JAVA TOUR: Semarang Part 1: Sam Poo Kong Temple

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So if you follow my social networks, you probably knew that I had a great but extremely exhausting 5D4N Java Tour last week, and during that trip, I managed to experience the beauty of the cities in Java, but unfortunately for a short period of time. Trust me, 5 days are not enough! You need to have at least 10 days to visit and really explore. However, in that short period of time, I still have great things to share to you that I am going to separate in a few posts. For the first part which is now, I am going to show you the gorgeous temple named Sam Poo Kong.

Sam Poo Kong is probably one of the most famous, most gorgeous temples in Indonesia! It's also the oldest in Semarang. This temple was originally destroyed in 1704 and now in 2002 it got majorly renovated. How do I know about this? Mr. Google of course! But I've read a few articles and they all explained the same thing so the credibility of the history is well believed.

Chinese temples are definitely very relevant with the buddhists and red is the strongest color you can see around, it feels so good to see how red the area is, mixed with the natural green from the trees and the hanging lampions. It's such a gorgeous view. However, if you're visiting this temple during the afternoon, it will get super humid, but it worths the view.

PS: I don't really give that much editing to the photos because the colors are gorgeous already.

Getting inside the temple will cost you IDR 3k for the ticket price, well it's such a great price and I wouldn't think twice to pay because it's also for the sake of the temples (maintenance). But if you're going to pray here, there's a certain temple on the right side of the entrance and you need to have your praying facilities brought from home, or you can buy it there. However, if you're not planning to pray and just wanna look around and take photos, you'd have to pay IDR 20k more.

The design of the temple is extremely chic it's like I can fool people that I am in China and they'd believe.

Look at the great details on the stone pillars!

Another gorgeous detailing!

Another reason why we're going here is because my mom wanted to release our lovely turtle. I owned this turtle for a very very long time! I got that when I was on the third year of my elementary school so it's more than 10 years now. I remember how tiny it was and it's now very huge and I thought it's the most handsome turtle I've ever seen. We released him not because we didn't want him anymore. We wanted him so bad, but my mom thought that for 10 years, he's been living in a pond that's not too big and after that, he needs to have a complete freedom and getting socialized, meaning meeting new friends.

This is the turtle! I never named him, but my brother loved to call him Franklin. So hi to Franklin everyone :").

Moments before the release, my mom started to cry quite hard and even until now everytime she's talking about this to my relatives, I totally can relate because as you probably know, I also own a dog named Kenneth which I love to death and I'd probably cut myself if he's disappeared.. Also because of Ken, I believed that dogs are men's best friends, the love I have for him in super sincere.

I noticed there are two other turtles on the pond and in this photo, they're probably 'tanning' LOL. I hope Frank makes new friends soon. I kinda think about him right now actually as I am typing.

Sam Poo Kong is definitely a must visit when you're in Semarang. Praying or not praying, this temple and tourist attraction worth your visit and such a beauty for your eyes.

Until the next parts guys, there are still plenty of parts to come <3.

Sam Poo Kong Temple
Jalan Simongan Raya 129
Semarang, Central Java

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