The New Magnum Cafe at Grand Indonesia

If you're a chocolate worshipper then you must be familiar with this cafe. It has been an ongoing phenomenon for years ever since it's being released two years ago. The hype of this cafe is still pretty much on top and no wonder because they're serving chocolate, in which I bet, most people love!

Well I gotta admit, one of the many reasons they're surviving is definitely their lovely creations and great chocolate dishes, Magnum chocolate ice creams are made using belgian chocolates (which I love to death) and Magnum cafe is a one unique factory that "manufactured" those chocolates ice creams into a unique yet mesmerizing dishes.

Beware to be visually diabetic!

Waffle de Aristocrat
IDR 45k
My regular order everytime I visit this, I don't even have to look at the menu. I am very fond of the caramelized banana and the waffles, I think they're very moist, must be cooked in a parfait temperature. The waffles are denser, balanced sweet and chewier. Another reason to love this is because I love the idea of using vanilla ice cream to this dish, I am a sweet tooth but when it's overloaded, I must raise the flag. This one is definitely recommended.

Wafel de Liege
IDR 45k
This is on the same range as the "Wafel de Antwerp" displayed below. Just different fruit sides and ice creams. Wafel de Liege's using strawberry and vanilla ice creams, while Wafel de Antwerp's using cherry compote and chocolate ice creams. Both of them are nice to me but I am still more fanatic with the Waffle de Aristrocrat.

Wafel de Antwerp
IDR 45k
Wafel de Antwerp's using chocolate ice cream sticks and cherry compote sauce. Cherry compote sauce is awesome!

Pepites du Chocolat
IDR 45k
On presentation, I personally think this one is the simplest, but it has a very great texture thanks to the crunchy cookies topped with chocolate sauce, yet the chocolate sauce tastes sort of caramelish, which is good! Watch out for their impressive strawberry sauce. I love a little touch of sourness.

Frozen Chocolate
IDR 40k
Belgian chocolate smoothies, that's how I describe it straight to the point. Inside the drink you'll find a hint of extra belgian chocolate sauce. This one is also declared as one of their best sellers, yeah no wonder because the chocolate is very rich but I don't think the sweetness overpowers me so it's a really positive thing. Sometimes, literally, very sweet flavor can be stressful and paranoid in mind. Good job for this one.

Belgian Snow
IDR 35k
If you're a fan of Melon then I'll recommend you to have this. When I paid a visit, I was sort of lucky because the beverages I happened to try were very balanced in sweet, the same thing happening to this beverage :).

Blueberry Emporium
IDR 35k
I'd recommend this one whenever you visit here and wanting to try their beverages. This is not very sweet and this one is also fresh, there's a little glimpse of sourness from the blueberry, overall I am very fond of this beverage!!! and plus it looks dead pretty <3.

Short to say, most food they're serving here are sweet desserts and yes they're made out of chocolate or at least has a little touch of chocolate. Most desserts here are priced for IDR 45k. I'd recommend something sour like lemon ice tea or neutral like water to reduce those feelings after you've been eating tons of chocolate dishes. Trust me, you know what I mean.

Overall, it's always been a nice experience visiting Magnum Cafe!!! Will I come back? Hell yeah! Even though I've tried most of their menus. Maybe I'll start trying their main courses in the future. And oh, make sure you come here a little early or on weekdays because the queue line is freakin crazy during weekends!

Thanks for reading lovely peeps <3. I am obviously visually diabetic right now.

Grand Indonesia 6th fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat

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