one is one of the best sellers!

Nanny's Buttermilk Mushrooms
IDR 29k
Another regular order and still fond of this one :). The mushrooms are just juicy, yummy and crunchy. A worth to try appetizer.

Black Oreo Caramel
IDR 29k
My ultimate favorite. The caramel sauce is the bomb! I feel like every element of this food blends together creating such a lovely flavor close to the heart, the pancake is moist and I always love having it with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Simple but just perfect.

Nanny's Mushroom Fettucine
IDR 45k
Shall we pass the mushrooms? They're awesome already.
Overall it's a one good dish for pasta with yummy cream and generous amount of mushrooms (now that's important).

Fitz Carbonara Fettucine
IDR 45k
I don't see any significant difference from the Mushroom Fettucine except for the filling, well it's still good though but not fantastic great.

I have been to Nanny's Pavillon for numerous times I can't remember and I am surely going to keep you guys updated with the menus. I'd recommend another two of my regular pasta orders here: Kimberly Green Sausage Pasta and Hubert's Chicken Capers, and for pancake, I always go either with Black Oreo Caramel or a good old Mango Waffle <3.

Nanny's Pavillon - Le Jardin Des Fleurs || WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall
Tanjung Palapa Rd. 11470